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Synopsis plantarum insulis britannicis indigenarum : complectens characteres genericos et specificos secundum systema sexuale distributos / curante J. Symons, A.B. Societ. Linn.Soc. Symons, Jelinger (1778-1851). 767a J. White 1798 Digital version available
A new family herbal : or popular account of the nature and properties of the various plants used in medicine, diet, and the arts / By Robert John Thornton, M.D. Lecturer on Botany at Guy's Hospital, &c. &c. The plants drawn from nature, by Henderson, and engraved on wood, by Thomas Bewick. Thornton, Robert John (1768?-1837). 792 Richard Phillips 1810 Digital version available
A grammar of botany : containing an explanation of the system of Linnaeus, and the terms of botany, with botanical exercises. For the use of schools and students / By Robert John Thornton, M.D. Author of A new family herbal, &c. Thornton, Robert John (1768?-1837). 799 Printed for R. Phillips 1811 Digital version available
A family herbal : or familiar account of the medical properties of British and foreign plants, also their uses in dying, and the various arts, arranged according to the Linnaean system, and illustrated by two hundred and fifty-eight engravings from plants drawn from nature by Henderson, and engraved by Bewick of Newcastle. Thornton, Robert John (1768?-1837). 793 R. and R. Crosby and Co. 1814 Digital version available
Sketches towards a hortus botanicus americanus, or, Coloured plates (with a catalogue and concise and familiar descriptions of many species) of new and valuable plants of the West Indies and North and South America : Also of several others, natives of Africa and the East Indies: arranged after the Linnaean system. With a concise and comprehensive glossary of terms, prefixed, and a general index / By W. J. Titford, M.D. Corresponding Member of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, &c. Titford, William Jowett (1784-1823). 798b Printed for the author 1811. [i.e. 1811-1812] Digital version available
Observations on the Batis maritima of Linnaeus / By John Torrey, F.L.S. [Accepted for publication, September, 1850]. Torrey, John (1796-1873). 509 Smithsonian Institution 1853 Digital version available
A passion for systems : Linnaeus and the dream of order in nature / Text: Nils Uddenberg; conception and photography: Helene Schmitz; botanical information and picture captions: Pia Östensson; English translation: Rachelle Puryear and Håkan Lövgren. Uddenberg, Nils. 4032 Natur & Kultur (2007) Digital version available
Linnaeus at Uppsala : his garden and his home / Arvid Hj. Uggla. Uggla, Arvid Hjalmar (1883-1964). 4573 Svenska Linnésällskapet 1963 Digital version available
An introduction to botany : in a series of familiar letters with illustrative engravings / By Priscilla Wakefield. Wakefield, Priscilla (1751-1832). 4888 Printed for Darton, Harvey, and Co. [etc.] 1812 Digital version available
The universal botanist and nurseryman : containing descriptions of the species and varieties of all the trees, shrubs, herbs, flowers and fruits, natives and exotics: at present cultivated in the European nurseries, greenhouses, and stoves, or described by modern botanists: arranged according to the Linnaean system, with their names in English. To which are added a copious botanical glossary, several useful catalogues and indexes. Illustrated with elegant engravings. In four volumes / By Richard Weston, Esq. Weston, Richard (1733-1806). 656 Printed for J. Bell [et al] 1770[-1777] Digital version available
The botanist's and gardener's new dictionary : containing the names, classes, orders, generic characters, and specific distinctions of the several plants cultivated in England, according to the system of Linnaeus; directing the culture of each plant, describing its singular virtues and uses, and explaining the terms peculiar to botany and gardening. In which is also comprised, a gardener's calendar, divided alphabetically, according to the names of the twelve months of the year, directing the whole practice of gardening in the flower-garden, the seminary, the fruit-garden, the kitchen garden, the green-house, and the stove. And to which is prefixed, an introduction to the Linnaean system of botany, explaining the theory of that system, and the names and characters of all its classes and orders / By James Wheeler, gardener and nursery-man in Glocester. Wheeler, James (fl.1763). 647 Printed for W. Strahan [et al.] 1763 Digital version available
Whitlaw's new medical discoveries : with a defence of the Linnaean doctrine, and a translation of his Vegetable Materia Medica, which now first appears in an English dress / by Charles Whitlaw. Whitlaw, Charles (1776-1829). 976 Published by the author, 14, Finsbury Place South 1829 Digital version available
An arrangement of British plants, according to the latest improvements of the Linnæan System : with a easy introduction to the study of botany. Illustrated by copper plates / By William Withering, M.D. F.R.S. Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Lisbon; Fellow of the Linnean Society; Honorary Member of the Royal Medical Society at Edinburgh, &c. Withering, William (1741-1799). 4889 Printed for Cadell and Davies [et al.] 1818 Digital version available
A botanical arrangement of all the vegetables naturally growing in Great Britain : With descriptions of the genera and species, according to the system of the celebrated Linnaeus. Being an attempt to render them familiar to those who are unacquainted with the learned languages. Under each species are added, the most remarkable varieties, the natural places of growth, the duration, the time of flowering, the peculiarities of structure, the common English names; the names of Gerard, Parkinson, Ray and Bauhine. The uses as medicines, or as poisons; as food for men, for brutes, and for insects. With their applications in oeconomy and in the arts. With an easy introduction to the study of botany. Shewing the method of investigating plants, and directions how to dry and preserve specimens. The whole illustrated by copper plates and a copious glossary / By William Withering, M.D. In two volumes. Withering, William (1741-1799). 675b Printed by M. Swinney, for T. Cadel and P. Elmsley in the Strand, and G. Robinson, in Pater-noster-row, London MDCCLXXVI. [1776] Digital version available
A botanical arrangement of British plants : including the uses of each species, in medicine, diet, rural oeconomy and the arts. With an easy introduction to the study of botany, &c. &c. Illustrated by copper plates / By William Withering, M.D. F.R.S. Member of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh, and Physician to the General Hospital at Birmingham. Withering, William (1741-1799). 675c Printed by M. Swinney 1787. Vol. 3: Printed by Swinney & Walker, 1792. Digital version available
Medical botany : containing systematic and general descriptions, with plates, of all the medicinal plants, indigenous and exotic, comprehended in the catalogues of the Materia Medica, as published by the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London and Edinburgh: accompanied with a circumstantial detail of their medicinal effects, and of the diseases in which they have been most successfully employed / By William Woodville, M.D. of the Royal College of Physicians, London. In three volumes. Woodville, William (1752-1805). 743 printed and sold for the author, by James Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street 1790 [-1793]. Digital version available
A supplement to Medical botany : or, part the second: containing plates with descriptions of most of the principal medicinal plants not included in the Materia Medica of the collegiate pharmacopoeias of London and Edinburgh: accompanied with a circumstantial detail of their medicinal effects, and of the diseases inwhich they have been successfully employed / By William Woodville, M.D. F.L.S. Physician to the Small Pox and Inoculation Hospitals. Woodville, William (1752-1805). 744 Printed for the author 1794 Digital version available