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Nomenclator botanicus, seu: Synonymia plantarum universalis, enumerans ordine alphabetico nomina atque synonyma tum generica tum specifica et a Linnaeo et a recentioribus de re botanica scriptoribus plantis phanerogamis imposita / auctore: Ernesto Theoph. Steudel. Steudel, Ernst Gottlieb, 1783-1856. 36 Typis et sumptibus J.G. Cottae 1840-1841 Digital version available
Nikolaus Joseph Freih. v. Jacquin's Anleitung zur Pflanzenkenntniss Jacquin, Nikolaus Joseph, Freiherr von, 1727-1817 699 Fr. Beck'sche Universitäts-Buchhandlung 1840 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei Systema, genera, species plantarum uno volumine. Editio critica, adstricta, conferta, sive, Codex botanicus linnæanus : textum linnaeanum integrum ex omnibus systematis, generum, specierum plantarum editionibus, mantissis, additamentis selectumque ex ceteris ejus botanicis libris digestum, collatum, contractum, cum plena editionum discrepantia exhibens. In usum botanicorum practicum / C. Linné Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 25a Sumptum fecit Otto Wigand 1840 Digital version available
Minnesord vid Fröken Lovisa von Linnés jordfästning uti Upsala Domkyrka den 5 April 1839 / [By Thure Wensjoe.]. Wensjoe, Thure. 3808 Leffler och Sebell 1839 Digital version available
Linné und der Zweifler : Ein Vortrag gehalten am Linnéus-Feste den 24 Mai 1838. Martius, Karl Friedrich Philipp von, 1794-1868. 2694a 1838.] Digital version available
The life of Linnaeus, the celebrated Swedish naturalist : to which is added a short account of the botanical systems of Linnaeus and Jussieu, with a slight glance at the discoveries of Goëthe, the great German poet / compiled from authentic sources Carr, Daniel C. 2690 Printed by James Shalders 1837 Digital version available
Elementi di conchiologia Linneana : opera volgarizzata sulla seconda edizione inglese del nobile signor Marchese Francesco Baldassini de Posero, coll' aggiunta di copiose ed erudite note. Burrow, E. J. 1785-1861 158cd Presso Carlo Branca 1836 Digital version available
The Entomologist's useful compendium : or an introduction to the knowledge of British Insects,comprising the best means of obtaining and preserving them, and a description of the apparatus generally used; together with the Genera of Linné, and the modern method of arranging the classes Crustacea, Myriapoda, spiders, mites and insects, from their affinities and structure, according to the views of Dr. Leach.. / by George Samouelle Samouelle, George, 1790?-1846. 3951 Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman 1836 Digital version available
Fête, séculaire de Charles de Linné, célébrée par la Société Impériale des Naturalistes de Moscou, le 24/12 Juin, 1835 / Publiée par le Directeur de la Société, Gotthelf Fischer de Waldheim. Fischer von Waldheim, Gotthelf, 1771-1853. 2686 Auguste Semen 1835 Digital version available
General conchology; : or, a description of shells, arranged according to the Linnean system, and illustrated with sixty plates, containing 260 figures of univalves and bivalves / by W. Wood Wood, W. 1774-1857. 1236 John Booth 1835 Digital version available
Lives of eminent zoologists from Aristotle to Linnaeus : with introductory remarks on the study of Natural History and occasional observations on the progress of zoology, .... MacGillivray, William, 1796-1852. 2684c 1834 Digital version available
Aftonstjernan : poetisk kalender för år 1833 Dahlgren, Carl Fredrik. 2681a P.A. Norstedt & Söner 1833 Digital version available
Vie de Linné, rédigeé sur les documents autographes laissés par ce grand homme, et suivie de l'analyse de sa correspondance avec les principaux naturalistes de son époque / par A. L. A. Fée. Fée, Antoine Laurent Apollinaire, 1789-1874 2680 Imprimerie de Bronner-Bauwens 1832 [=1831]. Digital version available
Correspondance. [M. Adanson ; J. Amman ; P. Ascanius ; J. Burnet[t], Lord Monboddo ; H. Boerhaave ; Caroline Louisa, Margravine of Baden ; M. Catesby ; M. Celsius ; C. Colden ; P. Collinson ; M. J. A. N. C. de Condorcet ; P. Cusson ; Da Costa ; J. J. Dillenius ; Dru Drury ; Abbé Duvernois ; G. Edwards ; J. Ellis ; A. Garden ; P. D. Giseke ; A. Gouan ; G. Grimaldi ; A. von Haller ; B. de Jussieu ; J. Lind ; J. F. Masson ; J. Mitchell ; J. C. Mutis ; Louis duc de Noailles ; T. Pennant ; Sir R. Ramsay ; R. A. F. de Réaumur ; J. J. Rousseau ; Olaus Rudbeck ; the Elder Schultz ; C. P. Thunberg ; R. Tulbagh & M. Tunstall.] / par A. L. A. Fée Fée, Antoine Laurent Apollinaire, 1789-1874 2475 Imprimerie de Bronner-Bauwens 1832 [=1831]. Digital version available
[Correspondance de Linné et Albrecht von Haller, 3 Avril 1737 - 10 Avril 1766] / par A. L. A. Fée Fée, Antoine Laurent Apollinaire, 1789-1874 2464 Imprimerie de Bronner-Bauwens 1832 [=1831]. Digital version available
Bibliographie [1731-76]. Ouvrages posthumes de Linné / [A. L. A. Fée] Fée, Antoine Laurent Apollinaire, 1789-1874 3648 Imprimerie de Bronner-Bauwens 1832 [=1831]. Digital version available
Catalogue of an extensive and valuable collection of the best works on natural history : arranged in classes according to the Linnean system : with an enumeration of the pages and plates each volume contains : now selling, at the prices affixed to each / by William Wood, 39 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, (from 428 Strand) Wood, W. 1774-1857. 164 Printed by Richard Taylor 1832 Digital version available
Fiora Jadrensis complectens plantas phaenogamas hucusque in agro Jadertino detectus et secundum systema Linnaeano-Sprengelianum redactas Alschinger, Andreas, [1791-1863]. 842be 1832 Digital version available
Loudon's hortus britannicus : a catalogue of all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain; Part I. The Linnean Arrangement, in which nearly 30,000 species are enumerated: with the systematic name and authority, accentuation, derivation of generic names, literal english pf specific names, synonymes systematic and English of both genera and species, habit, habitation on the garden, indigenous habitation, popular character, height, time of flowering, colour of the flower, Mode of Propagation, Soil, native country, ywar of introduction, and reference to figures: preceeded bt an introduction to the Linnean system ; Part II. The Jussieuean arrangement of nearly 4,000 genera, with an introduction to the natural system, and a general description and history of each order / edited by J. C. Loudon Loudon, J. C. 1783-1843. 838b Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman 1832 Digital version available
Medical Botany : containing systematic and general descriptions, with Plates, of all the Medicinal Plants, comprehended in the catalogues of the Materia Medica as published by the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London, Edinbburgh, and Dublin; together with the principal medicinal plants not included on those pharmacopoeias ; accompanied with a circumstantial detail of their medicinal effects, and of the diseases in which they have been most successfully employed / by William Woodville; the botanical descriptions arranged and corrected by William Jackson Hooker, who has added an Index following the Arrangement of Jussieu; the new medico-botanical portion supplied by G. Spratt under whose immediate Inspection the whole of the Plates have been coloured Woodville, William, 1752-1805. 745 John Bohn 1832 Digital version available