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Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark, interspersed with historical relations and political inquiries. Coxe, William, F.R.S, 1747-1828. 2596a Printed for S. Price, R. Moncrieffe, W. Colles, T. Walker, C. Jenkin, W. Wilson, L. White, R. Burton, J. Cash and P. Byrne 1784 Digital version available
Historical and biographical sketches of the progress of botany in England : from its origin to the introduction of the Linnaean system. / by Richard Pulteney. Pulteney, Richard, 1730-1801. 738 Printed for T. Cadell 1790 Digital version available
Elements of Natural History; being an Introduction to the Systema Naturae of Linnaeus: comprising the characters of the whole genera, and most remarkable species; particularly of all those that are natives of Britain, with the principal circumatances of their history and manners. Likewise an alphabetical arrangement, with definitions, of technical terms / [By Charles Stewart], &c. Stewart, Charles, 1787-1817. 153 Printed for T. Cadell jun. and W. Davies; and William Creech 1801-02 Digital version available
A botanical nomenclator; containing a systematical arrangement of the classes, orders, genera and species of plants, as described in the new edition of Linnaeus's Systema Naturae, by Dr. Gmelin, of Gottingen : to which are added, alphabetical indexes of the Latin and English Names of the Plants, together with the names of the countries of which they are natives; also the number of British species. Forsyth, William, The Younger, 1772?-1835. 134 Printed for T. Cadell, and P. Elmsley; and G. Nicol 1794 Digital version available
Travels into North America; containing its natural history, and a circumstantial account of its plantations and agriculture in general, with the civil, ecclesiastical and commercial state of the country, the manners of the inhabitants, and several curious and important remarks on various subjects / by Peter Kalm ... translated into English by John Reinhold Forster ... Enriched with a map, several cuts for the illustration of natural history, and some additional notes. Kalm, Pehr, 1716-1779 2586e Printed for T. Lowndes 1772 Digital version available
A general view of the writings of Linnæus / by Richard Pulteney. Pulteney, Richard, 1730-1801. 33a Printed for T. Payne and B. White 1781 Digital version available
The Oxford encyclopaedia : or, Dictionary of arts, sciences, and general literature / by ... W. Harris ... [et al.] Harris, W. Rev. 2675 Printed for Thomas Kelly 1828-1831 Digital version available
The sexes of plants vindicated in a letter to Mr William Smellie : containing a refutation of his arguments against the sexes of plants, and remarks on certain passages of his philosophy of natural history / by John Rotheram. Rotheram, John, 1750?-1804. 742 Printed for W. Creech and T. Cadell 1790 Digital version available
Lachesis Lapponica, or A tour in Lapland, now first published from the original manuscript journal of the celebrated Linnæus / by James Edward Smith. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 192 Printed for White and Cochrane by Richard Taylor 1811 Digital version available
Letters on the elements of botany, addressed to a lady [Madame Delessert], by J. J. Rousseau translated into English, with notes, and twenty-four additional letters, fully explaining the system of Linnæus / by Thomas Martyn. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778. 708 Printed for White, Cochrane, and Co.; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown; B. Crosby and Co.; and Gale, Curtis, and Fenner 1815 Digital version available
Flora Edinensis : or a description of plants drowing near Edinburgh arranged according to the Linnean system with a concise introduction to the natural orders of the class Cryptogamia and illustrative plates / by Robert Kaye Greville. Greville, Robert Kaye, 1794-1866. 829a Printed for William Blackwood ... 1824 Digital version available
A botanical dictionary, or, elements of systematic and philosophical botany. Containing descriptions of the parts of plants; an explanation of the scientific terms used by Morison, Ray, Tournefort, Linnæus, and other eminent botanists; a brief analysis of the principal systems in botany; a critical enquiry into the merits and defects of the Linnaean method of arrangement, and distribution of the genera; descriptions of the various tribes, or natural families of plants, their habit and structure, virtues, sensible qualities, and œconomical uses; an impartial examination of the doctrine of the sex of plants; with a discussion of several curious questions in the vegetable oeconomy, connected with gardening. The whole forming a complete system of botanical knowledge, calculated for the use of students in that science / by Colin Milne. Milne, Colin, 1743-1815. 32 Printed for William Griffin 1770 Digital version available
Linnæus's system of botany, so far as relates to his classes and orders of plants; illustrated by figures entirely new with copious explanatory descriptions / Drawn up ... by William Curtis. Curtis, William, 1746-1799. 677 Printed for and sold by the Author and B. White 1777 Digital version available
The Linnaean system of conchology, describing the orders, genera, and species of shells, arranged into divisions and families : with a view to facilitate the student's attainment of the science / by John Mawe. Mawe, John, 1764-1829. 1239 Printed for and sold by the author, and Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1823 Digital version available
Fundamenta entomologiae: or, An introduction to the knowledge of insects. Being a translation of the Fundamenta Entomologiae of Linnaeus, farther illustrated with copper plates and additions. / By W. Curtis, Apothecary. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 2371 Printed for the Author 1772 Digital version available
The gardeners dictionary : containing The Best and Newest Methods of Cultivating and Improving the Kitchen, Fruit, Flower Garden, and Nursery ; As also for Performing the Practical Parts of Agriculture: including The Management of Vineyards, with the Methods of Making and Preserving the Wine, According to the present Practice of The mist skilful Vignerons on the several Wine Countries in Europe. Together with Directions for propagating and improving From real Practice and Experience, all sorts of timber trees / by Philip Miller Miller, Philip, 1691-1771. 637g Printed for the Author 1759 Digital version available
Flora Carolinæensis : or a historical medical & economical display of the vegetable kingdom ;according to the Linnæan, or sexual system of botany .... / Vol. I by John L. E. W. Shecut. Shecut, John L. E. W. 1770-1836. 786a Printed for the Author by John Hoff 1806 Digital version available
Flora Nottinghamiensis : or a systematic arrangement of the plants growing naturally in the county of Nottingham .... / by Thomas Ordoyno. Ordoyno, Thomas. 786b Printed for the Author by S and J. Ridge 1807 Digital version available
Flora Britannica indigena : or plates of the indigenous plants of Great Britain: with their descriptions taken from Linnæus's Systema Naturæ .... / by John Walcott. Walcott, John, fl. 1778-1822. 145d Printed for the Author by S. Hazard ; And sold by James Matthews ... London, Fletcher at Oxford, Fletcher and Hodson at Camgridge, S. Hazard, Bath, and all other booksellers 1778 Digital version available
Welsh botanology : a systematic catalogue of the native plants of the Isle of Anglesey in Latin, English and Welsh with the habitats of the rarer species and a few observations / by Hugh Davies Davies, Hugh, 1739-1821. 802e Printed for the Author by W. Marchant .... 1813 Digital version available