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Elements of the science of botany, as established by Linnaeus : with examples to illustrate the classes and orders of his system. Duppa, Richard (1770-1831). 790 J. Murray 1810 Digital version available
Directions for bringing over seeds and plants from the East-Indies and other distant countries, in a state of vegetation: together with a catalogue of such foreign plants as are worthy of being encouraged in our American colonies, for the purposes of medicine, agriculture, and commerce. To which is added, the figure and botanical description of a new sensitive plant, called Dionaea muscipula: or, Venus's fly-trap / By John Ellis, F.R.S. Ellis, John (c.1705-1776). 651 Printed; and sold by L. Davis, Printer to the Royal Society, opposite Gray's-Inn, Holborn MDCCLXX. [1770] Digital version available
Sex, botany & Empire : the story of Carl Linnaeus and Joseph Banks / Patricia Fara. Fara, Patricia. 4225 Icon Books (2003) Digital version available
A botanical nomenclator : containing a systematical arrangement of the classes, orders, genera, and species of plants, as described in the new edition of Linnaeus's Systema Naturae, by Dr. Gmelin, of Gottingen. To which are added, alphabetical indexes of the Latin and English names of the plants, together with the names of the countries of which they are natives; also the number of British species / By William Forsyth, Junior. Forsyth, William (1772-1835). 134 T. Cadell [et al.] 1794 Digital version available
Jussieu's und De Candolle's natürlich Pflanzen-Systeme : nach ihren Grundsätzen entwickelt und mit den Pflanzen-Familien von Agardh, Batsch und Linné, so wie mit dem Linné'schen Sexual-System verglichen. Für Vorlesungen und zum Selbstunterricht / von Carl Fuhlrott. Mit einer Vorrede von Dr. C.G. Nees von Esenbeck. Fuhlrott, Johann Carl (1804-1877). 837 Eduard Weber 1829 Digital version available
Jussieu's und De Candolle's natürlich Pflanzen-Systeme : nach ihren Grundsätzen entwickelt und mit den Pflanzen-Familien von Agardh, Batsch und Linné, so wie mit dem Linné'schen Sexual-System verglichen. Für Vorlesungen und zum Selbstunterricht / von Carl Fuhlrott. Mit einer Vorrede von Dr. C.G. Nees von Esenbeck. Fuhlrott, Johann Carl (1804-1877). 4282 Eduard Weber 1829 Digital version available
Histoire des plantes d'Europe, ou Élémens de botanique pratique; ouvrage dans lequel on donne le signalement précis, suivant la méthode et les principes de Linné, des plantes indigenes, des étrangeres les plus utiles, et une suite d'observations modernes / Par le citoyen Jean-Emmanuel Gilibert, ancient Professeur de Botanique au Collége de Médecine de Lyon, et à l'Université de Vilna; Professeur d'Histoire Naturelle à l'Ecole Centrale du Département du Rhône. Gilibert, Jean Emmanuel (1741-1814). 763aa Amable Leroy 1798 Digital version available
Flora Ingrica ex schedis Stephani Krascheninnikow Botanices et Historiæ Naturalis Professoris quondam Petropolitani / confecta et propriis obseruationibus aucta a Davide de Gorter... Gorter, David de (1717-1783). 641b Academia Scientiarum 1761 Digital version available
Antonii Gouan, Doctoris Medici Monspeliensis, Regiae Societatis Scientiarum SociiHortus Regius Monspeliensis, sistens plantas tum indigenas tum exoticas no. MM. CC. ad genera relatas, cum nominibus specificis, synonymis selectis, nominibus trivialibus, habitationibus indigenarum, hospitiis exoticarum, secundum sexualem methodum digestas. catalogus plantarum quæ in Horto Regio Mospeliensi demonstrantur. Gouan, Antoine (1733-1821). 643a sumptibus Fratrum de Tournes 1762 Digital version available
Flora orientalis sive recensio plantarum, quas botanicorum Coryphæus Leonhardus Rauwolffus, Medicus Augustanus, annis 1573, 1574, & 1575, in Syria, Arabia, Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Assyria, Armenia & Judaea crescentes observavit, & collegit, earumdemque ducenta specimina, quae in Bibliotheca publica Lugduno-Batava adservantur, nitidissime exsiccata & chartae adglutinata in volumen retulit. Has methodo sexuali disposuit, synonymis probatioribus illustravit, nominibusque specificis insignivit Johan. Fredericus Gronovius. Gronovius, Johan Frederik (1686-1762). 635f typis Wilhelmi de Groot 1755 Digital version available
