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Index Testaceologicus : or a catalogue of shells, British and foreign, arranged according to the Linnean system : with the Latin and English names, references to figures and places where found / by W. Wood Wood, W. 1774-1857. 1237 W. Wood 1818 Digital version available
Useful knowledge, or, A familiar account of the various productions of nature, mineral, vegetable, and animal, which are chiefly employed for the use of man. Illustrated with numerous figures, and intended as a work both of instruction and reference / by the Rev. William Bingley Bingley, William, 1774-1823. 803b Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy ;Darton, Harvey, and Co. 1818 Digital version available
Lettre [from T ..., D.M.] à M. le chevalier Millin, en lui adressant une lettre inédite de Linné [à l'abbé Pourret, Nov. 1, 1779, with a copy of the same.]. Pourret, Pierre André. 2519 1818 Digital version available
Elements of conchology : according to the Linnaean system, illustrated by twenty-eight plates, drawn from nature / by the Rev. E.I. Burrow Burrow, E. J. 1785-1861 158b Ogles, Duncan and Cochran 1818 Digital version available
De Animalibus quibusdam e classe Vermium Linnæana in circumnavigatione Terrae : auspicante Comite N. Romanzoff Duce Ottone de Kotzebue annis 1815. 1816. 1817. 1818, peracta observatis Adalberto do Chamisso [de Boncourt]. Fasciculus primus. De Salpa. Chamisso, Adelbert von, 1781-1838 1237a Apud Ferd. Dümmlerum 1819 Digital version available
Tessin och Tessiniana : biographie med anecdoter och reflexioner samlade utur framledne ... / Grefve C. G. Tessins egenhändiga manuscripter. Tessin, Carl Gustaf, Count. 2520 Johan Imnelius 1819 Digital version available
The entomologist's useful compendium : or an introduction to the knowledge of British Insects,comprising the best means of obtaining and preserving them, and a description of the apparatus generally used; together with the genera of Linné, and the modern method of arranging the classes Crustacea, Myriapoda, spiders, mites and insects, from their affinities and structure, according to the views of Dr. Leach / by George Samouelle Samouelle, George, 1790?-1846 160 Thomas Boys 1819 Digital version available
Medical botany : or, history of plants in the materia medica of the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin pharmacopœias. Arranged according to the Linnæan system. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 813 E. Cox 1819-1821 Digital version available
Medical botany : or, history of plants in the materia medica of the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin pharmacopœias. Arranged according to the Linnæan system. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 3166 E. Cox 1819-1821 Digital version available
Flora Heidelbergensis, plantas sistens in præfectura Heidelbergensi et in regione adfini sponte nascentes secundum systema sexuale Linnæanum digestas / auctore J. Henrico Dierbach. Dierbach, Johann Heinrich, 1788-1845. 813c prostat apud Carolum Groos 1819-20 Digital version available
Svensk Plutarch : Historisk läsning för svenska ynglingar, innehållande [55] lefvernesbeskrifningar öfver fäderneslandets största män; / af Jör. Jac. Thomaeus Thomaeus, Jöran Jacob. 2656 hos Zacharias Haeggström 1820 Digital version available
Système sexuel de Linné / [par P.J.F. Turpin] Turpin, P. J. F. 1775-1840. 816 1820 Digital version available
A synoptical compend of British botany : arranged after the Linnean system ; and containing the essential characters of the genera, the specific characters, English names, places of growth, soil and situation, colour of the flowers, times of flowering, duration, and references to figures / originally by John Galpine. Galpine, John. 785i Samuel Bagster 1820 Digital version available
The universal herbal : or botanical, medical and agricultural dictionary containing an account of all the known plants in the world, arranged according to the Linnean system specifying the uses to which they are or may be applied / by Thomas Green. Green, Thomas. 814 Nuttall, Fisher 1820? Digital version available
Nomenclator botanicus, sistens omnes plantas in Caroli a Linné Speciebus plantarum a Carolo Ludovico Willdenowio enumeratas / curavit L.F.V. Comes Henckel a Donnersmarck Henckel Von Donnersmarck, Leo Felix Victor, 1785-1861. 515 Apud Hendelios patr. et filium 1821 Digital version available
Hermanni Christiani van Hall ... commentatio, qua respondetur ad quaestionem botanicam, ab ordine matheseos et philosophiae naturalis propositam : "Conficiatur brevis enarratio systematum Botanicoram, quae inde a Caesalpino usque ad Linnaeum inprimis inclaruerunt. Addatur expositio praestantiae systematis sexualis Linnaei, qua non tantum perspiciatur, quibusnam in rebus praecedentia systemata superaverit, verum etiam, quaenam ipsi desint, atque impediant, quominus perfectum dici possit" : quae praemium reportavit. Hall, Hermann Christian van. 817 apud Otton. Ioann. van Paddenburg, et I. van Schoonhoven, academiae typographos 1821 Digital version available
Illustrations of the Linnæan genera of Insects / by W. Wood Wood, W. 1774-1857. 1238 W. Wood 1821 Digital version available
Index alphabeticus filicum in Caroli a Linné Specierum plantarum editione quinta : cura Willdenovii, enumeratarum adjectis varietatibus nominumque genericorum et trivialium synonymia. Willdenow, Karl Ludwig, 1765-1812. 519 Impensis G.C. Nauck 1821 Digital version available
Nomenclator botanicus, sistens plantas phanerogamas in circulo Coesfeldiæ - Westphalorum inquilinas, secundum normam Linnæanam dispositus / curante C. De Bönninghausen. Bőnninghausen, Clemens Maria Friedrich von, 1785-1864. 817a apud Wittneven 1821 Digital version available
Revisiones plantarum succulentarum / autore A.H. Haworth. Haworth, Adrian Hardy, 1767-1833. 3963 In Æibus R. et A. Taylor 1821 Digital version available