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A Linnaean keepsake : issued to commemorate the opening of the Strandell Collection of Linnaeana at the Hunt Botanical Library Carnegie-Mellon University. 3902 The Hunt Botanical Library of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation 1973 Digital version available
A catalogue of the Linnaean Herbarium / compiled and annotated by Spencer Savage. Savage, Spencer 3536b Taylor and Francis 1945 Digital version available
A catalogue of the works of Linnaeus (and publications more immediately relating thereto) : preserved in the libraries of the British Museum (Bloomsbury) and the British Museum (Natural History) (South Kensington). / [compiled by B.H. Soulsby]. Soulsby, Basil Harrington 1864-1933. Linné, Carl von, (1707-1778). 4066 Printed by order of the Trustees of the British Museum 1933 Digital version available
A catalogue of the works of Linnaeus : issued in commemoration of the 250 th anniversary of the birthday of Carolus Linnaeus 1707-1778. 4461 Sandbergs Bokhandel 1957 Digital version available
A general view of the writings of Linnaeus / by Richard Pulteney. Pulteney, Richard 33b Printed for J. Mawman, in the Poultry by R. Taylor and Co. 1805 Digital version available
A grammar of botany : illustrative of artificial, as well as natural classification, with an explanation of Jussieu's system / by James Edward Smith. Smith, James Edward (1759-1828) 818 Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1821 Digital version available
A list of linnaean generic names and their types / compiled by C.E. Jarvis ... [et al.] ; on behalf of the Special Committee on Lectotypification, Subcommittee on the Lectotypification of Linnaean generic names. Jarvis, C.E. 4239 Koeltz 1993 Digital version available
A passion for systems : Linnaeus and the dream of order in nature / Text, Nils Uddenberg ; conception and photography, Helene Schmitz ; botanical information and picture captions, Pia Östensson ; english translation, Rachelle Puryear and Hakan Lövgren. Uddenberg, Nils Schmitz, Helene Östensson, Pia Puryear, Rachelle... 4032 Natur & Kultur 2007 Digital version available
A selection of the correspondence of Linnaeus and other naturalists : from the original manuscripts / by Sir James Edward Smith. Smith, James Edward 2471 s.n 1821 Digital version available
A voyage to China and the East Indies / by Peter Osbeck. together with A voyage to Suratte / by Olof Torren. and An account of the chinese husbandry / by Captain Charles Gustavus Eckeberg ; translated from the german by John Reinhold Forster ; to which are added A faunula and flora sinensis. Osbeck, Pehr, (1723-1805). 3601 printed for Benjamin White 1771 Digital version available
Annals of botany / editors, Charles Konig and John Sims. König, Karl Dietrich Eberhard Sims, John Willdenow, Karl Ludwig 523 Editors 1805-1806 Digital version available
Antonii Goüan ... Hortus regius monspeliensis, sistens plantas tum indigenas tum exoticas no. MM.CC ad genera relatas : cum nominibus specificis, synonymis selectis, nominibus trivialibus, habitationibus indigenarum, hospitiis exoticarum, secumdum sexualen methodum digestas. Gouan, Antoine, (1733-1821). 643a Sumptibus Fratrum de Tournes 1762 Digital version available
Atlas botanique ou clef du Jardin de l'Univers : d'après les principes de Tournefort et de Linné / réunis par Lefebure. Lefebure, Louis F. Henri 4244 chez l'auteur 1817 Digital version available
Bibliotheca botanica : qua scripta ad rem herbariam facientia, a rerum initiis recensentur / auctore Alberto von Haller. Haller, Albrecht von. 1276 Apud Orell, Gessner, Fuessli et Socc. 1771-1772 Digital version available
Bibliotheca botanica : secundum botanices partes, locos, chronologiam, formam, auctores, volumen, titulos, petium et recensiones, concinnata / auctore, Friederico a Miltitz ; praefatus est Ludovicus Reichenbach = Handbuch der botanischen Literatur : für Botaniker, Bibliothekare, Buchhändler und Auctionatoren, Angabe der Preise und Recensionen / von Friedrich von Miltitz ; mit einer Vorrede von Ludwig Reichenbach. Miltitz, Friedrich Joseph Franz Xaver von 3647 A. Rucker 1829 Digital version available
Bibliotheca botanica [Facsímil] : recensens libros plus mille de plantis huc usque editos, secundum systema auctorum naturale in classes, ordines, genera & species dispositos, additis editionis loco, tempore, forma, lingua &c. cum explicatione Fundamentorum botanicorum pars Ima. recensens libros plus mille de Plantis ... cum explicatione Fundamentorum Botanicorum Pars Ima / Caroli Linnaei. Linné, Carl von, (1707-1778). 4478 W. Fritsch 1968 Digital version available
Bibliotheca botanica, sive Catalogus auctorum et librorum, qui de re botanica, de medicamentis ex vegetabilibus paratis, de re rustica, & de horticultura tractant / a Joanne Francisco Seguierio Nemausense digestus ; accessit Bibliotheca botanica Jo. Ant. Bumaldi, seu potius Ovidii Montalbani Bononiensis, nec non auctuarium in bibliothecam botanicam cl. Sequierii opera Laur. Theod. Gronovii. Séguier, Jean-François, (1703-1784). 3613 Apud Cornelium Haak 1760 Digital version available
Car. a Linné ... Mantissa plantarum altera generum editionis VI & specierum editionis II / Carl von Linne. Linné, Carl von, (1707-1778). 312 Laurentii Salvii 1771 Digital version available
Car. a Linné Mantissa plantarum generum editionis VI et specierum editionis II. Linné, Carl von, (1707-1778). 311 Impensis Direct. Laurentii Salvii1767. Digital version available
Car. a Linée Mantissa plantarum generum editionis VI et specierum editionis II. Linné, Carl von, (1707-1778). 311b Typis Ioannis Thomae nob. de Trattnern, Caes. Reg. Aulae Typographi et Bibliop.] 1770 Digital version available