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An epitome of the second edition of Hortus Kewensis, for the use of practical gardeners; to which is added, A selection of esculent vegetables and fruits cultivated in the Royal Gardens at Kew, By W. T. Aiton, gardener to his Majesty. Aiton, William Townsend, 1766-1849. 802h Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1814 Digital version available
Caroli Allionii ... Rariorum Pedemontii stirpium. Specimen primum. Allioni, Carlo, 1725-1804. 635e Excudebant Zappata, et Avondus 1755 Digital version available
Stirpium praecipuarum littoris et agri Nicaeensis enumeratio methodica : cum elencho aliquot animalium ejusdem maris / a Carolo Allionio ... Allioni, Carlo, 1725-1804. 637c Apud Claudium-Joannem Baptistam Bauche 1757 Digital version available
Linné om Skaparen. Almer, Tage. 3890 Gleerup 1968 Digital version available
Flora Jadrensis, complectens plantas phaenogamas hucusque in agro Jadertino detectas et secundum systema Linnaeano-Sprengelianum redactas, a And. Alschinger. Alschinger, Andreas, 1791-1864. 842be Typographia Battara 1832 Digital version available
Index plantarum, præcipue officinalium : quae in Horto Medico Edinburgensi / a Carolo Alston demonstrantur. Alston, Charles, 1683-1760. 255 W. Sands [etc.] 1740 Digital version available
Tirocinium botanicum Edinburgense / conscriptum a Carolo Alston. Alston, Charles, 1683-1760. 263 Typis W. Sands, A. Murray, & J. Cochran 1753 Digital version available
The botanist's repository, for new, and rare plants. Containing coloured figures of such plants, as have not hitherto appeared in any similar publication; with all their essential characters, botanically arranged, after the sexual system of the celebrated Linnaeus; in English and Latin. To each description is added, a short history of the plant ... The whole executed by Henry Andrews. Andrews, Henry Charles, active 1799-1828. 760k The Author 1797-[1814?] Digital version available
Petri Arduini Veronensis Horti Publici Patavini custodis Animadversionum botanicarum specimen. Arduino, Pietro, 1728-1805. 3886 Ex Typographia Conzatti 1759 Digital version available
Petri Harduini Veronensis Horti Publici Patavini custodis Animadversionum botanicarum specimen alterum. Arduino, Pietro, 1728-1805. 3887 Ex Typographia Sansoniana 1764 Digital version available
Ichtyologia; sive, Opera omnia de piscibus scilicet: Bibliotheca ichtyologica, Philosophia ichtyologica, Genera piscium, Synonymia specierum, Descriptiones specierum ... Posthuma ... edidit Carolus Linnaeus. Artedi, Peter, 1705-1735. 3563 C. Wishoff 1738 Digital version available
Prolegomena in systema sexuale botanicorum, tabulis aeneis ad facilius intelligendos terminos illustrata. Augustin, Samuel, 1729-1792. 676 R. Graeffer 1777 Digital version available
Compendio de botanica, do Doutor Felix de Avellar Brotero, addicionado e posto em harmonia com os conhecimentos actuaes desta sciencia, segundo os botanicos mais celebres, como Mirbel, De Candolle, Richard, Lecoq, e outros ... Por Antonio Albino da Fonseca Benevides. Avellar Brotero, Felix de, 1744-1828. 723 Typ. da mesma Academia 1837-1839 Digital version available
Compendio de botanica, ou Noçoens elementares desta sciencia, segundo os melhores escritores modernos, expostas na lingua portugueza. Avellar Brotero, Felix de, 1744-1828. 722 P. Martin 1788 Digital version available
Catalogus bibliothecae historico-naturalis Josephi Banks ... auctore Jona Dryander. Banks, Joseph, 1743-1820. 3639 Typis Gul. Bulmer et Soc. 1796-1800 Digital version available
Hortus Americanus : containing an account of the trees, shrubs, and other vegetable productions of South-America and the West India Islands, and particularly of the island of Jamaica : interspersed with many curious and useful observations, respecting their uses in medicine, diet, and mechanics / by the late Henry Barham ; to which are added, a Linnaean index, &c. &c. &c. Barham, Henry, 1670?-1726. 754* Printed and published by Alexander Aikman 1794 Digital version available
Principios de botanica, sacados de los mejores escritores, y puestos en la lengua castellana, parte primera. Barnades, Miguel, 1708-1771. 649c Impr. de Antonio Perez De Soto 1767 Digital version available
Elements of botany, or Outlines of the natural history of vegetables. Barton, Benjamin Smith, 1766-1815. 779 Printed for the author. 1803 Digital version available
Dissertatio inauguralis botanica sistens dispositionem generum plantarum Ienensium secundum Linnaeum et familias naturales ... Batsch, A. J. G. K. 1761-1802. 711a Litteris Hellerianis 1786 Digital version available
Synopsis universalis analytica generum plantarum : fere omnium hucusque cognitorum quam secundum methodum sexualem, corollinam, et carpologicam adiunctis ordinibus naturalibus ... / exaravit A.I.G.C. Batsch. Batsch, A. J. G. K. 1761-1802. 754b Sumtibus Bibliopolii Croekeriani 1793-1794 Digital version available