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Dispositio systematica Plantarum, quae in systemate sexuali Linnaeano eas classes et ordines non obtinent, in quibus secundum numerum et structuram genitalium reperiri debent / Auctore Joanne Christiano Cramer Cramer, Joannes Christianus. 781 Krieger 1803 Digital version available
Henr. Jo. Nepom. Crantz ... Institutiones rei herbariæ juxta nutum natura digestae ex habitu. Crantz, Heinrich Johann Nepomuk von, 1722-1799. 649a impensis Joannis Pauli Kraus 1766 Digital version available
Försök till en mineralogie, eller mineral rikets upställning / [A. F. Cronstedt] Cronstedt, Axel Fredrik, 1722-1765. 1025e Tryckt hos Johan Arv. Carlbohm 1781 Digital version available
Försök til mineralogie, eller mineral-rikets upställning / [A. F. Cronstedt] Cronstedt, Axel Fredrik, 1722-1765. 1025d Tryckt uti Wildiska tryckeriet 1758 Digital version available
Saggio per formare un sistema di mineralogia / del Kav. A.F. Cronstedt. Tradotto dal Svezzese, ed arrichito di note dal Signor G. von-Engeström. Al quale vi si ha aggiunto un trattato sull' elaboratorio da tasca inventato dal Sig. Cronstedt, inserviente a fare facilmenta li Saggi de Ccorpe Minerali, descritto dal suddetto Sig. von-Engestrom. Opera riveduta e di note illustrata da E. Mendes da Costa. Cronstedt, Axel Fredrik, 1722-1765. 1025g Apresso Pietro Savioni 1779 Digital version available
An essay towards a system of mineralogy / by Axel Frederic Cronstedt ; translated from the original Swedish, with annotations, and an additional treatise on the blow-pipe by Gustav von Engestrom Cronstedt, Axel Fredrik, 1722-1765. 3954 printed for Charles Dilly 1788 Digital version available
An essay towards a system of mineralogy / by Axel Frederic Cronstedt ; translated from the original Swedish, with notes, by Gustav von Engestrom. To which is added, A treatise on the pocket-laboratory, containing an easy method, used by the author, for trying mineral bodies, written by the translator. The whole revised and corrected, with some additional notes, by Emanuel Mendes Da Costa Cronstedt, Axel Fredrik, 1722-1765. 1025f printed for Edward and Charles Dilly 1770 Digital version available
A Companion to the Botanical Magazine or, a familiar introduction to the study of Botany, : being the substance of a course of lectures, chiefly explanatory of the Linnaean system, read at the Botanic Garden, Lambeth-Marsh ; now first published in the Form of a Dialogue betwixt a Pupil and his Preceptor, and illustrated by Figures entirely new / by William Curtis Curtis, William, 1746-1799. 724 Printed for the author 1788 Digital version available
Flora Londinensis : or, plates and descriptions of such plants as grow wild in the environs of London. Curtis, William, 1746-1799. 664d Printed and sold by the Author and B. White and Son [1775]-1777-[-98] Digital version available
Flora Londinensis : containing a history of the Plants indigenous to Great Britain. Curtis, William, 1746-1799. 664e Printed for George Graves, by Richard and Arthur Taylor 1817-28 Digital version available
Linnæus's system of botany, so far as relates to his classes and orders of plants; illustrated by figures entirely new with copious explanatory descriptions / Drawn up ... by William Curtis. Curtis, William, 1746-1799. 677 Printed for and sold by the Author and B. White 1777 Digital version available
Lettres de Georges Cuvier à C.M. Pfaff sur l'Histoire Naturelle, la Politique et la Littérature, 1788-1792 / Traduites de l'Allemand [1845] par Louis Marchant, &c. Cuvier, Georges, baron, 1769-1832. 1242b Victor Masson 1858 Digital version available
Dissertatio inauguralis zoologico- medica, sistens totius regni animalis genera, in classes et ordines Linnæana methodo digesta, praefixa cuilibet classi terminorum explicatione, quam annuente inclyta Facultate Medica in antiquissima ac celeberrima Universitate Vindobonensi publicae disquisitioni submittit Paulus de Czenpinski ... die [ ] mensis Aprilis anno 1778. Czenpinski, Paulus. 101a Typis Joan. Thom. nob. de Trattnern 1778 Digital version available
Principia Botanica: or, A concise and easy introduction to the Sexual Botany of Linnaeus. Containing the genera; their mode of growth, (as tree, shrub, or herb;) the number of species to each genus; where principally native; and the number indigenous to the British Isles; arranged in a tabular form, under each class and order; and digested alphabetically under several generic distinctions. Together with three indexes. I. Of the Linnaean genera accented, with the British names. II. Of such trivial names as were the genera of old authors. III. Of the British names, with the Linnaean genera; to which are added the specific names. Also a table of vegetable drugs not in the indexes. D, R. W. 714a Printed by Allin and Ridge 1793 Digital version available
Gulielmi Hudsoni ... Flora Anglica, exhibens plantas per regnum Britannie sponte crescentes, &c. Editio altera, emendata & aucta, Londini, 1778 : [review] / inlemnadt af M. Cand. Hr. And. Dahl. Dahl, Anders, 1751-1789. 643e Tryckt hos Lars Wahlström 1781 Digital version available
Observationes Botanicae. circa Systema Vegetabilium divi a Linne, Gottingae 1784 Editum. quibus accedit justae in manes Linneanos pietatis, specimen. / Auctore Andrea Dahl Dahl, Anders, 1751-1789. 591 Ziegler und Söhne 1788 Digital version available
Observationes botanicæ circa Systema vegetabilium divi a Linné, Gottingæ 1784 editum, quibus accedit justae in manes Linneanos pietatis specimen Dahl, Anders, 1751-1789. 590 Typis Aulae Regia Typographi N. Mölleri & Filii 1787 Digital version available
Carl von Linné (1707-1778) / [text : Nils Dahlbeck]. Dahlbeck, Nils. 3120bxd PFA 1978 Digital version available
Aftonstjernan : poetisk kalender för år 1833 Dahlgren, Carl Fredrik. 2681a P.A. Norstedt & Söner 1833 Digital version available
Antikvantilens införande i svenskt boktryck / av E.W. Dahlgren ; med företal i anledning av Yrkesskolans tjugofemåriga Tillvaro av Hugo Lagerström. Dahlgren, E. W. 1848-1934 3087 1928 Digital version available