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Caroli Linnaei Flora lapponica : exhibens plantas per Lapponiam crescentes, secundum systema sexuale, collectas in itinere impensis Soc. Reg. Scient. Upsaliensis, anno 1732 instituto. Additis synonymis, et locis natalibus omnium, descriptionibus et figuris rariorum, viribus medicatis et oeconomicis plurimarum. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 281 impensis B. White et filiorum. Typis J. Davis 1792 Digital version available
A system of vegetables, according to their classes[,] orders[,] genera[,] species with their characters and differences / Translated from the thirteenth edition (as published by Dr. Murray) of the Systema vegetabilium of the late Professor Linneus; and from the Supplementum plantarum of the present Professor Linneus. By a botanical society, at Lichfield. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 580a printed by John Jackson 1783 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei ..Species plantarum, exhibentes plantas rite cognitas ad genera relatas, cum differentiis specifis, nominibus trivialibus, synonymis selectis, locis natalibus, secundum systema sexuale digestas tomus I [/ II]. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 510 Typis Joannis Thomæ de Trattner, Cæs. Reg. Aulae. Typographi et Bibliop M DCC LXIV. [1764] Digital version available
Caroli LinnaeiPhilosophia botanic in qva explicantvr fvndamenta botanica cvm definitionibvs partivm, exemplis terminorvm, observationibvs rariorum, adiectis figvris aeneis. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 442 Typis Ioannis Thomae Trattner, Caes. Reg. Aulae Typographi & Biliopolae MDCCLV. [1755] Digital version available
Index perfectus ad Caroli Linnæi Species plantarum, nempe earum primam editionem, (anno 1753). / Collatore Ferdinando de Mueller. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 483 M'Carron, Bird & Soch 1880 Digital version available
D.D. Fraga vesca, dissertatione botanica, venia experient. Fac. Med. in Reg. Academ. Upsal. præside viro nobilissimo ac generoso, D.D. Carolo à Linné ... In Auditorio Gustaviano die XXVI. Maji a. MDCCLXXII. Horis ante meridiem solitis, publicæ ventilationi proposita a Stipendario Kåhreano, Svenone Andr. Hedin Smolando. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 2417 Typis Edmannianis 1772 Digital version available
Caroli a Linné Equit. Aur. de Stella Polari, Archiatri Regii, Med. et Botan. Profess. Upsal, Acad. Parisin. Petrop. etc. Soc.Amoenitates academicae seu dissertationes variae physicae, medicae botanicae entehac seorsim editae nunc collectae et auctae cum tabulis aeneis. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 1281 Sumtu Jo. Jacobi Palm 1785-1790 Digital version available
Musa Cliffortiana : Clifford's banana plant / Carl Linnaeus. Translated into English by Stephen Freer. With an introduction by Staffan Müller-Wille. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 4077 A.R.G. Gantner Verlag (2007) Digital version available
I.N.T. Dissertationem botanicam, de Erica, venia experient. Fac. Med. in Reg. Acad. Upsal. moderante, viro generosissimo, D.D. Carolo Linne ... publicæ ventilationi offert, Stipendiarius Regius, Johann Adolph Dahlgren, Ebbesson. Norrcopia. OstroGotbus. In audit. Carol. Maj. die XIX. Decemb. anni MDCCLXX. H.A.M.S. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 2399 Typis Edmannianis 1770 Digital version available
I.N.T. Dissertationem inauguralem, de maro, venia experient. Facult. Medicae, in Reg. Acad. Upsaliensi, praeside, viro nobiliss. atque generoso, D:no Doct. Carolo v. Linné ... publicae ventilationi offert auctor Joh. Adolph. Dahlgren Ebbesson. .. in audit. Carol. Maj. D. 3 Dec. 1774. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 2434 Typis Edmannianis 1774 Digital version available
Caroli LinnaeiPhilosophia botanica in qua explicantur fundamenta botanica cum definitionibus partium, exemplis terminorum, observationibus rariorum. Adiectis figuris aeneis. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 443 Typis Joannis Thomae nobil. de Trattnern, Caes. Reg. Maj. Aulae Typogr. et Biliopolae 1763 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei ... / Oratio de necessitate peregrinationum intra patriam. Ejusque Elenchus animalium per Sueciam observatorum. Accedunt Johannis Browallii Examen eipcriseos Siegesbeckianæ in systema plantarum sexuale. et Johannis Gesneri Med. Doct. Phys. & Math. Prof. Ord. Dissertationes de partium vegetationis et fructificationis structura, differentia et usu, in quibus Elementa botanica dilucide explicantur. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 1355 Apud Cornelium Haak 1743 Digital version available
