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Nomenclator botanicus, enumerans ordine alphab. nomina et synonyma et a Linnaeo et recentioribus de re botanica scriptoribus / auctore Ernesto Steudel. Steudel, Ernst Gottlieb 822 I. G. Cottae 1821-1824 Digital version available
Clavis Agrostographiae antiquioris : übersicht des Zustandes der Agrostographie bis auf Linnée, und versuch einer Reduction der alten Synonyme der Gräser auf die heutigen Trivialnahmen / von Carl Bernhard Trinius. Trinius, Carl Bernhard 826b in der Biedermann'schen Hofbuchhandlung 1822 Digital version available
Deliciae Pragenses, historiam naturalem spectantes / editae a Joanne Swatopluco Presl ... et Carolo Bořiwogo Presl ... Linné, Carl von 826a sumtibus Calve 1822 Digital version available
Examen classis Diandriæ in systemate sexuali / venia exp. facult. Med. Upsal. præside C. P. Thunberg ... ; p. p. Ernestus Swartz, Ostrogothus. in audit. botanico die xi Dec. MDCCCXXIV, H.A.M.S. Thunberg, Carl Peter 829e excudebant Palmblad et C. 1824 Digital version available
Examen classis gynandriæ ... / præside C. P. Thunberg ; p. p. E. T. Tholér. Thunberg, Carl Peter 829f excudebant Palmblad et C. 1824 Digital version available
Flora Suecica, enumerans plantas Sueciæ indigenas : cum Synopsi classium ordinung, characteribus generum, differentiis Specierum, synonymis citationibusque selectis, locis regionibusque natalibus, descriptionibus habitualibus nomina incolarum et qualitates plantarum illustrantibus / Pars prior-pars posterior. post Linnæum edita a Georgio Wahlenberg. Wahlenberg, Göran 829c suis impensis excudebant Palmblad & C.,1824-1826. Digital version available
Examen classis polygamiae ... / præside C. P. Thunberg. Thunberg, Carl Peter 830ac excudebant Palmblad et C. 1825 Digital version available
Examen classis Dioeciae / præside C. P. Thunberg ... Thunberg, Carl Peter 830ab excudebant Palmblad et C. 1825 Digital version available
Examen classis monoeciae ... / præside C. P. Thunberg. Thunberg, Carl Peter 830aa excudebant Palmblad et C. 1825 Digital version available
A catalogue of the indigenous and exotic plants growing in Ceylon, distinguishing the several esculent vegetables, fruits, roots and grains, together with a sketch of the divisions of genera and species in use amongst the Singhalese : also an outline of the Linnæan sexual system of botany in the English and Singhalese languages for the use of the Singhalese / by Alexander Moon. Moon, Alexander. 830 Wesleyan Mission Press 1824 Digital version available
Esposizione delle ventiquattro classi del sistema sessuale di Linneo e degli ordini sotto di esse compresi ad uso degli alunni di botanica / [by Paolo Spadoni]. Spadoni, Paolo 831b presso Giovanni Crocetti 1826 Digital version available
Florae Siculae prodromus sive plantarum in Sicilia ulteriori nascentium enumeratio secundum systema Linnaeanum disposita / auctore Joanne Gussone ... Gussone, Giovanni. 832a ex Regia Typographia 1827-28 Digital version available
De modo plantas juxta systema Linneanum determinandi id est earum nomina in eodem inveniendi / auctore Josepho Hoser. Hoser, Joseph Karl Eduard 834 typis Sommerianis 1828 Digital version available
Uebersicht des Gewaechs-Reichs in seinen natürlichen Entwickelungsstufen : ein Versuch / von H. G. Ludwig Reichenbach. Reichenbach, H. G. Ludwig. 835a bei Carl Cnobloch 1828 Digital version available
Die botanische Kunstsprache in Umrissen, nebst erläuterndem Texte : mit ein und zwanzig lithographirten Tafeln / zum Gebrauch bei Vorlesungen und zum Selbstunterricht von Gottlieb Wilhelm Bischoff. Bischoff, Gottlieb Wilhelm 836 bei Johann Leonhard Schrag 1822 Digital version available
Jussieu's und De Candolle's natürliche Pflanzen-Systeme, nach ihren Grundsätzen entwickelt, und mit den Pflanzen Familien von Agardh, Batsch und Linné so wie mit dem Linné'schen Sexual-System verglichen : Für Vorlesungen und zum Selbstunterricht / von Carl Fuhlrott ... ; mit einer Vorrede von c. G. Nees von Esenbeck. Linné, Carl von Fuhlrott, Carl. 837 bei Eduard Weber 1829 Digital version available
An encyclopædia of plants : comprising the description specific character, culture, history, application in the arts, and every other desirable particular respecting all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain : combining all the advantages of a Linnean and Jussieiean species plantarum, an historia plantarum, a grammar of botany, and a dictionary of botany and vegetable culture : the whole in English; with the synonymes of the commoner plants in the different european and other languages; the scientific names accentuated, their entymologies explained; the classes, orders, and botanical terms illustrated by engravings; and with figures of nearly ten thousand species, exemplifying several individuals belonging to every genus included in the work / edited by J. C. Loudon ; the specific characters by an eminent botanist, the drawings by Sowerby and the engravings by Branston. Loudon, John Claudius 837a printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green 1829 Digital version available
Flora devoniensis : or A descriptive catalogue of plants growing wild in the county of Devon, arranged both according to the Linnaean and natural systems, with an account of their geographical distribution, etc.. Part 1,Part 2 Arrangement of the plants according to the Linnæan systemArrangement of the plants according to the natural method. by the Rev. J. P. Jones and J. F. Kingston Jones, John Pike 837* Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green 1829 Digital version available
Flora Germanica excursoria ex affinitate regni vegetabilis naturali disposita, sive principia synopseos plantarum in Germania terrisque in Europa media adjacentibus sponte nascentium cultarumque frequentius / auctore Ludovico Reichenbach. Reichenbach, Ludwig. 838e Apud Carolum Cnobloch 1830-1832 Digital version available
Loudon's Hortus britannicus : a catalogue of all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain. Part I,Part II the Linnean arrangement, in which nearly 30,000 species are enumerated with the systematic name and authority, accentuation, derivation of genetic names, literal English of specific names, synonymes systematic and English of both genera and species, habit, habitation in the garden, indigenous habitation, popular character, height, time of flowering, colour of the flower, mode of propagation, soil, native country, year of introduction, and reference to figures, preceded by an introduction to the Linnean systemthe Jussieuean arrangement, of nearly 4,000 genera, with an introduction to the natural system, and a general description and history of each order. Loudon, John Claudius 838b Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longman 1832 Digital version available