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General Conchology; or, a Description of Shells, arranged according to the Linnean System, and illustrated with Sixty Plates, containing 260 Figures of Univalves and Bivalves / by W. Wood. Wood, William. 1236 Printed for John Booth 1835 Digital version available
Loudon's Hortus britannicus : a catalogue of all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain. Part I,Part II the Linnean arrangement, in which nearly 30,000 species are enumerated with the systematic name and authority, accentuation, derivation of genetic names, literal English of specific names, synonymes systematic and English of both genera and species, habit, habitation in the garden, indigenous habitation, popular character, height, time of flowering, colour of the flower, mode of propagation, soil, native country, year of introduction, and reference to figures, preceded by an introduction to the Linnean systemthe Jussieuean arrangement, of nearly 4,000 genera, with an introduction to the natural system, and a general description and history of each order. Loudon, John Claudius 838b Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longman 1832 Digital version available
An illustration of the sexual system of Linnaeus / vol. 1. by John Miller. Miller, John 670 Printed for Robert Faulder 1794 Digital version available
An Introduction to Botany : containing an explanation of the theory of that science, from the works of Linnæus ... / by James Lee. Lee, James 459 Printed for W. M. Creech, and J. Symington, and T. Cadell, and W. Davies 1799 Digital version available
An introduction to the science of botany, chiefly extracted from the works of Linnæus : to which are added several new tables and notes, and a life of the author / by the late James Lee. Lee, James 462 Printed for Wilkie and Robinson ... 1810 Digital version available
The Linnæan system of conchology, describing the orders, genera, and species of shells, arranged into divisions and families : with a view to facilitate the student's attainment of the science / by John Mawe. Mawe, John. 1239 Printed for and sold by the author ... ; and Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown ... 1823 Digital version available
Index to the Linnean Herbarium : with indication of the types of species marked by Carl von Linné / by Benjamin Daydon Jackson. Jackson, Benjamin Daydon. 3491/3 Printed for the Linnean Society by Taylor and Francis 1912 Digital version available
Tracts relating to natural history / by James Edward Smith. Smith, James Edward 2624 Printed for the author by J. Davis 1798 Digital version available
Elements of botany / by R. J. Thornton. Thornton, Robert John 802 Printed for the author by J. Whiting 1812 Digital version available
A generic and specific description of British plants, translated from the Genera et Species plantarum of the celebrated Linnæus : to which is prefixed an etymological dictionary explaining the classes, orders and principal genera : and a glossary is added to explain the technical terms / with notes and observations, by James Jenkinson. Linné, Carl von 10 Printed, and sold by T. Caslon, and Hawes, Clark, and Collins, in London; J. Ashburner, in Kendal; and A. Ashburner, in Lancaster 1775 Digital version available
Linnés språk och stil : studier i Linnés svenska författerskap / av Margit Abenius ... [et al.] ; samlade och utg. av Sigurd Fries. Abenius, Margit. 3896 Prisma 1971 Digital version available
Linnaeus's Öland and Gotland journey 1741 / transl. from the Swedish ed. 1745 by Marie Åsberg and William T. Stearn ; with an introduction by William T. Stearn. Linné, Carl von 3906 Publ. for the Linnaean Society of London by Academic Press 1974 Digital version available
Institutions of entomology : being a translation of Linnæus's Ordines et genera insectorum [in the Systema naturae ... editio duodecima reformata," Tom. 1, pars 2, 1766] ; or, Systematic arrangement of insects : collated with the different systems of Geoffroy, Schaeffer and Scopoli : together with observations of the translator / by Thomas Pattinson Yeats. Yeats, Thomas Pattinson 94 R. Horsfield 1773 Digital version available
Geschichte der Botanik vom 16. Jahrhundert bis 1860 : auf Veranlassung und mit Unterstützung Seiner Majestät des Königs von Bayern Maximilian II / von Julius Sachs ; herausgegeben durch die Historische Commission bei der Königl. Academie der Wissenschaften. Sachs, Julius. 866 R. Oldenbourg 1875 Digital version available
Angår oss Linné? / Hans Krook. Krook, Hans 3903 Rabén & Sjögren 1971 Digital version available
Synopsis methodica stirpium Britannicarum / John Ray. Flora Anglica ; Carl Linnaeus ; facsimiles with an introduction by William T. Stearn. Ray, John Linné, Carl von Stearn, William T. 4061 Ray Society 1973 Digital version available
Auctores botanici / in dissertatione propositi, quam sub præsidio Caroli Linnæi ad publicum examen defert Augustinus Loo. Linné, Carl von 4059 Rediviva 1970 Digital version available
Flora oeconomica eller Hushållsnyttan af de i Swerige Wildt Wäxande Örter / under Carl Linnæi inseende uti et academiskt prof, år 1748 på latin, och nu på modersmålet utgifwen af Elias Aspelin. Linné, Carl von Aspelin, Elias 4429 Rediviva 1971 Digital version available
Sponsalia Plantarum, eller, Blomstrens Biläger / under Carl Linnæi inseende utgifvit uti et academiskt snilleprof på latin, och nu på svenska öfversatt af Johan Gustav Wahlbom. Linné, Carl von Wahlbom, Johan Gustav 4453 Rediviva 1971 Digital version available
Indelning i ört-riket efter Systema naturae / Carl von Linné ; på svenska öfversatt af Johan J. Haartman, och nu andra gången uplagd, ändrad och tilökt efter 13. uppl. af Systemet. Linné, Carl von 4454 Rediviva 1976 Digital version available