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A botanical arrangement of all the vegetables naturally growing in Great Britain. : with descriptions of the genera and species, according to the system of the celebrated Linnaeus ... : with an easy introduction to the study of botany. Shewing the method of investigating plants, and directions how to dry and preserve specimens. The whole illustrated by copper plates and a copious glossary / by William Withering, M.D. ... In two volumes. Withering, William, 1741-1799. 675b Printed by M. Swinney, for T. Cadel and P. Elmsley ... and G. Robinson ... London 1776 Digital version available
Historia plantarum in Palatinatu Electorali sponte nascentium incepta, secundum systema sexuale digesta / Johannis Adami Pollich. Pollich, Johann Adam, 1740-1780. 675ab Christ. Frid. Schwan 1776-77 Digital version available
The English flora, or, A catalogue of trees, shrubs, plants and fruits : natives as well as exotics, cultivated, for use or ornament, in the English nurseries, greenhouses and stoves, arranged according to the Linnaean system; with the Latin trivial, and common English names, and an English index referring to the Latin names. Also, a general catalogue of seeds ... / by Richard Weston, Esq.; author of The Universal botanist, &c. Weston, Richard, 1733-1806. 675* Printed for the author and sold by J. Millan, Whitehall [et al.] 1775 Digital version available
An arrangement of British plants : according to the latest improvements of the Linnaean system, to which is prefixed, an easy introduction to the study of botany. Illustrated by copper plates / by William Withering, M.D.F.R.S. ... Withering, William, 1741-1799. 675d Printed for the author, by M. Swinney;Sold by G.G. & J. Robinson ... and B. & J. White ... 1796 Digital version available
Prolegomena in systema sexuale botanicorum : tabulis aeneis ad facilius intelligendos terminos illustrata / Samuelis Augustin, medicinae doctoris. Augustin, Samuel, 1729-1792. 676 Apud Rudolphum Graeffer 1777 Digital version available
Linnaeus's system of botany, so far as relates to his classes and orders of plants illustrated by figures entirely new, with copious explanatory descriptions. Drawn up for the use of his pupils / by William Curtis, author of the Flora Londinensis, and teacher of botany in London. Curtis, William, 1746-1799. 677 Printed for and sold by the author ... and B. White ... 1777 Digital version available
Flora Scotica, or, A systematic arrangement, in the Linnaean method, of the native plants of Scotland and the Hebrides / by John Lightfoot, A.M. Lightfoot, John, 1735-1788. 678c Printed for J. Dickson, G. Mudie, J. Elder [and 9 others] 1792 Digital version available
Flora scotica, or, A systematic arrangement, in the Linnaean method, of the native plants of Scotland and the Hebrides / by John Lightfoot, A.M. ... Lightfoot, John, 1735-1788. 678b Printed for B. White ... 1777 Digital version available
Materia medica e regno vegetabili, sistens simplica officinalia, pariter atque culinaria. Secumdum systema sexuale, ex autopsia & experientia, fideliter digessit Petrus Jonas Bergius. Bergius, Peter Jonas, 1730-1790. 679a P. Hesselberg 1778 Digital version available
The universal gardener and botanist, or, A general dictionary of gardening and botany: exhibiting in botanical arrangement, according to the Linnaean system, every tree, shrub, and herbaceous plant, that merit culture, either for use, ornament, or curiosity in every department of gardening ... Describing the proper situations, exposures, soils, manures, and every material and utensil requisite in the different garden departments; together with practical directions for performing the various mechanical operations of gardening in general / by Thomas Mawe ... and John Abercrombie ... Abercrombie, John, 1726-1806. 679c Printed for G. Robinson ... and T. Cadell ... 1778 Digital version available
Index Linnaeanus in Leonhardi Plukenetii, M.D. opera botanica olim in privatos vsus conscriptus, nunc vero in aliorum etiam commodum editus. Accessere variae in vitam et opera Plukenetii observationes partim ex ipsius msto / auctore Paulo Dieterico Giseke ... Index Linnaeanus in Joannis Jacobi Dillenii Historiam muscorum ob similem usum additus est auctore eodem. Giseke, Paul Dietrich, 1741-1796. 681c Prostat Hamburgi apud auctorem et Carolo Ernesto Bohn Commissum :Typis Caroli Wilhelmi Meyn 1779 Digital version available
Enchiridion botanicum : complectens characteres genericos et specificos plantarum per insulas Britannicas sponte nascentium, ex Linnæo aliisque desumptos. Broughton, Arthur, d. 1796. 684a Impensis G. Robinson 1782 Digital version available
Vindiciae nominum trivialium stirpibus a Linneo equ. impertitorum : sectio prior [-posterior] pro aditu aliquot doctissimorum commilitonum ad doctoris medici honores significando / exarata ab ordinis medici decano Io. Andrea Murray D., equite ordinis regii wasaei consiliario avlae m. et professore medic. p.o. Murray, Johan Anders, 1740-1791. 686 Typis Ioannis Christiani Dieterich 1782 Digital version available
Flora diaetetica: or, History of esculent plants, both domestic and foreign : In which they are accurately described, and reduced to their Linnaean generic and specific names. With their English names annexed, and ranged under eleven general heads ... / By Charles Bryant ... Bryant, Charles, d. 1799. 690 Printed for B. White 1783 Digital version available
Joan. Antonii Scopoli ... Fundamenta botanica : praelectionibus publicis accommodata. Scopoli, Giovanni Antonio, 1723-1788. 691b In Typographeo Monast. S. Salvatoris ... 1783 Digital version available
Joan. Antonii Scopoli ... Fundamenta botanica : praelectionibus publicis accommodata. Scopoli, Giovanni Antonio, 1723-1788. 691c Apud Wapplerum Bibliopolam 1786 Digital version available
Joan Antonii Scopoli ... Fundamenta botanica : praelectionibus publicis accomodata. Scopoli, Giovanni Antonio, 1723-1788. 691d Pasquali 1802 Digital version available
Theoria generationis et fructificationis plantarum cryptogamicarum Linnaei : mere propriis observationibus et experimentis superstructa, dissertatio quae praemio ab Academia Imperiali Petropolitana pro anno 1783, proposito ornata est / auctore Ioanne Hedwig. Hedwig, Johannes, 1730-1799. 692 Typis Academiae Imper. Scientiarum 1784 Digital version available
Linnaei de plantarum ordine brevis interpretatio una cum catalogo plantarum : quae vel saepius, vel constanter eumdem ordinem eludere visae sunt / auctore Aloysio Rodato. Rodati, Aloysius, 1762-1832. 695 Ex Typographia Sancti Thomae Aquinatis 1784 Digital version available
Nikolaus Joseph edlen von Jacquin's ... Anleitung zur Pflanzenkenntniss nach Linné's Methode : zum Gebrauche seiner theoretischen Vorlesungen. Jacquin, Nikolaus Joseph, Freiherr von, 1727-1817. 696 bey Christian Friederich Wappler 1785 Digital version available