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Minnesfesten öfver Carl von Linné den 25 maj 1907. Beskrifning på uppdrag af Kungl. vetenskapsakademien utarb. af J.A. Bergstedt. Bergstedt, Jakob Adrian, 1853- 2971 Almqvist & Wiksells boktr. 1910 Digital version available
Natur-Geist-Technik : ausgewählte Reden, Vorträge und Essays / von J. Wiesner. Wiesner, Julius, 1838-1916. 2972 W. Engelmann 1910 Digital version available
The early naturalists : their lives and work (1530-1798) / by L.C. Miall. Miall, L. C. 1842-1921. 2980 Macmillan 1912 Digital version available
Life and letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker ... Based on materials collected and arranged by Lady Hooker ... by Leonard Huxley. Hooker, Joseph Dalton, 1817-1911. 3004a J. Murray 1918 Digital version available
The romance of the Apothecaries' Garden at Chelsea, by F. Dawtrey Drewitt. Drewitt, F. Dawtrey 1848-1942. 3037 Chapman and Dodd 1924 Digital version available
The romance of the Apothecaries' garden at Chelsea by F. Dawtrey Drewitt. Drewitt, F. Dawtrey 1848-1942. 3038 Univ. Press 1928 Digital version available
Linnaeus (afterwards Carl von Linné) the story of his life, adapted from the Swedish of Theodor Magnus Fries, and brought down to the present time in the light of recent research, by Benjamin Daydon Jackson. Fries, Theodor Magnus, 1832-1913. 3050a Witherby 1923 Digital version available
Latin names of common plants ; their pronunciation & history, by F. Dawtrey Drewitt ... Drewitt, F. Dawtrey 1848-1942. 3079a H. F. & G. Witherby 1927 Digital version available
Pioneers of plant study / by Ellison Hawks ; this book was originally planned, and some parts of it written, in collaboration with the late G. S. Boulger. Hawks, Ellison, 1890- 3089 Macmillan 1928 Digital version available
Linné und Leysser; zu Carl von Linnés 150. Todestag (10. Jan. 1778) Schmid, Günther, 1888- 3091 1928 Digital version available
Linné und Fabricius, zu ihrem leben und werk; drei faksimiles zu Linnés 150. todestag mit einem Nachwort über das natürliche system, herausgegeben von Julius Schuster. Schuster, Julius, 1886-1949. 3092 Verlag der Münchner Drucke 1928 Digital version available
Linné und Academia Naturae Curiosorum, von Günther Schmid und Hans Freund. Schmid, Günther, 1888- 3113 Almqvist & Wiksells boktr. 1930] Digital version available
A short history of biology; a general introduction to the study of living things, by Charles Singer. Singer, Charles Joseph, 1876-1960. 3120 The Clarendon press 1931 Digital version available
Linnéporträtt. Vid Uppsala universitets minnesfest på tvåhundraårsdagen af Carl von Linnés födelse å universitetets vägnar, af Tycho Tullberg. Tullberg, Tycho, 1842-1920. 3321 Aktiebolaget Ljus 1907 Digital version available
Nova plantarum genera ... Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 3432 Typis L. Salvii 1747 Digital version available
Amoenitates academicae, seu Dissertationes variae physicae, medicae, botanicae antehac seorsim editae nunc collectae et auctae cum tabulis aeneis. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 3433 Apud Godofredum Kiesewetter 1749-1769 Digital version available
Plantarum icones hactenus ineditae, plerumque ad plantas in herbario Linnaeano conservatas delineatae. Auctore Jacobo Edvardo Smith. Smith, James Edward, 1759-1828. 3437 Typis J. Davis 1789-1791 Digital version available
A general view of the writings of Linnaeus, / by Richard Pulteney ... Pulteney, Richard, 1730-1801. 3443 Printed for J. Mawman ... by R. Taylor ... 1805 Digital version available
Memoir and correspondence of the late Sir James Edward Smith, Ed. by Lady Smith. Smith, James Edward, 1759-1828. 3448 Longman, Rees, Orne Brown, Green and Longman 1832 Digital version available
Notices of European herbaria : particularly those most interesting to the North American botanist. Gray, Asa, 1810-1888. 3450 Printed by B.L. Hamlen 1841] Digital version available