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Linneo a Bologna : l'arte della conoscenza = Linnaeus at Bologna : the art of knowledge : Bologna, Orto e Museo botanico, 22 ottobre 2007 - 31 gennaio 2008 / a cura di Donatella Biagi Maino e Giovanni Cristofolini. CRISTOFOLINI, Giovanni. BIAGI MAINO, Donatella. 4665 Umberto Allemandi 2007 Digital version available
A history of facts. DASTON, Lorraine, 1951-. 4666 Max-Planck-Institut f�r Wissenschaftsgeschichte 2001 Digital version available
Systematic zoology, volume 8, number 1, March 1959. ROLLINS, Reed C. (Reed Clark), 1911-1998. 4667 Society of Systematic Zoology 1959 Digital version available
Linne i Skåne = Carl Linnaeus in Skåne. HANSEN, Lars, 1960 November 8-. EDBERG, Ragnar. 4668 IK Foundation 1999 Digital version available
Linnaeus / K.W. Gullers, Birger Strandell ; photo, K. W. Gullers ... [et al.]. GULLERS, K. W. (Karl Werner), 1916-1998. 4669 Gullers International 1977 Digital version available
The correspondence between Linnaeus and Johann Gesner. DE BEER, Gavin, Sir, 1899-1972. 4670 s.n 1949 Digital version available
Index to the Linnaean Herbarium in Riksmuseum, Stockholm (S). 4671 s.n May 1973. Digital version available
[Preliminary short-form catalogue of Linnaean titles in the Strandell Catalogue]. 4672 s.n 1985 Digital version available
Sveden : en bergsmansgård i Stora Kopparbergslagen / av Sigurd Erixon. ERIXON, Sigurd Emanuel, 1888-1968. 4673 Victor Pettersons Bokindustriaktiebolag 1934 Digital version available
Carl Linnaeus / by Gunnar Broberg. BROBERG, Gunnar, 1942-. 4674 Swedish Institute c1992 (2004 printing). Third printing. Digital version available
Carl Linnaeus / by Gunnar Broberg. BROBERG, Gunnar, 1942-. 4675 The Swedish Institute 1992 Digital version available
Catalogue of type specimens. 4. Linnaean specimens. WALLIN, Lars. 4676 Uppsala University Zoological Museum 1992 Digital version available
Linnéporträtt. Supplement A (1978). Förteckning över nyfunna Linnéporträtt (sedan 1967), nr.712-801 samt tillägg till tidigare nr. / [By] Margaret Tainsh. TULLBERG, Tycho, 1842-1920. 4677 s.n 1978 Digital version available
Linnéporträtt. Supplement B (1980), Nytillkomna Linnéporträtt sedan hösten 1978, nr.802-872 samt tillägg till tidigare nr. / Karin Beskow Tainsh. TULLBERG, Tycho, 1842-1920. 4678 Uppsala Universitet? 1980 Digital version available
Örter vid Linnés Råshult / av ... Gunnar Petersson ; illustrationer John Käll. PETERSSON, Gunnar, 1927-. 4679 Hembygdsf�reningen Linn� 1982 Digital version available
Linnaeus and homo religiosus : biological roots of religious awareness and human identity; proceedings from a conference at the Faculty of Theology, Uppsala University, 30th of May-2nd of June 2007, in connection with the celebrations of the birth of Carl von Linnaeus / edited by Carl Reinhold Bråkenhielm. BRÅKENHIELM, Carl Reinhold, 1945- 1945-. 4680 Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis 2009 Digital version available
Linnaeus in medal art. ELLENIUS, Allan. 4681 Samfundet Kungl. Myntkabinettets V�nner 1978 Digital version available
Linnaeus commemorated : 1707 - May 23rd - 1957 : addresses delivered at the Academic Session on the 23rd of May, 1957, in the Ridderzaal of the Town Hall, Haarlem. 4682 s.n 1957 Digital version available
Lettres autographes, manuscrits, dessins et documents [dont la vente aux enchères publiques aura lieu au] Nouveau Drouot, salle no. 8, le vendredi 21 décembre 1984 / par le ministère de Maître Dominique Vincent. 4683 Nouveau Drouot 1984 Digital version available
Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) : a bicentenary guide to the career and achievements of Linnaeus and the collections of the Linnean Society / by William T. Stearn and Gavin Bridson. STEARN, William T. (William Thomas), 1911-2001. 4685 Linnean Society of London 1978 Digital version available