Flora Virginica exhibens plantas, quas v.c. Johannes Clayton in Virginia observavit atque collegit. Easdem methodo sexuali disposuit, ad genera propria retulit, nominibus specificis insignivit, & minus cognitas / descripsit Joh. Fred. Gronovius. Gronovius, Johan Frederik (1686-1762). 4892 Photolithographed by the Murray Printing Company, for the Arnold Arboretum 1946 Digital version available
Flora Virginica exhibens plantas, quas nobilissimus vir D. D. Johannes Claytonus, Med. Doct. etc. etc. in Virginia crescentes observavit, collegit & obtulit D. Joh. Fred. Gronovio, cujus studio & opera descriptae & in ordinem sexualem systematicum redactae sistuntur. Gronovius, Johan Frederik (1686-1762). 3607 s.l 1762 Digital version available
Georg Dionysius Ehret and his plate of the sexual system of plants in Linnaeus' own copy of Systema Naturae / compiled by Ove Hagelin. Hagelin, Ove (1940- ). 39a Hageströmer Biblioteket 2000 Digital version available
Elements of botany; or An introduction to the sexual system of Linnaeus; to which is added an English botanical dictionary. Illustrated by copper-plates / By R. Hall, M.D. Hall, Robert (1763-1824). 775 Vernor and Hood [et al.] 1802 Digital version available
Linné i Uppsala / Helena Harnesk. Botaniska fakta: professor Bengt Jonsell. Harnesk, Helena. 3979 Hallgren & Fallgren 2006 Digital version available
Voyages and travels in the Levant : in the years 1749, 50, 51, 52. Containing observations in natural history, physick, agriculture, and commerce: particularly on the Holy Land, and the natural history of the Scriptures / Written originally in the Swedish language, by the late Frederick Hasselquist, M.D. Fellow of the Royal Societies of Upsal and Stockholm. Published, by order of her present Majesty the Queen of Sweden, by Charles Linnaeus, Physician to the King of Sweden, Professor of Botany at Upsal, and Member of all the Learned Societies in Europe. Hasselquist, Fredric (1722-1752). 3582 Printed for L. Davis and C. Reymers, opposite Gray's-Inn-Gate, Holborn, Printers to the Royal Society MDCCLXVI. [1766] Digital version available
Miscellanea naturalia, sive dissertationes variæ ad historiam naturalem spectantes / Autore A. H. Haworth, Lin. Soc. Londini socio. Haworth, Adrian Hardy (1768-1833). 3962 Typis J. Taylor 1803 Digital version available
Eden: or, a Compleat body of gardening : Containing plain and familiar directions for raising the several useful products of a garden, fruits, roots, and herbage; from the practice of the most successful gardeners, and the result of a long experience. Together with the culture of all kinds of flowers, according to the methods of the English, French, and Dutch florists. And the knowledge of curious plants, after the system of Linnæus. With figures and descriptions of the flowers and plants proper for a garden. Including the care and culture of the pleasure-garden. The business of the seminary for every week in the year. Catalogues and accurate descriptions of the fruits as they come into season; and new and practical directions for the management of fruit-trees. With the best methods of culture for the several articles of the kitchen-garden: and the compleat management of the ground for raising them, in the natural and artificial manner / Compiled and digested from the papers of the late celebrated Mr. Hale, by the authors of the Compleat body of husbandry. And comprehending the art of constructing a garden for use and pleasure; the best methods of keeping it in order: and the most perfect accounts of its several products. Hill, John (1714-1775). 637d T. Osborne [et al.] [1756-]1757 Digital version available
Linnaeus and the naming of plants / by Sir Arthur F. Hort. Hort, Arthur Fenton, 6th Baronet (1864-1935). 4880 s.n 1931 Digital version available
The bicentenary of the birth of Carolus Linnaeus / [edited by] Edmund Otis Hovey. Hovey, Edmund Otis 4881 New York Academy of Sciences 1908 Digital version available