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Title Author Soulsby Publisher Year
Flora Lapponica : exhibens plantas per Lapponiam crescentes / Carl von Linné. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 4054 Rediviva 1977 Digital version available
A catalogue of the works of Linnaeus : (and publications more immediately relating thereto) preserved in the libraries of the British Museum (Bloomsbury) and the British Museum (Natural History) (South Kensington) Soulsby, Basil Harrington, 1864-1933. Sherborn, Charles Davies, 1861-1942. 4066 Printed by order of the Trustees of the British museum 1933 Digital version available
Linnaeus : the compleat naturalist / Wilfrid Blunt ; with an introduction by William T. Stearn. Blunt, Wilfrid, 1901-1987. 4229 Princeton University Press 2001 Digital version available
Pflanzen-Atlas nach dem Linné'schen System ... / von Carl Hoffman. Hoffmann, Carl, 1802-1883. 4275 Verlag von Jul. Hoffmann ... 1881 Digital version available
A catalogue of the works of Linnaeus : issued in commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the birthday of Carolus Linnaeus, 1707-1778. 4461 1957 Digital version available
A checklist of Linneana, 1735-1835, in the University of Kansas Libraries. Compiled by Terrence Williams. Williams, Terrence. 4463 1964 Digital version available
Synopsis of the annotations by Linnaeus and contemporaries in his library of printed books / by Spencer Savage. Savage, Spencer. 4471 Printed for the Linnean Society by Taylor and Francis 1940 Digital version available
Linnaeus, the first modern botanist / Harold St. John. St. John, Harold. 4617 New York State Education Dept. 1938] Digital version available
Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) : a bicentenary guide to the career and achievements of Linnaeus and the collections of the Linnean Society / by William T. Stearn and Gavin Bridson. Stearn, William T. 1911-2001. 4685 Linnean Society of London 1978 Digital version available
Species plantarum, 1753-1953. 4833 International Bureau for Plant Taxonomy and Nomenclature 1953 Digital version available