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Betänkande om vattu-minskningen, hvaruti denna läran efter den heliga skrift, naturens lagar och förfarenheten pröfvas, samt oriktig befinnes / af Johan Browallius. Browallius, Johan. 1025c tryckt på Lars Salvii kostnad 1755 Digital version available
The Conchologist's text-book : Embracing the arrangements of Lamarck and Linnæus, with a glossary of technical terms / by Thomas Brown. Brown, Thomas. 168 Archibald Fullarton & Co. 1839 Digital version available
The civil and natural history of Jamaica. In Three parts. Containing, I. An accurate description of that island, its situation and soil; with a brief account of its former and present state, government, revenues, produce and trade. II. A history of the natural productions, including the various sorts of native fossils; perfect and imperfect vegetables, quadrupedes, birds, fishes, reptiles and insects; with their properties and uses in mechanics, diet, and physic. III. An account of the nature of climates in general, and their different effects upon the human body, with a detail of the diseases arising from this source, particularly within the tropics. In three dissertations : the whole illustrated with fifty copper-plates : in which the most curious productions are represented of the natural size, and delineated immediately from the objects / Part I-III. by Patrick Browne. Browne, Patrick 636 printed for the Author, and sold by T. Osborne, and J. Shiption 1756 Digital version available
Flora diætetica, or, History of Esculent Plants, both Domestic and Foreign : in which they are accurately described, and reduced to their Linnean Generic and Specific Names : with their English Names annexed, and ranged under Eleven General Heads, viz : esculent 1. Roots. 2. Shoots. Stalks, &e. 3. Leaves. 4. Flowers. 5. Berries. 6. Stone-Fruit. 7. Apples. 8. Legumens. 9. Grain. 10. Nuts. 11. Funguses : and a particular Account of the Manner of using them, their native Places of Growth, their several Varieties, and Physical Properties: Together with whatever in otherwise curious, or very remarkable in each Species : the whole so methodized, as to form a short Introduction to the Science of Botany / by Charles Bryant. Bryant, Charles. 690 Printed for B. White 1783 Digital version available
Ett linnéanskt rarissimum : den ursprungliga upplagan av Linnæi Wästgöta-resa. Bryk, Felix 4468 Almqvist & Wiksell 1947 Digital version available
Linnæus im Auslande : Linnés gesammelte Jugendschriften autobiographischen inhaltes aus den Jahren 1732-1738 : Nachtrag / herausgegeben von Felix Bryk. Bryk, Felix 7 im eigenen Verlage 1921 Digital version available
Bibliotheca Linnæana. hrsg. von Felix Bryk. Bryk, Felix 3704 im eigenen Verlage 1923 Digital version available
Vandringar i naturens och kulturens riken. Bryk, Felix 2522a P. A. Norstedt & Söner 1924 Digital version available
Linné als Sexualist : Auszüge aus Linnés unveröffentlichten Vorlesungen, die sich auf die psychopathia sexualis beziehen / 1. [zsgest. und] eingeleitet von Felix Bryk. Bryk, Felix Linné, Carl von 4356 s.n 1951 Digital version available
Linné als praktischer Entomologe. Bryk, Felix. Linné, Carl von 1218 im eigener Verlage 1924 Digital version available
Traité historique des plantes qui croissent dans la Lorraine & les trois Evêchés : Tome I-X / par P. J. Buc'hoz. Buc'hoz, Pierre-Joseph 650e Chez Fetil 1770 Digital version available
A catalog of an exhibition commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Carolus Linnaeus 1707-1957 and the 200th anniversary of the issue of the Systema Naturae, 10th edition, 1758-1958 / by Thomas R. Buckman. Buckman, Thomas R. 4493 University of Kansas Libraries 1957 Digital version available
Nicolai Laurentii Burmanni Flora Indica : Cui accedit series Zoophytorum Indicorum nec non Prodromus Florae Capensis. Burmann, Nikolaas Laurens 650a Apud Cornelium Haek ;Apud Johannem Schreuderum 1768 Digital version available
Elements of Conchology, according to the Linnæan System / illustrated by 28 plates, drawn from nature, by the Rev. E. I. Burrow. Burrow, Edward John 158a printed for the author by Richard and Arthur Taylor 1815 Digital version available
Elementi di Conchiologia Linneana / illustrati da XXVIII Tavole in rame del E.I. Burrow (1815). Burrow, Edward John 158cc 1828 Digital version available
Elements of Conchology, according to the Linnæan System / by E.I. Burrow. Burrow, Edward John 158c Printed for James Duncan 1825 Digital version available
Utkast till beskrifning om Upsala / författad af Joh. B. Busser. Busser, Johan Benedict. 1054 tryckt hos Joh. Edman 1769-73 Digital version available
Om Orangerierna : och de märkvärdigaste örter, som finnas i dem ; Om Vivarium och Museum ; Om archiaterns och Riddarens Carl von Linné's egna samlinger. Busser, Johan Benedict. 3435 tryckt hos Joh. Edman 1769 Digital version available
Åminnelsestal öfver Kongl. Vetenskaps Academiens framledne ledamot, archiatern ... Carl von Linné / hållet ... den 5. December, 1778 af ... Abraham Bäck. Bäck, Abraham. 2594 Joh. Georg Lange 1779 Digital version available
Gedächtnisrede auf den Hrn. Arch. und Ritter Carl von Linné in sr. kön. Maj. Gegenwart vor der kön. Acad. d. Wissensch. d. 5 Dec. 1778. gehalten vom Hn. Arch. und Ritter A. Bäck / Aus dem Schwedischen. Bäck, Abraham. 2595 bei M. Swederus 1779 Digital version available