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Title Author Soulsby Publisher Year
A Linnaean keepsake issued to commemorate the opening of the Strandell collection of Linnaeana at the Hunt Botanical Library, Carnegie-Mellon University 3902 Hunt Botanical Library 1973 Digital version available
A catalogue of the Linnaean Herbarium comp. and annot. by Spencer Savage Savage, Spencer 3536b Taylor & Francis 1945 Digital version available
A catalogue of the works of Linnaeus (and publications more immediately relating thereto) preserved in the libraries of the British Museum (Bloomsbury) and the British Museum (Natural History) (South Kensington) [comp. by B. H. Soulsby] 3677 British Museum 1933 Digital version available
A list of Linnaean generic names and their types comp. by C. E. Jarvis ... 4239 Koeltz 1993 Digital version available
Ada - Bic. Correspondence of Linnaeus 4241 Digital version available
Aer habitabilis praeside ... Carolo Linnaeo ... sistit Johannes Vict. Siefvert Siefvert, Johan Victor 2091 1759 Digital version available
Ambrosiaca praeside ... Carolo Linnaeo ... submittit examini Jacobus Hideen Hidén, Jacob 2044 1759 Digital version available
Amphibia gyllenborgiana praeside ... Carolo Linnaeo ... subjecta Barth. Rudolpho Hast Hast, Barthold Rudolf 1413 1745 Digital version available
An index to the vascular plants of Willdenow's species plantarum, volumes 1 - 5(1), 1797 - 1810 Neil A. Harriman Harriman, Neil A. 4067 Univ. of Wisconsin 1979 Digital version available
Anders Sparrman. The Linnaeus apostles 4013 2007 Digital version available
Animalia composita praeside ... Carolo Linnaeo ... submittit ... Albertus Bäck Bäck, Albrect 2036 1759 Digital version available
Anthropomorpha praeside ... Car. Linnaeo ... proposuit Christianus Emmanuel Hoppius Hoppius, Christian Emmanuel 1304/105 Salvius 1763 Digital version available
Anton Rolandsson Martin, Johan Peter Falck. The Linnaeus apostles 4007 2007 Digital version available
Arboretum Svecicum praeside ... Carolo Linnaeo ... submittit David Davidis Pontin Pontin, David Davidsson 2046 1759 Digital version available
Archiater Caroli Linnaei föreläsningar uti botaniquen [Otto Gertz] 3554 Förlagsaktiebolagets 1914 Digital version available
Auctores botanici in dissertatione propositi sub praesidio ... Caroli Linnaei ... defert Augustinus Loo 2017 1759 Digital version available
Auctores botanici in dissertatione propositi sub praesidio Caroli Linnaei ... defert Augustinus Loo 4059 Bokförl. Rediviva 1970 Digital version available
Auxiliante Deo et annuente nob. atque exper. Facult. Med. in illustri ad Salam Svionum Athenaeo, Dissertationem academicam, Fundamenta ornithologica exhibituram praeside ... Carolo von Linné ... submittit Andreas Petr. Bäckman Bäckman, Anders Petrus 2285 1765 Digital version available
Bibliographia Linnaeana 3680 1907 Digital version available
Botanik und weltweiter Handel Staffan Müller-Wille zur Begründung eines natürlichen Systems der Pflanzen durch Carl von Linné (1707 - 78) 4232 VWB, Verl. für Wiss. und Bildung 1999 Digital version available