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Om vigiliæ plantarum Lin. akademisk afhandling ... Filosofiska Fakulteten i Upsala ... till offentlig granskning framställes ... den 22 Maj 1872 af Fredrik Wilhelm Åmark Åmark Fredrik Wilhelm 439g Bergström & Lindroth 1872 Digital version available
Carl von Linnés brefvexling förteckning upprättad af Ewald Ährling och tryckt på Kongl. Vetenskapsakademiens bekostnad Ährling Ewald 1837-1888 2485 P. A. Norstedt & söner 1885 Digital version available
Studier i den Linnéanska nomenclaturen och synonymiken af Ewald Ährling Ährling Ewald 1707-1778 37a Abr. Bohlins Boktryckeri 1872 Digital version available
Icones plantarum medicinalium abbildungen von Arzneygewachsen [Johannes Zorn] Zorn Johann 1739-1799 985 auf Kosten der Raspischen Buchhandlung 1779-1785 Digital version available
Catalogus plantarum Horti Academici et Agri Gottingensis conscriptus a Johann Gottfried Zinn ... Zinn Johann Gottfried 1727-1759 637e sumtibus vidvae abr. Vandenhoeck 1757 Digital version available
Redogörelse för Jönköpings Högre Elementar-Lärowerk och Grenna Pedagogi under Läsåret 1873-1874 jemte Inbjudning till afjörande af Års-Examina och ungdomens Dimission Zetterstedt Johan Emanuel Linné Carl von... 2752 Jönköpings Tryckeribolag 1874 Digital version available
Linné Sveriges upptäckare, naturens namngivare Per-Olov Zennström Zennström Per-Olov 1920-1977 3120bbg Arbetarkultur 1957 Digital version available
Institutions of entomology being a translation of Linnæus's Ordines et genera insectorum [in the Systema naturae ... editio duodecima reformata," Tom. 1, pars 2, 1766] ; or, Systematic arrangement of insectscollated with the different systems of Geoffroy, Schaeffer and Scopolitogether with observations of the translator by Thomas Pattinson Yeats Yeats Thomas Pattinson 1707-1778 94 R. Horsfield 1773 Digital version available
Ichtyologia, cum amphibiis regni Borussici methodo Linneana disposita, a Johan. Christoph. Wulff Wulff Johann Christoph 1222a apud Johan. Jacob. Kanter 1765 Digital version available
Illustrations of the Linnaean genera of insects by W. Wood Wood William 1774-1857 1238 Printed by R. and A. Taylor 1821 Digital version available
General Conchology; or, a Description of Shells, arranged according to the Linnean System, and illustrated with Sixty Plates, containing 260 Figures of Univalves and Bivalves by W. Wood Wood William 1236 Printed for John Booth 1835 Digital version available
Linnæa borealis L. Linnæa borealis L. species polymorpha et polychroma af Veit Brecher Wittrock en mångformig art Wittrock Veit Brecher 1839-1914 2927/7 Isaac Marcus' Boktr. 1907 Digital version available
Linné-Feier Vorsitzender: L. WittmackGesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde zu Berlin Wittmack L Linné Carl von... 2871 in Kommission bei R. Friedländer & Sohn 1907 Digital version available
A ¤botanical arrangement of British Plants vol. I-III the use of each species ... with an easy introduction to the study by William Witheringincluding a new set of references to figures by Jonathan Stokes Withering William 1741-1799 675c Printed by M. Swinney for G. G. J. & J. Robinson ... 1787-1792 Digital version available
An ¤arrangement of British plants According to the latest improvements of the Linnæan systemTo which is prefixed, An easy introduction to the study of botany ... by William Withering Withering William 1741-1799 675d printed for the author, by M. Swinney; sold by G. G. & J. Robinson, and B. & J. White, London 1796 Digital version available
Carl von Linné ett minnesblad med anledning af tvåhundra-årsdagen af hans födelse [F. A. Wingborg] Wingborg Frans August 1861-1932 Linné... 2947 Djurskyddets exp. 1907 Digital version available
Dr. Carl Ludwig Willdenow's ... Anleitung zum Selbststudium der Botanik ein Handbuch zu öffentlichen Vorlesungen Willdenow Carl Ludwig 1765-1812 785aa Oehmigke 1809 Digital version available
Grundriss der Kräuterkunde mit zehn Kupfertafeln und einer Farbentabelle zu Vorlesungen entworfen von D. Carl Ludwig Willdenow Willdenow Carl Ludwig 1765-1812 749b bei Haude und Spener 1810 Digital version available
Dr. Carl Ludwig Willdenow's Anleitung zum Selbststudium der Botanik ein Handbuch zu öffentlichen Vorlesungenmit vier ausgemalten Kupfertafeln und des Verfassers Bildniss herausgegeben von H. F. Link ... Willdenow Carl Ludwig 1765-1812 785b bei Ferdinand Oehmigke senior 1822 Digital version available
One hundred and twenty copper-plates of English moths and butterflies, representing their changes into the caterpillar, chrysalis, and fly states, and the plants, flowers and fruits whereon they feed coloured with great exactness from the subjects themselveswith a natural history of the moths and butterflies, describing the method of managing, preserving, and feeding themto which is added, an index of the insects and plants, adapted to Linnæus's system by Benjamin Wilkes Wilkes Benjamin d. 1749 1223a printed for Benjamin White, at Horace's-Head, Fleet-Street 1773 Digital version available