Mantissa in volumen primum [secundum, tertium] Systematis vegetabilium Caroli a Linné ex editione Joan. Jac. Roemer M.D. etc. et Jos. Aug. Schultes M.D. etc. / curante I. A. Schultes, M.D. et Prof. P. O. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 615 Sumtibus J. G. Cottae 1822[-1827] Digital version available
Linnaeus's Öland and Gotland journey 1741 / Translated from the Swedish edition 1745 by Marie Åsberg and William T. Stearn. With an introduction by William T. Stearn. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 3906 Academic Press for the Linnean Society of London 1973? Digital version available
Caroli v. Linné ..Genera plantarum eorumque characteres naturales secundum numerum, figuram, situm, et proportionem omnium fructificationis partium. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 305 Laurentius Salvius 1764 Digital version available
Institutes of botany : containing accurate, compleat and easy descriptions of all the known genera of plants / translated from the Latin of the celebrated Charles von Linné, Professor of Medicine and Botany in the University of Upsal; First Physician to the King of Sweden, Knight of the Polar Star, and Member of most of the Learned Societies in Europe. To which are prefixed, I. A view of the ancient and present state of botany. II. A synopsis, exhibiting the essential or striking characters which serve to discriminate genera of the same class and order; as likewise the secondary characters of each genus, or those derived from the port, habit or general appearance of the plants which compose it. By Colin Milne, Reader on Botany in London, author of the Botanical Dictionary. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 316 W. Griffin [et al.] 1771 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei Archiatri Regii; Med. et Bot. Prof. Reg. Ups. Hort. Acad. Praefect.Hortus Upsaliensis, exhibens plantas exoticas, Horto Upsaliensis Academiæ a sese illatas, ab anno 1742, in annum 1748, additis differentiis, synonymis, habitationibus, hospitiis, rariorumque descriptionibus, in gratiam studiosae juventutis, vol. I. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 424 Laurentius Salvius 1748 Digital version available
Botanical terminology : or dictionary explaining the terms most generally employed in systematic botany / by G. N. Lloyd. Lloyd, George N. (1804-1889). 831 printed for Bell & Bradfute :Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, & Green; and James Duncan 1826 Digital version available
Loudon's Hortus Britannicus : A catalogue of all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain. Part I: The Linnean arrangement, in which nearly 30,000 species are enumerated: with the systematic name and authority, accentuation, derivation of generic names, literal English of specific names, synonymes systematic and English of both genera and species, habit, habitation in the garden, indigenous habitation, popular character, height, time of flowering, colour of the flower, mode of propagation, soil, native country, year of introduction, and reference to figures: preceded by an introduction to the Linnean system. Part II. the Jussieuean arrangement, of nearly 4,000 genera, with an introduction to the natural system, and a general description and history of each order / edited by J.C. Loudon. Loudon, John Claudius (1783-1843). 838a Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green 1830 Digital version available
An encyclopaedia of plants : comprising the description, specific character, culture, history, application in the arts, and every other desirable particular respecting all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain : combining all the advantages of a Linnean and Jussieuean species plantarum, an historia plantarum, a grammar of botany, and a dictionary of botany and vegetable culture / Edited by J. C. Loudon, F.L.S. H.S. &c. The specific characters by a eminent botanist; the drawings by J.D.C. Sowerby, F.L.S.; and the engravings by R. Branston. The whole in English; with the synonymes of the commoner plants in the different European and other languages; the scientific names accentuated, their etymologies explained; the classes, orders, and botanical terms illustrated by engravings; and with figures of nearly ten thousand species, exemplifying several individuals belonging to every genus included in the work. Loudon, John Claudius (1783-1843). 837a Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green 1829 Digital version available