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Premier supplément au Catalogue des plantes cultivées dans le jardin de Mr. De-Freylin-Buttigliera à Buttigliera (Marengo) / par M. Pangella. Pangella, M. 695c F. Pila 1812 Digital version available
Elements of the science of botany, as established by Linnaeus; with examples to illustrate the classes and orders of his system. Duppa, Richard, 1770-1831. 790 Printed by T. Bensley for J. Murray. 1812 Digital version available
Catalogus plantarum Americae Septentrionalis, huc usque cognitarum indigenarum et cicurum: or, A catalogue of the hitherto known native and naturalized plants of North America, arranged according to the sexual system of Linnaeus. Muhlenberg, Henry, 1753-1815. 802f Printed by Willliam Hamilton 1813 Digital version available
Welsh botanology. Davies, Hugh, 1739?-1821. 802e W. Marchant 1813 Digital version available
Pantologia. A new cyclopaedia, comprehending a complete series of essays, treatises, and systems, alphabetically arranged; with a general dictionary of arts, sciences and words ... illustrated with engravings, those on history being from original drawings by Edwards and others ... by John Mason Good, Olinthus Gregory [and] Newton Bosworth, assisted by other gentlemen of eminence, if different departments of literature. Good, John Mason, 1764-1827. Gregory, Olinthus, 1774-1841.... 2650 G. Kearsley 1813 Digital version available
An introduction to physiological and systematical botany. Smith, James Edward, 1759-1828. 786e Longman, Hurst, Reese, Orme, and Brown, and White, Cochrane 1814 Digital version available
A synopsis of the genera of American plants, according to the latest improvements on the Linnaen system: with the new genera of Michaux and others. Intended for the use of students in botany ... Rich, O. 1783?-1850. 802l Printed by J.M. Carter for J. Milligan [etc.] 1814 Digital version available
An epitome of the second edition of Hortus Kewensis, for the use of practical gardeners; to which is added, A selection of esculent vegetables and fruits cultivated in the Royal Gardens at Kew, By W. T. Aiton, gardener to his Majesty. Aiton, William Townsend, 1766-1849. 802h Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1814 Digital version available
Specimen animalium, vegetabilium, et mineralium in insula Minorica frequentiorum ad normam Linnaeani sistematis exaratum : accedunt nomina vernacula in quantum fieri potuit. Ramis y Ramis, Juan, 1746-1819. 157a Excudebat Petrus Antonius Serra 1814 Digital version available
A family herbal; or, Familiar account of the medical properties of British and foreign plants, also their uses in dying, and the various arts, arranged according to the Linnean system. Plants drawn from nature by Henderson, and engraved by Bewick. Thornton, Robert John, 1768?-1837. 793 Crosby 1814 Digital version available
Hortus Jamaicensis, or A botanical description (according to the Linnean system) and an account of the virtues, &c., of its indigenous plants hitherto known, as also of the most useful exotics. Compiled from the best authorities, and alphabetically arranged. Lunan, John. 802j St. Jago de la Vega Gazette 1814 Digital version available
A grammar of botany : containing an explanation of the system of Linnaeus, and the terms of botany, with botanical exercises : for the use of schools and students : illustrated by forty-five engravings : multum in parvo / by Robert John Thornton, M.D., member of the University of Cambridgel and of the Royal London College of Physicians; lecturer on botany; and author of the new family herbal, &c. Thornton, Robert John, 1768?-1837 800 Printed for B. and R. Crosby and Co. 1814 Digital version available
Flore médicale / décrite par F.P. Chaumeton, [Chamberet et Poiret] ; peinte par Madame E. P[anckoucke] et par P.J.F. Turpin. Chaumeton, François Pierre, 1775-1819. 816 C.L.F. Panckoucke 1814-20 Digital version available
List of new and rare plants, collected in Abyssinia during the years 1805 and 1810, arranged according to the Linnean system. Salt, Henry, 1780-1827. 802i 1814] Digital version available
Letters on the elements of botany; addressed to a lady, by J. J. Rousseau. Translated into English, with notes, and twenty-four additional letters, fully explaining the system of Linnaeus, by Thomas Martyn. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778. 708 Printed for White, Cochrane, and Co.; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown; B. Crosby and Co., and Gale, Curtis and Fenner 1815 Digital version available
The botanist's companion : or an introduction to the knowledge of practical botany, and the uses of plants, either growing wild in Great Britain, or cultivated for the purposes of agriculture, medicine, rural œconomy, or the arts / by William Salisbury. Salisbury, William, -1823. 806 Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1816 Digital version available
Concordance des trois systêmes de Tournefort, Linnaeus et Jussieu. Lefébure, Louis-François, 1754-1839. 805 Desoer 1816 Digital version available
The classes and orders of the Linnaean system of botany. Illustrated by select specimens of foreign and indigenous plants. Duppa, Richard, 1770-1831. 804 Printed by T. Bensley for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1816 Digital version available
Thirty-eight plates, with explanations : intended to illustrate Linnaeus's System of vegetables, and particularly adapted to the Letters on the elements of botany / by Thomas Martyn. Martyn, Thomas, 1735-1825. 595 Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Browne 1817 Digital version available
Page's prodromus : as a general nomenclature of all the plants, indigenous and exotic, cultivated by him in the Southampton Botanic Gardens, arranged, alphabetically, as they are considered hardy or tender to the climate of Britain, under their different characters of trees, shrubs, herbaceous, &c. ... /by William Bridgewater Page. Page, William Bridgewater. 809a Printed by T. Cope 1817 Digital version available