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The principles of botany, and of vegetable physiology / translated from the German of D.C. Willdenow, professor of natural history and botany at Berlin. Willdenow, Karl Ludwig, 1765-1812 749c Printed at the University Press, for William Blackwood, South Bridge-Street, and T. Cadell and W. Davies, Strand, London 1805 Digital version available
Observations on the Durion, Durio zibethinus of Linnaeus / by Mr. Charles König, ... König, Charles Dietrich Eberhard, 1774-1851. 576a The Linnean Society 1804] Digital version available
An illustration of the grass called by Linnaeus Cornucopiae alopecuroides / by James Edward Smith ... Smith, James Edward, 1759-1828. 501d The Linnean Society 1804] Digital version available
Système des plantes : contenant les classes, ordres, genres et espèces; les caractères naturels et essentiels des genres; les phrases caractéristiques des espèces; la citation des meilleures figures; le climat et le lieu natal des plantes; l'époque de leur floraison; leurs propriétés et leurs usages dans les arts, dans l'économie rurale et la médecine / extrait et traduit des ouvrages de Linné par M.J.P. Mouton-Fontenille ... Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 14 Chez Bruyset aîné et Buynand 1804-1805 Digital version available
Dr. Carl Ludwig Willdenow's ... Anleitung zum Selbststudium der Botanik : ein Handbuch zu öffentlichen Vorlesungen. Willdenow, Karl Ludwig, 1765-1812. 785a Bey Ferdinand Oehmigke dem Ältern 1804 Digital version available
Recensio plantarum villa atque horto praesertim botanico Francisci Caetani : ducis comphrehensarum juxta C. Linnaei, et A.L. Jussieu / systemata dispositarum ab Antonio Valente. Valente, Antonio, fl. 1803. 783a Typis Caetani ; 1803 Digital version available
Joan Antonii Scopoli ... Fundamenta botanica : praelectionibus publicis accomodata. Scopoli, Giovanni Antonio, 1723-1788. 691d Pasquali 1802 Digital version available
A general system of nature : through the three grand kingdoms of animals, vegetables, and minerals systematically divided into their several classes, orders, genera, species, and varieties, with their habitations, manners, economy, structure and peculiarities / translated from Gmelin's last edition of the celebrated Systema naturae, by Sir Charles Linné, amended and enlarged by the improvements and discoveries of later naturalists and societies ... by William Turton. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 137 Lackington, Allen, and Co. ... 1802 Digital version available
Principes de botanique : extraits des ouvrages de Linné et suivis d'un catalogue des plantés du Frioul et de la Carnia : avec le nom des lieux ou on les trouve. Suffren, François Palamède, Marquis de, 1753-1824. 778 Chez Antoine Rosa, avec approbation 1802 Digital version available
Flora Helvetica : exhibens plantas helvetiae indigenas hallerianas, et omnes quae nuper detectae sunt = Helvetiens flora : Worrin alle im hallerischen werke enthaltenen und seither neventdeckten schweizer pflanzen nach Linnés methode aufgestellt sind. Suter, Johann Rudolf, 1766-1827. 778a Orell, Fuesli et Socc. 1802 Digital version available
The philosophy of botany : being botanical and philosophical extracts, including : a new illustration of the sexual system of Linnaeus... Vol.1 [and] the genera of exotic and indigenous plants that are to be met with in Great Britain ; arranged according to the reformed system. Thornton, Robert John, 1768?-1837. 767c 1799-[1810] Digital version available
La flore des environs de Paris, ou, Distribution méthodique des plantes qui y croissent naturellement ... / par J.L. Thuillier, botaniste. Thuillier, Jean Louis, 1757-1822. 742d s.n 1799 Digital version available
The British flora, or A Linnean arrangement of British plants : with their generic and specific characters, select synonyms, English names, places of growth, duration, times of flowering, and references to figures / by John Hull. Hull, John, 1761?-1843. 772* Printed by R. and W. Dean : Sold by R. Bickerstaff, London; W. Mudie, Edinburgh; and I. and W. Clarke, Manchester 1799 Digital version available
Thirty-eight plates, with explanations : intended to illustrate Linnæus's System of vegetables, and particularly adapted to the Letters on the elements of botany / by Thomas Martyn ... Martyn, Thomas, 1735-1825. 594 Printed for J. White 1799 Digital version available
Nikolaus Joseph Edlen von Jacquins ... Anleitung zur Pflanzenkenntniss nach Linné's Methode zum Gebrauche seiner theoretischen Vorlesungen. Jacquin, Nikolaus Joseph, Freiherr von, 1727-1817. 697 Bey Christian Friederich Wappler 1798 Digital version available
Caroli a Linné equitis Systema vegetabilium : secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cum characteribus et differentiis. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 608 E Typographia Didot Junioris :Prostat Apud J.F.P. Déterville ... 1798 Digital version available
Systême sexuel des végétaux, suivant les classes, les ordres, les genres et les espèces, avec les caractères et les différences; par Charles Linné. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 604 Ronvaux 1798 Digital version available
Flora Bedfordiensis : comprehending such plants as grow wild in the county of Bedford, arranged according to the system of Linnaeus, with occasional remarks / by Charles Abbot, M.A. F.L.S. ... Abbot, Charles, 1761-1817. 763a Printed and sold by W. Smith :May be had of the booksellers in Oxford & Cambridge, and of G.G. & J. Robinson, London 1798 Digital version available
Botany displayed being a complete and compenious elucidation of botany, according to the system of Linnaeus / by John Thompson ; with plates ... by A. Nunes. Thompson, John, botanist. 767b J. Thompson and A. Nunes 1798 Digital version available
Gulielmi Hudsoni ... Flora anglica : exhibens plantas per regnum Britanniae sponte crescentes, distributas secundum systema sexuale ; cum differentiis specierum, synonymis auctorum, nominibus incolarum, solo locorum, tempore florendi, officinalibus pharmacopaeorum. Hudson, William, 1730?-1793. 643d Printed for R. Faulder [and 9 others] 1798 Digital version available