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Examen epicriseos in systema plantarum sexuale C1. Linnaei, anno 1737. Petropoli evulgatae, auctore Jo. Georgio Siegesbeck ... Jussu amicorum institutum a J. B. [Browallius]. BROWALLIUS, Johannes, 1707-1755. 623 Excud. Joh. Kiaempe. 1739 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei ... Oratio de necessitate peregrinationum intra patriam ejusque elenchus animalium per Sueciam observatorum. Accedunt Johannis Browallii Examen epicriseos Siegesbeckianae in systema plantarum sexuale. Et Johannis Gesner ... Dissertationes de partium vegetationis et fructificationis structura, differentia et usu, in quibus Elementa Botanica dilucide explicantur. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778. 624 Apud Cornelium Haak 1743 Digital version available
M. Joh. Gottlieb Gleditschii ... Consideratio epicriseos Siegesbeckianae in Linnaei systema plantarum sexuale, & methodum botanicam huic superstructam. GLEDITSCH, Johann Gottlieb. 625 apud Ambrosium Haude 1740 Digital version available
Vaniloquentiae botanicae specimen, a M. Io. Gottlieb Gleditsch in consideratione epicriseos Siegesbeckianae in scripta botanica Linnaei, pro rite obtinendo sexualistae titulo, nuper evulgatum, jure vero retorsionis refutatum et elusum. SIEGESBECK, Johann Georg. 626 s.n 1741 Digital version available
Observationes in methodum plantarum sexualem cel. Linnaei, ... LUDWIG, Christian Gottlieb, 1709-1773. 627 ex Officina Langenhemiana 1739 Digital version available
Dissertatio inauguralis medico-botanica sistens meditationes et animadversiones in novum systema botanicum sexuale Linnaei ... praeside Laurentio Heistero ... subjiciet autor responsurus Philippus Casparus Goeckelius ...; Dissertatio inauguralis medico-botanica ... HEISTER, Lorenz. 628 Typis Schnorrianis 1741 Digital version available
Florae parisiensis prodromus : ou, Catalogue des plantes qui naissent dans les environs de Paris, rapportées sous les dénominations modernes et anciennes, et arrangées suivant la méthode séxuelle de M. Linnaeus. Avec l'explication en françois de tous les termes de la nouvelle nomenclature. DALIBARD, Thomas François, 1703-1799. 634 Durand & Pissot 1749 Digital version available
Principios de botanica, sacados de los mejores escritores, y puestos en lengua castellana. Parte primera. BARNADES, Miguel, 1708-1771. 649c Antonio Perez de Soto 1767 Digital version available
Dissertatio inauguralis botanico-medica sistens Systemata plantarum recentiora ... submittit Paulus Dietericus Giseke ... GISEKE, Paul Dietrich, 1741-1796. 650 ex Officina Schulziana 1767 Digital version available
Institutes of botany; containing accurate, compleat and easy descriptions of all the known genera of plants; translated from the Latin of the celebrated Charles von Linné ... To which are prefixed I. A view of the ancient and present state of botany. II. A synopsis, exhibiting the essential or striking characters which serve to discriminate genera of the same class and order... MILNE, Colin, 1743 or 4-1815. 660 Sold by Griffin ... 1771-1772 Digital version available
An illustration of the sexual system, of Linnaeus, by John Miller. Vol.1. An illustration of the Termini botanici, of Linnaeus, by John Miller. Vol.11. MUELLER, Johann Sebastian. 669 The Author 1779 & 1789. Digital version available
Index Linnaeanus in Leonhardi Plukenetii ... Opera botanica ... Index Linnaeanus in Joannis Jacobi Dillenii Historiam muscorum ... GISEKE, Paul Dietrich, 1741-1796. 681c Apud Auctorem et Carolo Ernesto Bohn 1779 Digital version available
Viridarium Grisley Lusitanicum Linnaeanis nominibus illustratum Jussu Academiae in Lucem Editum. VANDELLI, Domenico, 1732-1815. 731a Regalis Academiae Scientiarum 1789 Digital version available
The generic characters in the English Botany, collated with those of Linne. SALISBURY, Richard Anthony. 786 printer Bulmer & Co. 1806 Digital version available
Elements of the science of botany, as established by Linnaeus : with examples to illustrate the classes and orders of his system. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778. 788 J. Murray 1809 Digital version available
The classes and orders of the Linnaean system of botany. Illustrated by select specimens of foreign and indigenous plants. [By Richard Duppa]. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778 804 Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1816 Digital version available
Botanical terminology : or, Dictionary explaining the terms most generally employed in systematic botany. LLOYD, George N. 831 Printed for Bell & Bradfute ; Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, & Green : and James Duncan, London 1826 Digital version available
Index Kewensis : an enumeration of the genera and species of flowering plants and their synonyms from the time of Linnaeus to the year 1885 inclusive, together with their authors' names, the works in which they were first published, and their native countries / compiled at the expense of Charles Robert Darwin / under the direction of Joseph D. Hooker / by B. Daydon Jackson. [And supplements]. JACKSON, Benjamin Daydon, 1846-1927. 879ca Clarendon 1893-2002 Digital version available
Carl von Linnés betydelse säsom naturforskare och läkare. Skildringar utgifna af Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien i anledning af tvåhundraårsdagen af Linnés födelse. HJELT, Otto E. A. (Otto Edvard August), 1823-1913. 888 Almqvist & Wiksell 1907 Digital version available
Några ord om Linné och hans betydelse för den botaniska vetenskapen / af Veit Brecher Wittrock. WITTROCK, Veit Brecher, 1839-1914. 892 Marcus 1907 Digital version available