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Miller, Philip (1691-1771).
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The gardeners kalendar : directing what works are necessary to be done every month, in the kitchen, fruit and pleasure-gardens, as also in the conservatory and nursery. With accounts I. Of the particular seasons for the propagation and use of all sorts of esculent plants and fruits, with the seasons wherein each sort is proper for the table. II. The proper seasons for transplanting all sorts of trees, shrubs, and plants, with the time of their flowering / By Philip Miller, F.R.S. Member of the Botanick Academy at Florence, and Gardener to the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries, at their Botanick Garden in Chelsea.
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Introduction to the science of botany.
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Post-Soulsby no. 4890

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Printed for the author; and sold by John Rivington in St. Paul's Church-Yard, C. Hitch and L. Hawes, H. Woodfall, A. Millar, J. Whiston and B. White, G. Hawkins, J. Hinton, R. Baldwin, W. Johnston, J. Richardson, S. Crowder, T. Longman, T. Caslon, B. Law, C. Rivington, and J. Dodsley
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The thirteenth edition, adapted to the new style; with a list of the medicinal plants, which may be gathered for use in each month. To which is now added, a short introduction to the knowledge of the science of botany, illustrated with copper plates.
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Pp. xv, 47, 369, [12], 5 leaves of plates : additional engraved pictorial title page ; 21 cm (8°)
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General notes:
Signatures: A-Z8 Aa-Ee8 [$4 signed].
The phrase in the edition statement, "adapted to the new style", refers to the adoption in Britain of the Gregorian calendar (1752), as a result of which all dates were backdated by eleven days.
Includes: "A short introduction to the science of botany." with separate pagination; the register is continuous.
The imprint of the frontispiece reads: "Printed for John Rivington, James Rivington & James Fletcher".
Press figures. A5r: 6. B2v: 7.B5v: 6. C8r: 7. D7r: 4. E7v: 1. F1v: 1. G8v: 7. H5r: 7. H6r: 4. I3v: 7. I4v: 6. K7v: 4. L8v: 7. N1v: 2. O7r: 7. O7v: 4. Q7r: 4. R2v: 7. S8r: 4. U3v: 7. X2v: 4. X8r: 6. Y4r: 7. Aa1v: 4. Aa7r: 6. Bb3v: 4. BB6V: 6. Cc6r: 7. Cc7r: 6. Dd5r: 6. Dd5v: 1.
Contents notes:
A1r, title; A2r, dedication to the Society of Apothecaries; A3r-A8r (pp. v-xv), preface. B1r-D8r (pp. 1-47), An introduction to the science of botany. E1r-Ee1r (pp. 1-369), main text, arranged by month, with the following order of subjects under each month: kitchen garden, fruit garden, pleasure garden and wilderness, green-house and stove, with lists under each heading of plants "in prime" at the time. Ee1v-Ff2v, index.
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Flowering times.
Classification system: Linnaeus.
18th century.
Great Britain.
Garden calendars.
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John Rivington (London, England)
C. Hitch (London, England)
L. Hawes (London, England)
Henry Woodfall (London, England)
Andrew Millar (London, England)
John Whiston (London, England)
Benjamin White (London, England)
George Hawkins (London, England)
John Hinton (London, England)
Robert Baldwin (London, England)
William Johnston (London, England)
J. Richardson (London, England)
Stanley Crowder (London, England)
T. Longman (London, England)
Thomas Caslon (London, England)
Bedwell Law (London, England)
Charles Rivington (London, England)
James Dodsley (London, England)
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Bound in full sheep. Rebacked by A. Bell, August 1956: spine with five raised bands flanked by blind single fillets. Gilt spine title: THE / GARDENERS / KALENDAR // MILLER. Gilt date 1762 at base of spine.