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A botanical nomenclator : containing a systematical arrangement of the classes, orders, genera, and species of plants, as described in the new edition of Linnaeus's Systema Naturae, by Dr. Gmelin, of Gottingen. To which are added, alphabetical indexes of the Latin and English names of the plants, together with the names of the countries of which they are natives; also the number of British species / By William Forsyth, Junior. Forsyth, William (1772-1835). 134 T. Cadell [et al.] 1794 Digital version available
A generic and specific description of British plants, translated from the Genera et species plantarum of the celebrated Linnaeus. To which is prefixed an etymological dictionary explaining the classes, orders and principal genera. And a glossary is added to explain the technical terms. With notes and observations / by James Jenkinson. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 10 T. Caslon [et al.] 1775 Digital version available
Eden: or, a Compleat body of gardening : Containing plain and familiar directions for raising the several useful products of a garden, fruits, roots, and herbage; from the practice of the most successful gardeners, and the result of a long experience. Together with the culture of all kinds of flowers, according to the methods of the English, French, and Dutch florists. And the knowledge of curious plants, after the system of Linnæus. With figures and descriptions of the flowers and plants proper for a garden. Including the care and culture of the pleasure-garden. The business of the seminary for every week in the year. Catalogues and accurate descriptions of the fruits as they come into season; and new and practical directions for the management of fruit-trees. With the best methods of culture for the several articles of the kitchen-garden: and the compleat management of the ground for raising them, in the natural and artificial manner / Compiled and digested from the papers of the late celebrated Mr. Hale, by the authors of the Compleat body of husbandry. And comprehending the art of constructing a garden for use and pleasure; the best methods of keeping it in order: and the most perfect accounts of its several products. Hill, John (1714-1775). 637d T. Osborne [et al.] [1756-]1757 Digital version available
Index to the Linnean Herbarium : with indication of the types of species marked by Carl von Linné / by Benjamin Daydon Jackson. Jackson, Benjamin Daydon (1846-1927). 3491/3 The Linnean Society 1912 Digital version available
Order out of chaos : Linnaean plant names and their types / Charlie Jarvis. Jarvis, Charlie. 4002 The Linnean Society of London in association with the Natural History Museum 2007 Digital version available
The "Critica Botanica" of Linnaeus / translated by the late Sir Arthur Hort. Revised by ... M. L. Green. With an introduction by Sir Arthur W. Hill. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 3919 The Ray Society 1938 Digital version available
Memorials of Linnaeus : a collection of portraits, manuscripts, specimens and books exhibited to commemorate the bicentenary of his birth. 2876 The Trustees of the British Museum 1907 Digital version available
Linnaeus's system of botany, so far as relates to his classes and orders of plants : illustrated by figures entirely new, with copious explanatory descriptions / Drawn up for the use of his pupils by William Curtis, author of the Flora Londinensis, and teacher of botany in London. Curtis, William (1746-1799). 677 The author ... and B. White ... 1777 Digital version available
D.D. Fraga vesca, dissertatione botanica, venia experient. Fac. Med. in Reg. Academ. Upsal. præside viro nobilissimo ac generoso, D.D. Carolo à Linné ... In Auditorio Gustaviano die XXVI. Maji a. MDCCLXXII. Horis ante meridiem solitis, publicæ ventilationi proposita a Stipendario Kåhreano, Svenone Andr. Hedin Smolando. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 2417 Typis Edmannianis 1772 Digital version available
I.N.T. Dissertationem botanicam, de Erica, venia experient. Fac. Med. in Reg. Acad. Upsal. moderante, viro generosissimo, D.D. Carolo Linne ... publicæ ventilationi offert, Stipendiarius Regius, Johann Adolph Dahlgren, Ebbesson. Norrcopia. OstroGotbus. In audit. Carol. Maj. die XIX. Decemb. anni MDCCLXX. H.A.M.S. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 2399 Typis Edmannianis 1770 Digital version available
I.N.T. Dissertationem inauguralem, de maro, venia experient. Facult. Medicae, in Reg. Acad. Upsaliensi, praeside, viro nobiliss. atque generoso, D:no Doct. Carolo v. Linné ... publicae ventilationi offert auctor Joh. Adolph. Dahlgren Ebbesson. .. in audit. Carol. Maj. D. 3 Dec. 1774. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 2434 Typis Edmannianis 1774 Digital version available
Caroli LinnaeiPhilosophia botanic in qva explicantvr fvndamenta botanica cvm definitionibvs partivm, exemplis terminorvm, observationibvs rariorum, adiectis figvris aeneis. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 442 Typis Ioannis Thomae Trattner, Caes. Reg. Aulae Typographi & Biliopolae MDCCLV. [1755] Digital version available
Miscellanea naturalia, sive dissertationes variæ ad historiam naturalem spectantes / Autore A. H. Haworth, Lin. Soc. Londini socio. Haworth, Adrian Hardy (1768-1833). 3962 Typis J. Taylor 1803 Digital version available
Caroli LinnaeiPhilosophia botanica in qua explicantur fundamenta botanica cum definitionibus partium, exemplis terminorum, observationibus rariorum. Adiectis figuris aeneis. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 443 Typis Joannis Thomae nobil. de Trattnern, Caes. Reg. Maj. Aulae Typogr. et Biliopolae 1763 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei ..Species plantarum, exhibentes plantas rite cognitas ad genera relatas, cum differentiis specifis, nominibus trivialibus, synonymis selectis, locis natalibus, secundum systema sexuale digestas tomus I [/ II]. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 510 Typis Joannis Thomæ de Trattner, Cæs. Reg. Aulae. Typographi et Bibliop M DCC LXIV. [1764] Digital version available
Flora Cochinchinensis : sistens plantas in regno Cochinchina nascentes. Quibus accedunt aliae observatae in Sinensi Imperio, Africa orientali, Indiaeque locis variis. Omnes dispositae secundum systema sexuale Linnaeanum / Labore, ac studio Joannis de Loureiro Regiae Scientiarum Academiae Ulyssiponensis Socii: olim in Cochinchinâ Catholicae Fidei Praeconis: ibique rebus mathematicis, ac physicis in Aulâ Praefecti. Jussu Acad. R. Scient. in lucem edita. Loureiro, João de (1717-1791). 737a Typis et expensis Academicis 1790 Digital version available
Reason and experience : the representation of natural order in the work of Carl von Linné / by James L. Larson. Larson, James L. 3910 University of California Press 1971 Digital version available
Compendio de botanica : ou noçens elementares desta sciencia, segundo os melhores escritores modernos, expostas na lingua Portugueza / por Felix Avellar Brotero. Brotero, Felix de (Silva) Avellar (1744-1828). 722 Vende-se em Lisboa, em caza de Paulo Martin, Mercador de Livros M,DCC,LXXXVIII. [1788] Digital version available
Reden und Vorträge über Gegenstände aus dem Gebiete der Naturforschung / von Karl. Fr. Ph. v. Martius. Martius, Carl (Karl) Friedrich Philipp von (1794-1868). 2694 Verlag der J. G. Cotta'schen Buchhandlung 1838 Digital version available
Elements of botany; or An introduction to the sexual system of Linnaeus; to which is added an English botanical dictionary. Illustrated by copper-plates / By R. Hall, M.D. Hall, Robert (1763-1824). 775 Vernor and Hood [et al.] 1802 Digital version available