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Hortus Regius Monacensis : Verzeichniss der im königlichen botanischen Garten München wachsenden Pflanzen / [By F. von P. von Schrank and C. von Martius]. Schrank, Franz von Paula, 1747-1835. 837** Im Königlichen Central Schulbücher Verlage;In Commision Rei Friedrich Fleischer 1829 Digital version available
An encyclopaedia of plants : comprising the description, specific character, culture, history, application in the arts, and every other desirable particular respecting all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain : combining all the advantages of a Linnean and Jussieiean species plantarum, an historia plantarum, a grammar of botany, and a dictionary of botany and vegetable culture ; The whole in English; with the synonymes of the commoner plants in the different european and other languages; the scientific names accentuated, their entymologies explained; the classes, orders, and botanical terms illustrated by engravings; and with figures of nearly ten thousand species, exemplifying several individuals belonging to every genus included in the work / Edited by J.C. Loudon Loudon, J. C. 1783-1843. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 837a Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green 1829 Digital version available
Carl yon Linné's Minnesfest i Upsala den 12 October 1829. Hedner, Andreas 2676 Palmblad & C. 1829 Digital version available
An introductory view of the Linnean system of plants / by Miss Kent Kent, Elizabeth, Miss. 835 printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green 1828-30 Digital version available
The Oxford encyclopaedia : or, Dictionary of arts, sciences, and general literature / by ... W. Harris ... [et al.] Harris, W. Rev. 2675 Printed for Thomas Kelly 1828-1831 Digital version available
Flora Gallica, seu enumeratio lantarum in Gallia sponte nascentium, secundum Linnæanum systema digestarum, addita familiarum naturalium synopsi / auctore J. L. A. Loiseleur Deslonchamps. Loiseleur-Deslongchamps, Jean Louis Auguste. 785m apud J. B Bailli`ere 1828 Digital version available
Tentamen supplementi ad Systematis vegetabilium Linnaeani editionem decimam sextam. Dissertatio botanica quam consensu amplissimi ordinis philosophorum Halensis pro facultate docendi rite obtinenda die XX. Sept. MDCCCXXVIII publice defendet / Antonius Sprengel Sprengel, Anton, d. 1851. 617 Sumtibus Librariae Dieterichianae 1828 Digital version available
Elementi di conchiologia Linneana : opera volgarizzata sulla seconda edizione inglese dal nobile signor Marchese Francesco Baldassini de Pesaro, coll' aggiunta di copiose ed erudite note. Burrow, E. J. 1785-1861 158cc Presso Gio. Pietro Giegler 1828 Digital version available
Remarks on the Linnaean orders of insects, forming a short and familiar introduction to the study of entomology. / By a member of the Manchester Natural History Society. [James Aspinall Turner] Turner, James Aspinall, 1797-1867 1240 Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green 1828 Digital version available
Dissertatio inauguralis [July 12, 1828] de modo Plantas juxta Systema Linnéanum determinandi, id est earum nomina in eodem inveniendi / Auctore Josepho Hoser Hoser, Joseph Carl Eduard. 834 Typis Sommerianis 1828 Digital version available
Monandrian Plants of the order Scitamineæ, chiefly drawn from living specimens in the Botanic Garden at Liverpool : Arranged according to the system of Linnaeus with descriptions and observations. Roscoe, William, 1753-1831. 835b 1828 Digital version available
<Linnea borealis> Linnei / [Von D. H. Hoppe.]. Hoppe, David Heinrich, 1760-1846. 289 1828 Digital version available
An epitome of Lamarck's arrangement of Testacea : being a free translation of his work De l'Histoire Naturelle des Animaux sans Vertèbres. With illustrative observations, and comparative and synoptic tables of the systems of Linnaeus and Lamarck / Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de, 1744-1829. 3968 Longman, Rees, Orme, Browne, and Green, and J. Mawe 1828 Digital version available
Anordnung des Gewächsreichs [nach Linné, Jussieu, Göthe und nach eigener Weise] / [H. G. Ludwig Reichenbach] Reichenbach, H. G. Ludwig 1793-1879. 835a 1828 Digital version available
Some remarks on natural history, as a means of education / by J. E. B. B., J. E. 2677 Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green 1828 Digital version available
Florae Siculae prodromus sive plantarum in Sicilia ulteriori nascentium enumeratio secundum systema Linnæanum disposita / auctore Joanne Gussone. Gussone, Giovanni. 832a Ex Regia Typographia. 1827-28 Digital version available
A sketch of the life of Linnaeus in a series of letters. Designed for young persons. Waring, S. 2673 Printed for Harvey and Darton 1827 Digital version available
Symbolæ ad historiam litterariam Sveciae. Sectionis I, pars 1, Continens anecdoton Linnaeanum Afzelius, Johan, called Arvidson, 1753-1837. 231 Regiæ Academiæ Typographi 1827 Digital version available
An introduction to Physiological and Systematical Botany, &c. Smith, James Edward, Sir, 1759-1828. 786f 1827 Digital version available
Inaugurationem Medicinae Doctorum in Academia Upsaliensi tricesimam quartam die 15 Junii, ann. 1827 instituendam. Magnis Hospitibus Litterarum Patronis Patribus Civibusque Academicis et Urbicis indicit ... / Carolus Petrus Thunberg ... Thunberg, Carl Peter, 1743-1828 2672d Excudebant Regiae Academiae Typographi 1827 Digital version available