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Title Author Soulsby Publisher Year
Resp. Ficus. Hegardt, Cornelius, 1715-1772. 1279/8 Digital version available
Resp. Corallia baltica. Fougt, Henrik, 1720-1782. 1279/7 publisher not identified 1749 Digital version available
Resp. Dissertatio botanica de Anandria ... / Præs ... C. Linnæo, etc. Tursén, Erland Zacharias, 1720-1778.(isni)0000000367449788 1279/6 Digital version available
Resp. Dissertatio botanica, in qua Acrostichum ... / Præs ... C. Linnæo ... curiosorum oculis ... subjicit J. B. H., etc. Heiligtag, Johan Benjamin, 1716-1771 1279/5 Digital version available
Nova plantarum genera, etc. / Praes. Carolus Linnaeus. Dassow, Carl Magnus, 1719-1751 1279/4 Digital version available
Resp. Sponsalia plantarum. Wahlbom, Johan Gustaf, 1724-1808.(isni)0000000052595940 1279/3 Digital version available
Resp. Hortus Upsaliensis ... / Præs. C. Linnæo, etc. Nauclér, Samuel, 1724-1770 1279/2 Digital version available
Amoenitates academicae : seu dissertationes variæ physicæ, medicæ, botanicæ, antehac seorsim editæ, nunc collectæ et auctæ cum tabulis æneis. Accedit hypothesis nova de febrium intermittentium causa / [edited by Petrus Camper] Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 1279/1 Apud Cornelium Haak 1749 Digital version available
The Linnaeus tradition and our time : (Presidential address at the annual meeting of the Swedish Academy.). HAMMARSKJÖLD, Dag. 4549 1957 Digital version available
Nemesis divina / Carl von Linné ; edited and translated with an introduction and explanatory notes by M.J. Petry. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 4540 Kluwer Academic c2001 Digital version available
Personregister. Utarbetat av Hans Krook. FRIES, Theodor Magnus. 4535 1956 Digital version available
The Linnaean legacy : three centuries after his birth / edited by Mary J. Morris and Leonie Berwick. Dr. Morris, Mary Berwick, Leonie. 4532 Linnean Society of London c2008 Digital version available
Arvet från Newton och Linné... : The heritage from Newton and Linnaeus: scientific links between England and Sweden in bygone times ... Exhibition arranged by the Royal Society, Kungl. Svenska Vetenskapsakademien ... the British Council. 4530 Statens Historiska Museum 1962 Digital version available
Hammarby och Oxford : Linneanska och engelska essayer. [With plates.] Hagberg, Knut, 1900-1975. 4529 1958 Digital version available
Christina : en roman om Carl von Linnés mor / Ingrid Wallerström. Wallerström, Ingrid. 4521 Settern 1980 Digital version available
Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit ... Mit 13 Abbildungen. COHEN, Ernst Julius, and MEESTER (W. A. T. Cohen de) 4503 1936 Digital version available
A catalog of an exhibition commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Carolus Linnaeus, 1707-1957, and the 200th anniversary of the issue of the Systema naturae, 10th edition, 1758-1958 / by Thomas R. Buckman. [With illustrations, including a portrait.] Buckman, Thomas R. 4493 1957 Digital version available
Prince Arthur; or, The four trials. A fairy tale. By C. M. S. Tales by the flowers [in verse]. By C. B. Templer. STIRLING, Catherine Mary. 4486 1861 Digital version available
Fifty celebrated men : their lives and trials, and the deeds that made them famous. 4485 Ward, Lock, and Tyler 1862? Digital version available
Sketches in biography, designed to show the influence of literature on character and happiness. CLAYTON, John, Esq. 4484 Waugh & Innes 1825 Digital version available