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Flora Cochinchinensis : sistens plantas in regno Cochinchina nascentes. Quibus accedunt aliæ observatæ in Sinensi imperio, Africa Orientali, Indiæque locis variis. Omnes dispositæ secundum Systema Sexuale Linnæanum / labore ac studio Joannis de Loureiro. Loureiro, João de, 1715-1796. 737a Typis et expensis Academicis 1790 Digital version available
Historical and biographical sketches of the progress of botany in England : from its origin to the introduction of the Linnaean system. / by Richard Pulteney. Pulteney, Richard, 1730-1801. 738 Printed for T. Cadell 1790 Digital version available
D. Richard Pulteney's .... Geschichte der Botanik bis auf die neueren Zeiten, mit besondrer Rücksicht auf England. Für Kenner und Dilettanten. / Aus dem Englischen und mit Anmerkungen versehen von D. Karl Gottlob Kühn. Pulteney, Richard, 1730-1801. 739 in der Weygandschen Buchhandlung 1798 Digital version available
Esquisses historiques et biographiques des progrès de la botanique en Angleterre depuis son origine jusqu'à l'adoption du systême de Linnée. Tome premier [1] - second [2] / ouvrage traduit de l'Anglaise de R. Pulteney Pulteney, Richard, 1730-1801. 740 Maradan 1809 Digital version available
The sexes of plants vindicated in a letter to Mr William Smellie : containing a refutation of his arguments against the sexes of plants, and remarks on certain passages of his philosophy of natural history / by John Rotheram. Rotheram, John, 1750?-1804. 742 Printed for W. Creech and T. Cadell 1790 Digital version available
<Gramina pascua> : or, a collection of specimens of the common pasture grasses, arranged in the order of their flowering, and accompanied with their Linnæan and English names as likewise with familiar descriptions and remarks / by G. Swayne. Swayne, George, 1746-1827. 742a printed for the author, by S. Bonner and sold by W. Richardson 1790 Digital version available
Flore des environs de Paris, : ou distribution méthodique des plantes qui y croissent naturellement, exécutée d'apre`s le systême de Linnæus .... / Par M. Thuillier. Thuillier, Jean Louis. 742b Chez la Veuve Desaint 1790 Digital version available
La Flore des environs de Paris, : ou distribution méthodique des plantes qui y croissent naturellement, faite d'apre`s le systême de Linn`ee ... / par J. L. Thuillier. Thuillier, Jean Louis. 742c Chez l'Auteur ; Chez H. L. Perroneau, Imp. 1799 Digital version available
Medical Botany : containing systematic and general descriptions, with Plates, of all the Medicinal Plants, comprehended in the catalogues of the Materia Medica as published by the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London, Edinbburgh, and Dublin; together with the principal medicinal plants not included on those pharmacopoeias ; accompanied with a circumstantial detail of their medicinal effects, and of the diseases in which they have been most successfully employed / by William Woodville; the botanical descriptions arranged and corrected by William Jackson Hooker, who has added an Index following the Arrangement of Jussieu; the new medico-botanical portion supplied by G. Spratt under whose immediate Inspection the whole of the Plates have been coloured Woodville, William, 1752-1805. 745 John Bohn 1832 Digital version available
Catalogus plantarum Horti Botanici Carolsruhani secundum systematis vegetabilium Caroli a Linné editionem decimam quartam [1784 / by J.M. Schweyckert, Hortulanus Aulicus.]. Schweyckert, J. M. 745a Typis Macklottianis 1791 Digital version available
De Botanicis Caroli Linnaei Institutionibus / habita coram amplissimo senatore Hieronymo Venerio urbis patavinae moderatore Venerio, Hieronymo 746a Digital version available
Observations on the Language of Botany : in a letter addressed to the President ; read October 6, 1789 / by Thomas Martyn Martyn, Thomas, 1735-1825. 746 1791 Digital version available
Svenska ört-slagen, eller Kort afhandling om sättet at efter botaniske grunder urskilja Svenska växterna til classer, ordningar, och slägter / Af S.L. [i.e. Samuel Liljeblad.]. L., S. 746aa Trykt hos Direct. Johan Edmans Enka 1791 Digital version available
De Pediculari comosa : lectum in Societate Linnæana / [Fridericus Stephan]. Stephan, Christian Friedrich, 1757-1814. 746b s.n 1791 Digital version available
Zosteræ oceanicæ Linnei Anthēsiz / contemplatus est Philippus Cavlinus. Cavolini, Filippo, 1756-1810. 746c s.n 1792 Digital version available
Stephani Lumnitzer ... Flora Posoniensis exhibens plantas circa Posonium sponte crescentes secundum systema sexuale Linneanum digestas. Lumnitzer, Stephanus, 1750-1806. 746ba Impensis Siegfried Lebrecht Crusii 1791 Digital version available
Philosophie botanique [with an appreciation of the System of Linnaeus] ; sur les travaux de Linnæus ; sur les systêms et les méthodes de botanique, et sur l'analyse [with reference to the systems of Linnæus & others] / par M. Lamarck. Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de, 1744-1829. 747 Chez les Directeurs de l'Imprimerie du Cercle Social 1792 Digital version available
Grundriss der Kräuterkunde zu Vorlesungen entworfen / von Carl Ludwig Willdenow. Willdenow, Karl Ludwig, 1765-1812. 749a bei Haude und Spener 1792 Digital version available
Systemkunde, Linné - Geschichte der Wissenschaft,Siebente Epoche von Linné bis Hedwig, vom Jahre 1735 bis 1782 Willdenow, Karl Ludwig, 1765-1812. 749b Digital version available
[An Analysis of the System of Linnaeus] ; History of Science Seventh Epoch : from Linné till Hedwig or from 1735 to 1782 / Willdenow, Karl Ludwig, 1765-1812. 749c Digital version available