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Flora Parisiensis : ou descriptions et figures des plantes, qui croissent aux environs de Paris, avec les différens noms, classes, ordres et genres qui leurs conviennent rangés suivant la méthode sexuelle de M. Linné, leurs parties caracteristiques, ports, propriétés, vertus et doses d'usages en médecine, suivant les demonstrations de Botanique qui se font au Jardin du Roy / par Mr Bulliard. Bulliard, Pierre. 675aa P. Fr. Didot le Jeune 1776-83 Digital version available
The English flora : or, a catalogue of trees, shrubs, plants and fruits, natives as well as exotics, cultivated, for use or ornament, in the English nurseries, greenhouses and stoves, arranged according to the Linnean system ; with the Latin trivial and common English names and an English index referring to the Latin names. Also, A general catalogue of seeds for the kitchen-garden, flower-garden, grass-lands, etc. usually raised for sale, and those annually imported from America / by Richard Weston Weston, Richard 675* Printed for the author 1775 Digital version available
An arrangement of British plants : according to the latest improvements in the Linnæan system. Withering, William, 1741-1799. 675d Printed for the author by M. Swinney 1796 Digital version available
Samuelis Augustin ... Prolegomena in systema sexuale botanicorum tabulis æneis ad facilius intelligendos terminos illustrata Augustin, Samuel, 1729-1792. 676 Apud Rudolphum Graeffer 1777 Digital version available
Linnæus's system of botany, so far as relates to his classes and orders of plants; illustrated by figures entirely new with copious explanatory descriptions / Drawn up ... by William Curtis. Curtis, William, 1746-1799. 677 Printed for and sold by the Author and B. White 1777 Digital version available
Flora Scotica : or a systematic arrangement in the Linnaean method of the native plants of Scotland and the Hebrides / by John Lightfoot ; to which is now prefixed the life of the author by Thomas Pennant Lightfoot, John, 1735-1788. 678c Printed for J. Dickson, G. Mudie, J. Elder, P. Hill, A. Guthrie, T. Brown, Lawrie & Symington, J. & J. Fairbairn, J. Guthrie, T. Duncan, J. Watson & Co. and C. Elliot, Edinburgh ; Printed for G. Mudie 1792 Digital version available
Enumeratio plantarum indigenarum Hassiæ præsertim inferioris secundum methodum sexualem dispositarum edita / Pars prior. a Conrado Moenci. Moench, Conrad, 1744-1805. 678d Sumptibus auctoris 1777 Digital version available
Flora Scotica : or, a systematic arrangement, in the Linnaean method, of the native plants of Scotland and the Hebrides / by John Lightfoot. Lightfoot, John, 1735-1788 678b Printed for B. White, at Horace's Head, in Fleet Street 1777 Digital version available
Materia medica e regno vegetabili sistens simplicia officinalia, pariter atque culinaria .... / Digessit Petrus Jonas Bergius. Bergius, Peter Jonas, 1730-1790. 679a Typis Petri Hesselberg 1778 Digital version available
The British flora : containing the select names, characters, places of growth, duration, and time of flowering of the plants growing wild in Great-Britain. to which are prefixed, the principles of botany / by Stephen Robson. Robson, Stephen, 1741-1779. 679 Printed by W. Blanchard and Company 1777 Digital version available
The Universal gardener and botanist : or a general dictionary of gardening and botany .... / by Thomas Mawe and John Abercrombie. Mawe, Thomas. 679d Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson ... and T. Cadell Jnr. and W. Davies... 1797 Digital version available
The Universal Gardener and Botanist : or, a General Dictionary of Gardening and Botany. Exhibiting in botanical arrangement, according to the Linnaean system, every tree, shrub, and herbaceous plant, that merit culture, either for use, ornament, or curiosity, in every department of gardening. Comprising accurate directions, according to real practice, for the management of the kitchen-garden, fruit-garden, pleasure-ground, flower-garden, nursery, plantations, green-house, hot-house, or stove, hot-beds, forcing-frames, hot-walls, and forcing in general. Describing the proper situations, exposures, soils, manures, and every material and utensil requisite in the different garden departments; together with practical directions for performing the various mechanical operations of gardening in general. / By Thomas Mawe ... and John Abercrombie Mawe, Thomas. 679c G. Robinson and T. Cadell 1778 Digital version available
Anweisung für Anfanger Pflanzen zum Nutzen und Vergnugen zu sammeln und nach dem Linneischen System zu bestimmen Roth, Albrecht Wilhelm, 1757-1834. 680 bey Carl Wilhelm Ettinger 1778 Digital version available
Botany Smith, James Edward, Sir, 1759-1828. 681a Printed for J. Balfour & Co., W. Gordon, J. Bell, J. Dickson, C. Elliot, W. Creech, J. McLeish, A. Bell, J. Hutton, and C. MacFarquhar 1778 Digital version available
Anweisung Pflanzen zum Nutzen und Vergnugen zu sammeln und nach dem Linneischen System zu bestimmen / von Albrecht Wilhelm Roth. Roth, Albrecht Wilhelm, 1757-1834. 681 in der Etttingerschen Buchhandlung 1803 Digital version available
Davidis de Gorter ... Flora VII provinciarum Belgii fœderati indigena. Gorter, David de, 1717-1783. 681f apud C.H. Bohn & filium 1781 Digital version available
Index Linnaeanus in Leonhardi Plukenetii, M.D. opera botanica olim in privatos usus conscriptus, nunc vero in aliorum etiam commodum editus. Accessere variae in vitam et opera Plukenetii observationes partim ex ipsius MSto / auctore Paulo Dieterico Giseke ; Index Linnaeanus in Joannis Jacobi Dillenii historiam muscorum, ob similem usum additus est auctore eodem Giseke, Paul Dietrich, 1741-1796. 681c Apud Auctorem et Carolo Ernesto Bohn Commissum 1779 Digital version available
Enchiridion botanicum : complectens characteres genericos et specificos plantarum per insulas Britannicas sponte nascentium : ex Linnæo aliisque desumptos. Broughton, Arthur, -1796. 684a Impensis G. Robinson ; Prostant Venales apud J.B. Becket 1782 Digital version available
Stirpes agri et horti Heidelbergensis ordine Ludwigii, cum characteribus Linnaeanis, Hallerianis aliorumque in usus nostrates academicas dispositae / a G.M. Gattenhof. Gattenhof, Georg Matthias, 1722-1788. 684b Apud Fratres Pfæhler 1782 Digital version available
Anleitung zur medicinischen Kräuterkunde, für Aerzte und Apotheker. Erster Thiel, Die Theorie, Linnes System und die Kunstsprache Lichtenstein, Georg Rudolph, 1745-1807. 685 Johann Heinrich Kühnlin 1782 Digital version available