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Clavis Anglica linguae botanicae, or, a botanical lexicon, in which the terms of botany, particularly those occurring in the works of Linnaeus, and other modern writers, are applied, derived, explained, contrasted, and exemplified ... to which is added, Calendarium Botanicum. BERKENHOUT, John, 1730?-1791. 31 Cadell 1789 Digital version available
Viridarium Grisley Lusitanicum Linnaeanis nominibus illustratum Jussu Academiae in Lucem Editum. VANDELLI, Domenico, 1732-1815. 731a Regalis Academiae Scientiarum 1789 Digital version available
Plantarum icones hactenus ineditae, plerumque ad plantas in herbario Linnaeo conservatas delineatae. SMITH, James Edward, Sir, 1759-1828 1759-1828. 3437 Impensis Benj. White et Filii 1789(-91) Digital version available
Caroli a Linne ... Genera plantarum eorumque characteres naturales secundum numerum, figuram, situm et proportionem omnium fructificationis partium. Editio octava post Reichardianam secunda ... curante D. Jo. Christiano Dan. Schreber ... LINNAEUS, Carl 322 Sumtu Varrentrappii et Wenneri 1789; 1791. Digital version available
Vegetabilia europaea in commodum botanicorum per europam peregrinantium ex systemate plantarum Caroli a Linne collecta, et novis plantis ac descriptionibus adaucta curante Joanne Nep. Laicharding ... LINNAEUS, Carl 13 Sumtibus Joann.Thom. Nobil. de Trattnern 1790 Digital version available
Speculum Linnaeanum: Sive Zoologiae Linnaeanae Illustratio; genus omne accurate explicans, repraesentansque species maxime notabiles eleganter sculptas et depictas. Singulae tabulae adjicitur character specificus Linnaeanus, nec non descriptio plenior et uberior in lingua Latina et Englica. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778. 149 [printer] J. Davis 1790 Digital version available
Éloge de Charles von Linné ... Extrait des N.os III, IV, V et VI, du Journal des sciences utiles ci-devant d'Hist. naturelle, année 1790 / par M. de Saint-Amans. SAINT-AMANS, Jean Florimond Boudon de, 1748-1831. 2622 Chez la veuve Noubel et fils ain� 1791 Digital version available
Caroli a Linne ... Praelectiones in ordines naturales plantarum. E proprio et Jo. Chr. Fabricii ... edidit Paulus Diet. Giseke ... Accessit uberior palmarum et scitaminum expositio praeter plurium novorum generum reductiones cum mappa geographico-genealogica affinitatum ordinum, et aliquot fructuum palmarum figurae. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778 3546 Impensis Benj. Gottl. Hoffmanni 1792 Digital version available
Leben des Ritters Carl von Linné : nebst den biographischen Merkwürdigkeiten seines Sohnes, des Professors Carl von Linné und einem vollständigen Verzeichnisse seiner Schriften, deren Ausgaben, Uebersetzungen, Auszüge und Commentare / von Dietrich Heinrich Stöver. STOEVER, Dietrich Heinrich, 1767-1822. 2625 bey Benj. Gottl. Hoffmann 1792 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei Flora Lapponica, exhibens plantas per Lapponiam crescentes, secundum systema sexuale, collectas in itinere. LINNAEUS, Carl. 281 Impensis B.White et Filiorum 1792 Digital version available
The animal Kingdom, or zoological system, of the celebrated Sir Charles Linnaeus; Class I. Mammalia [Class II. Birds]: containing a complete systematic description, arrangement, and nomenclature, of all the known species and varieties of the mammalia, or animals which give suck to their young; being a translation of that part of the Systema Naturae, as lately published, with great improvements, by Professor Gmelin of Goettingen.Together with numerous additions from more recent zoological writers, and illustrated with copperplates. LINNAEUS, Carl 122 J. Murray & R.Faulder 1792 Digital version available
Collectio epistolarum quas ad viros illustres et clarissimos scripsit Carolus a Linne. Accedunt opuscula pro et contra virum immortalem scripta, extra Sueciam rarissima. Edidit Dietericus Henricus Stoever ... LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778 2470 impensis B.G. Hoffmann 1792 Digital version available
The language of botany: being a dictionary of the terms made use of in that science, principally by Linneus: with familiar explanations, and an attempt to establish significant English terms, the whole interspersed with critical remarks. MARTYN, Thomas 1735-1825. 34a White 1793 Digital version available
A sketch of a tour on the Continent in the years 1786 and 1787 ... SMITH, James Edward, Sir, 1759-1828. 2628a The author 1793 Digital version available
Thirty-eight plates, with explanations; intended to illustrate Linnaeus's system of vegetables, and particularly adapted to the Letters on the elements of botany / by Thomas Martyn; [drawn & engraved by F.P. Nodder]. MARTYN, Thomas, 1735-1825. 593 B. and J. White 1794 Digital version available
A botanical nomenclator; containing a systematical arrangement of the classes, orders, genera, and species of plants, as described in the new edition of Linnaeus's Systema naturae, by Dr. Gmelin ... to which are added, alphabetical indexes of the Latin and English names of the plants, together with the names of the countries of which they are natives; also the number of British species. FORSYTH, William. 134 T. Cadell & P. Elmsly 1794 Digital version available
Flora Oxoniensis, exhibens plantas in agro Oxoniensi ... SIBTHORP, John, 1758-1796. 3965 Typis Academicus 1794 Digital version available
Linnean Cabinet of Minerals : a catalogue of the genuine and entire collection of the late celebrated Swedish naturalist, Sir Charles Linne, together with many valuable posthumous additions, (the whole having correct reference to last improved edition of the Systema Naturae, by Professor Gmelin;) which will be sold by auction by Mr. King, at his Great Room, King-Street, Covent-Garden, on Tuesday, March 1, 1796, and following day ... KING, Thomas, fl. 1781-1822. 3442 s.n 1796 Digital version available
The language of botany: being a dictionary of the terms made use of in that science, principally by Linneus: with familiar explanations, and an attempt to establish significant English terms, the whole interspersed with critical remarks. MARTYN, Thomas. 34b White 1796 Digital version available
Tal, om läkare-vetenskapens grundläggning och tilväxt vid rikets älsta lärosate i Upsala, hållet vid Praesidii nedläggande uti Kongl. Vetenskaps Academien den 10 Augusti 1796 / af Johan Gustaf Acrel. ACREL, Johan Gustaf, 1741-1801. 2630 Tryckt Hos Joh. P. Lindh 1796 Digital version available