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Nicolai Josephi JacquinSelectarum stirpium Americanarum historia in qua ad Linnaeanum systema determinatae descriptaeque sistuntur plantae illae, quas in insulis Martinica, Jamaica, Domingo, aliisque, et in vicinae continentis parte, observavit rariores; adjectis iconibus ad autoris archetypa pictis. Jacquin, Nicolaus Joseph (1727-1817). 646b s.n 1780-1781 Digital version available
Nicolai Josephi JacquinSelectarum stirpium Americanarum historia, in qua ad Linnaeanum systema determinatae descriptaeque sistuntur plantae illae, quas in insulis Martinica, Jamaica, Domingo, aliisque, et in vicinae continentis parte, observavit rariores; adjectis iconibus in solo natali delineatis. Jacquin, Nicolaus Joseph (1727-1817). 646a Officina Krausiana 1763 Digital version available
Nicolai Laurentii BurmanniFlora Indica : cui accedit series zoophytorum indicorum, nec non Prodromus florae Capensis. Burman, Nicolaas Laurens (1734-1793). 650a Cornelium Haek / Johannes Schreuderum 1768 Digital version available
Observationes botanicae quibus plantae Indiae occidentalis aliaeque systematis vegetabilium ed. xiv illustrantur earumque characteres passim emendantur. Cum tabulis aeneis / Auctore Olavo Swartz M. D. Swartz, Olof (Peter) (1760-1818). 597 Jo. Jacobi Palmii 1791 Digital version available
Observations on the Batis maritima of Linnaeus / By John Torrey, F.L.S. [Accepted for publication, September, 1850]. Torrey, John (1796-1873). 509 Smithsonian Institution 1853 Digital version available
Order out of chaos : Linnaean plant names and their types / Charlie Jarvis. Jarvis, Charlie. 4002 The Linnean Society of London in association with the Natural History Museum 2007 Digital version available
Page's prodromus : as a general nomenclature of all the plants, indigenous and exotic, cultivated in the Southampton Botanic Gardens; arranged, alphabetically, as they are considered hardy or tender to the climate of Britain, under their different characters of trees, shrubs, herbaceous, &c. The generic and specific names, after the Linnaean System; with the English names, propagation, soil, height, time of flowering, native country, &c. &c. Also, occasional hints for their cultivation. An appendix containing selected lists of annuals; all the choicest kinds of fruit, now in general cultivation, with their characters, &c. and a short tract on the sexual system from the Philosophia Botanica of Linnaeus / by William Bridgewater Page. Page, William Bridgewater (1790-1871). 809b John Murray 1818 Digital version available
Petri Arduini Veronensis Horti Publici Patavini Custodis Animadversionum botanicarum specimen. Arduino, Pietro (1728-1805). 3886 Ex Typographia Conzatti 1759 Digital version available
Petri Harduini Veronensis Horti Publici Patavini Custodis Animadversionum botanicarum specimen alterum. Arduino, Pietro (1728-1805). 3887 Ex Typographia Sansoniana 1764 Digital version available
Principia botanica : or, a concise and easy introduction to the sexual botany of Linnaeus. Containing the genera; their mode of growth (as tree, shrub, or herb); the known number of species to each genus; where principally native; and the number indigenous to the British Isles: arranged in a tabular form, under each class and order; and digested alphabetically under several generic distinctions together with three indexes. I. Of the Linnaean genera accented, with the British names. II. Of such trivial names as were the genera of old authors. III. Of the British names, with the Linnaean genera; to which are added the specific names. Also a table of vegetable drugs, not in the indexes. Darwin, Robert Waring (1724-1816). 715 Printed and sold by M. Hage 1810 Digital version available
Reason and experience : the representation of natural order in the work of Carl von Linné / by James L. Larson. Larson, James L. 3910 University of California Press 1971 Digital version available
Reden und Vorträge über Gegenstände aus dem Gebiete der Naturforschung / von Karl. Fr. Ph. v. Martius. Martius, Carl (Karl) Friedrich Philipp von (1794-1868). 2694 Verlag der J. G. Cotta'schen Buchhandlung 1838 Digital version available
Richardi Relhan, A.M. Collegii Regalis Capellani, Flora Cantabrigiensis, exhibens palntas agro Cantabrigiensi indigenas, secundum systema sexuale digestas: cum characteribus genericis, diagnosi specierum, synonymis selectis, nominibus trivialibus, loco natali, tempore inflorescente. Relhan, Richard (1754-1823). 700ca J. & J. Merrill [et al.]; 1785 Digital version available
Selections from the scientific correspondence of Cadwallader Colden with Gronovius, Linnæus, Collinson, and other naturalists / Arranged by Asa Gray, M.D. Colden, Cadwallader (1688-1776). 2526 Printed by B. L. Hamlen 1843 Digital version available
Sex, botany & Empire : the story of Carl Linnaeus and Joseph Banks / Patricia Fara. Fara, Patricia. 4225 Icon Books (2003) Digital version available
Sketches towards a hortus botanicus americanus, or, Coloured plates (with a catalogue and concise and familiar descriptions of many species) of new and valuable plants of the West Indies and North and South America : Also of several others, natives of Africa and the East Indies: arranged after the Linnaean system. With a concise and comprehensive glossary of terms, prefixed, and a general index / By W. J. Titford, M.D. Corresponding Member of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, &c. Titford, William Jowett (1784-1823). 798b Printed for the author 1811. [i.e. 1811-1812] Digital version available
Species plantarum, exhibentes plantas rite cognitas, ad genera relatas... / Caroli Linnaei. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 4071 Shokobutsu-Bunken-Kankokwa 1934 Digital version available
Studien über die natürliche Klasse Bicornes Linné / von J.F. Klotzsch. Klotzsch, Johann Friedrich (1805-1860). 4882 s.n 1851 Digital version available
Sweet's Hortus Britannicus : or, a catalogue of all the plants indigenous or cultivated in the gardens of Great Britain, arranged according to the natural system, with the generic and specific names, English names, accentuation, derivation of generic names, native country, year of introduction, time of flowering, colour of flowers, mode of growth, duration, references to the best figures, the most useful synonymes, the Linnean class and order to which each genus belongs, &c. / By Robert Sweet, F.L.S. Author of Hortus Suburbanus Londinensis, Botanical Cultivator, Geraniaceae, Cistineae, British Flower Garden, Flora Australasica, Florist's Guide, the British Warblers, &c. Sweet, Robert (1782-1835). 832d James Ridgway 1839 Digital version available
Synopsis plantarum insulis britannicis indigenarum : complectens characteres genericos et specificos secundum systema sexuale distributos / curante J. Symons, A.B. Societ. Linn.Soc. Symons, Jelinger (1778-1851). 767a J. White 1798 Digital version available