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Title Author Soulsby Publisher Year
Den Svenska Almanackan. 1907, &c. 2867 1906 Digital version available
Catalogue of Linnean type-specimens of snakes in the Royal Museum in Stockholm / by L.G. Andersson Andersson, Lars Gabriel. 3496 1899 Digital version available
Linnéanska föreläsnings-kollegier i botanik / av Otto Gertz Gertz, Otto Daniel. 3559 1919 Digital version available
Bibliotheca Linnaeana : works by or relating to Carolus Linnaeus, his predecessors, contemporaries and pupils with sequels / from the library of E. Lindell [and compiled by him] Lindell, Emil 3725a 1933 Digital version available
Flora Bedfordiensis : comprehending such plants as grow wild in the county of Bedford arranged according to the system of Linnæus with occasional remarks / by Charles Abbot. Abbot, Charles, 1761-1817. 763a 1798 Digital version available
Account of the <Bromus triflorus> of Linnaeus [Species Plantarum, 1762-63], in a letter to Alexander M'Leay : read December 4, 1804/ by James Edward Smith Smith, James Edward, Sir, 1759-1828. 508 1807 Digital version available
Linné som læge : foredrag i Norsk Medicinisk-Historisk Forening 21de oktober 1920 / af N. Wille. Wille, Johan Nordal Fischer, 1858- 3031 1921 Digital version available
An Illustration of the Grass called by Linnaeus <Cornucopiae alopecuroides> : read November 1, 1803 / by James Edward Smith Smith, James Edward, Sir, 1759-1828. 501d 1804 Digital version available
Linné i Bibelkommissionen : en episod ... Wijkmark, Óskar Henning Vilhelm, 1875- 2984a 1913 Digital version available
Dissertatio entomologica bigas insectorum sistens / quam ... praeside ... Carolo à Linné ... modeste subjicit ... Andreas Dahl ... d. XVIII. Dec. MDCCLXXV Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 1313 1785 Digital version available
Ueber Pflanzengeschlechter, die nach den eigenen Linneischen Grundsätzen in ganz falsche Klassen geordnet sind Medikus, Friedrich Kasimir, 1736-1808. 691 Digital version available
Spicilegia Linnaeana, &c. : [in continuation of Linnaeana, 1869-1872] Dohrn, C. A. 1806-1892. 2740 1880-1881 Digital version available
Carl Linnaeus and the theory and practice of horticulture. Stearn, William Thomas, 1911-2001. 919s Digital version available
Linnaeus : prince of botanists. Angus, George A. 3096b 1929 Digital version available
The Linnaeus Garden and Museum at Upsala and Linnés Hammarby. 3120aua 1950 Digital version available
Carl von Linné och läran om ryggradsdjuren ... Lönnberg, Einar, 1865- 2923a 1907 Digital version available
Linné und Leysser. Zu Carl von Linnés 150. Todestag (10 Jan. 1778) : [With a Bibliography.]. Schmid, Gunther, 1888- 3091 1928 Digital version available
Gøthe eller Linné : et svar til Vossische Zeitung i Berlin. Wille, Johan Nordal Fischer, 1858- 2849a 1903 Digital version available
Exposition Linné : Organisée par le Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle et l'Institut Tessin à l'occasion du 250e. anniversaire de la naissance du grand naturaliste suédois. Juin-Novembre 1957, Paris. 3120bbn 1957 Digital version available
Vossische Zeitung. No. 231 : Sonntagsbeilage. No. 20. 19 Mai 1907. 2870 1907 Digital version available