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Medical botany, or, History of plants in the materia medica of the London, Edinburgh & Dublin pharmacopoeias, arranged according to the Linnaean system. 813 Printed for E. Cox 1821-1822 Digital version available
Medical botany, or, History of plants in the materia medica of the London, Edinburgh & Dublin pharmacopoeias, arranged according to the Linnaean system. 3967 Printed for E. Cox 1821-1822 Digital version available
Nomenclator botanicus, sistens omnes plantas in C. a Linné Speciebus plantarum a C. L. Willdenowo enumeratas. Altera editio. HENCKEL VON DONNERSMARCK, Leo Felix Victor, Count. 515 1821 Digital version available
Illustrations of the Linnæan genera of insects. WOOD, William, F.R.S. 1238 W. Wood 1821 Digital version available
A selection of the correspondence of Linnaeus and other naturalists from the original manuscripts / by Sir James Edward Smith. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 2471 Longman 1821 Digital version available
Useful knowledge; or, A familiar account of the various productions of nature ... Third edition. BINGLEY, William, Rev. 803c Baldwin, Cradock & Joy, etc 1821 Digital version available
Nouvelle flore des environs de Paris, suivant la méthode naturelle ... Deuxième édition. MÉRAT DE VAUMARTOISE, François Victor. 802c 1821 Digital version available
R. Relhan ... Flora Cantabrigiensis, exhibens plantas agro Cantabrigiensi indigenas, etc. (Supplementum. Supplementum alterum, tertium.) RELHAN, Richard. 700cc 1820 Digital version available
The universal herbal; or, botanical, medical, and agricultural dictionary containing an account of all the known plants in the world arranged according to the Linnæan system, etc. [With plates.] GREEN, Thomas, Botanist. 814 1820 Digital version available
De animalibus quibusdam e classe vermium Linnæana in circumnavigatione terræ, duce Ottone de Kotzebue, annis 1815. 1816. 1817. 1818. peracta observatis ... Fasciculus primus. De Salpa. [With a plate.] Chamisso, Adelbert von, 1781-1838. 1237a 1819 Digital version available
The entomologist's useful compendium; or, an introduction to the knowledge of British insects. Samouelle, George. 160 1819 Digital version available
Outlines of botany, taken chiefly from Smith's Introduction; containing ... an illustration of the system of Linnæus, etc. LOCKE, John, Lecturer on Botany. 813a 1819 Digital version available
Early genius; exemplified in the juvenile pursuits of eminent foreigners. With fine engravings, etc. 4481 Oliver & Boyd 1818? Digital version available
Gemeinnützige systematische Naturgeschichte der Fische ... Nach dem Linnéischen Natursystem, etc. GMELIN, Carl Christian. 141*/4 1818 Digital version available
Hortus suburbanus Londinensis: or a catalogue of plants cultivated in the neighbourhood of London; ... with the addition of the natural orders to which they belong, references to books where they are described, etc. Sweet, Robert. 812a 1818 Digital version available
Florae Romanae prodromus, exhibens centurias XII. plantarum circa Romam et in Cisapenninis Pontificiae ditionis provinciis sponte nascentium, sexuali systemate digestas. SÉBASTIANI, Antonius, Botanist, and MAURI (Ernestus) 812b 1818 Digital version available
Index testaceologicus; or a catalogue of shells, British and foreign, arranged according to the Linnæan system; with the Latin and English names, references to figures, and places where found. WOOD, William, F.R.S. 1237 Printed by Richard and Arthur Taylor, for W. Wood 1818 Digital version available
Useful knowledge: or, A familiar and explanatory account of the various productions of nature, mineral, vegetable, and animal, etc. BINGLEY, William, Rev. 803b Baldwin, Cradock & Joy 1818 Digital version available
Elements of conchology, according to the Linnæan system, etc. BURROW, Edward John, D.D., F.R.S. 158b Ogles, Duncan & Cochran 1818 Digital version available
Catalogus plantarum Americæ Septentrionalis huc usque cognitarum indigenarum et cicurum; or, a catalogue of the hitherto known native and naturalized plants of North America, etc. MUHLENBERG, Gotthil Henry Ernest F. 802g 1818 Digital version available