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A manual of botany for the northern states, comprising generic descriptions of all phenongamous and cryptogamous plants to the North of Virginia, hitherto described; with references to the natural orders of Linneus and Jussieu ... By members of the botanical class in Williams' College, (Mass.) ... Compiled by the author of Richard's Botanical dictionary. Eaton, Amos, 1776-1842. 807a Webster and Skinners 1817 Digital version available
Nouveau voyage dans l'empire de flora, ou, Principes élémentaires de botanique. Loiseleur-Deslongchamps, M. 1775-1849 809 Méquignon 1817 Digital version available
Hortus Breiterianus; oder, Verzeichniss aller derjenigen Gewächse, welche im Breiterschen Botanischen Garten zu Leipzig gezogen und unterhalten werden. Breiter, Christian August, 1776-1840. 807 Granz 1817 Digital version available
Flora cryptogamica erlangensis, sistens vegetabilia e classe ultima Linn. in agro erlangensi hucusque detecta. Auctore Car. Frid. Phil. Martio ... Martius, Karl Friedrich Philipp von, 1794-1868. 809c sumptibus J.L. Schrag 1817 Digital version available
Caroli a Linné equitis Systema vegetabilium : secundum classes, ordines, genera, species : cum characteribus differentiis et synonymiis. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 613 Sumtibus J.G. Cottae 1817-1830 Digital version available
Hortus suburbanus Londinensis : or a catalogue of plants cultivated in the neighborhood of London, arranged according to the Linnean system ... / by Robert Sweet. Sweet, Robert, 1783-1835. 812a J. Ridgway 1818 Digital version available
Florae Romanae prodromus : exhibens centurias XII plantarum circa Romam et in Cisapenninis pontificiae ditionis provinciis sponte nascentium sexuali systemate digestas / auctoribus Antonio Sebastiani et Ernesto Mauri. Sebastiani, Antonio, 1782-1821. 812b Apud Vinc. Poggioli R. C. A. Typographum 1818 Digital version available
Page's prodromus : as a general nomenclature of all the plants, indigenous and exotic, cultivated in the Southampton Botanic Gardens, arranged, alphabetically, as they are considered hardy or tender to the climate of Britain, under their different characters of trees, shrubs, herbaceous, &c. ... : an appendix ... and a short tract on the sexual system ... / by William Bridgewater Page. Page, William Bridgewater. 809b J. Murray 1818 Digital version available
An arrangement of British plants, according to the latest improvements of the Linnean system; with an easy introduction to the study of botany. Withering, William, 1741-1799. 4889 Printed for Cadell and Davies [etc.] 1818 Digital version available
Useful knowledge, or, a familiar account of the various productions of nature, mineral, vegetable, and animal : which are chiefly employed for the use of man ; illustrated with numerous figures, and intended as a work both of instruction and reference. v. 2, Vegetables / by the Rev. William Bingley. Bingley, William, 1774-1823. 803b A. Small 1818 Digital version available
Catalogus plantarum Americae Septentrionalis, huc usque cognitarum indigenarum et cicurum: or, A catalogue of the hitherto known native and naturalized plants of North America, arranged according to the sexual system of Linnaeus. By Henry Muhlenberg. Muhlenberg, Henry, 1753-1815. 802g Published by Solomon W. Conrad, no. 87 Market-street. T. H. Palmer, printer 1818 Digital version available
A manual of botany for the northern and middle states. By Amos Eaton. Eaton, Amos, 1776-1842. 807b Printed and published by Websters and Skinners 1818 Digital version available
A guide to botany, or, A familiar illustration of the principles of the Linnaean classification / by James Millar. Millar, James, 1762-1827. 811 P. Hill 1818 Digital version available
Esposizione del sistema di Linneo piante officinali indigene, o esotiche domiciliate nell'Orto botanico. Sebastiani, Antonio, 1782-1821. 813b F. Bourliè 1819 Digital version available
An introduction to physiological and systematical botany. Smith, James Edward, 1759-1828. 4884 Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1819 Digital version available
Outlines of botany, taken chiefly from Smith's Introduction; containing an explanation of botanical terms and an illustration of the system of Linnaeus. Locke, John, 1792-1856. 813a Cummings and Hilliard 1819 Digital version available
Flora Heidelbergensis, plantas sistens in praefectura Heidelbergensi et in regione adfini sponte nascentes secundum systema sexuale Linnaeanum digestas. Dierbach, Johann Heinrich, 1788-1845. 813c Sumptibus auctoris 1819-1820 Digital version available
Leçons de flore : cours complet de botanique, explication de tous les systèmes, introduction à l'étude des plantes / par J.L.M. Poiret ; suivi d'une iconographie végétale en cinquante-six planches coloriées offrant près de mille objets par P.J.F. Turpin. Poiret, Jean Louis Marie, 1755-1834. 815 C.L.F. Panckoucke 1819-1820 Digital version available
The cyclopaedia, or, Universal dictionary of arts, sciences, and literature / by Abraham Rees ; with the assistance of eminent professional gentlemen. Rees, Abraham, 1743-1825. 2649 Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown 1819-1820 [i.e. 1802-1820] Digital version available
A synoptical compend of British botany, arranged after the Linnean system ... Galpine, John Kingston, -1806. 785i Printed for S. Bagster 1820 Digital version available