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Title Author Soulsby Publisher Year
A catalogue of the works of Linnaeus : issued in commemoration of 250th anniversary of the birthday of Carolus Linnaeus, 1707-1778 4461 Sandbergs Bokhandel 1957 Digital version available
Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Linnean Society of London Dawson, Warren R. - Savage, Spencer. - Savage, Spencer. - Savage, Spencer. - 4471 Linnean Society 1934-1948 Digital version available
Linneĭ : ego zhiznʹ i trudy / E.G. Bobrov Bobrov, E.G 4480 Izd. Akad. Nauk 1957 Digital version available
The Linnaean collections / ed. by B. Gardiner and M. Morris Gardiner, Brian 4531 Wiley-Blackwell 2007 Digital version available
Parler latin pour classer la nature : l'héritage de Linné / Philippe Cibois Cibois, Philippe, 1941- 4658 Ed. Petit Génie 2015 Digital version available
Flora Monspeliensis, quam ... Praeside ... Dn. Doct. Carolo Linnaeo ... / ad publicam ventilationem defert Theoph. Erdm. Nathhorst ... Die 15. Junii, Anni 1756 Nathorst, Theophilus Erdman, 1734-1804 1272/74 Excud. L.M. Hojer 1756 Digital version available