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Darwin, Erasmus (1731-1802).
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The botanic garden : a poem, in two parts : containing the economy of vegetation and the loves of the plants. With philosophical notes / by Erasmus Darwin, M.D.
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The economy of vegetation Loves of the plants Temple of nature
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Post-Soulsby no. 4886

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Jones & Company
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Pp. viii, 9-203, [1], 100, [8] leaves of plates : illus., frontis. (port.), chart ; 22.2 cm (4°)
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Signatures: [A] - Z4 Aa-Bb4 Cc2 [$1 signed]. Opening collation runs [A]1, 2, 4, 3 (pp. [i-iv], vii-viii, v-vi).
Part II of The Botanic Garden (The loves of the plants) was published first, in 1789, and part I (The economy of vegetation) in 1791. By that time, however, part II had appeared in a second edition (1790), and each subsequent edition can be considered as a composite of two editions, until the third/fourth edition of 1795/94. There followed another "fourth" edition in 1799, and an unnumbered posthumous edition in 1824. See Henrey 468-471, 612-614 for details.
Printed in double columns.
Contents notes:
Darwin's second poem, The temple of nature, is bound together with The botanic garden; both works have title-pages with the same imprint statement. It is not known whether they were issued together. Additional notes for Part I (The economy of vegetation): 1. Meteors. 2. Primary colours. 3. Coloured clourds. 4. Comets. 5. Sun's rays. 6. Central fires. 7. Elementary heat. 8. Memnon's lyre. 9. Luminous insects. 10. Phosphorus. 11. Steam-engine. 12. Frost. 13. Electricity [& fairy-rings]. 14. Buds and bulbs. 15. Solar volcanoes. 16. Calcareous earth. 17. Morasses. 18. Iron. 19. Flint. 20. Clay. 21. Enamels. 22. Portland vase. 23. Coal. 24. Granite. 25. Evaporation. 26. Springs. 27. Shell fish. 28. Sturgeon. 29. Oil on water. 30. Ship-worm. 31. Maelstrom. 32. Glacier. 33. Winds. 34. Vegetable perspiration. 35. Vegetable placentation. 36. Vegetable circulation. 37. Vegetable respiration. 38. Vegetable impregnation. 39. Vegetable glandulation. - Additional notes for part II (The loves of the plans) are not so numbered, but the major note is the Description of the poison-tree in the island of Java. [A]1r, title; [A]2r, title of part I; [A]3r-4r, advertisement and commendatory verses by the Rev. W.B. Stephens, R. Polwhele, W. Cowper, W. Hayley, and F.N.C. Mundy; [A]4r-v, proem and apology. Part I, The economy of vegetation: B1r-D1r (pp. 1-25), canto I; D1v-E4v (pp. 26-40), canto II; F1r-G3r (pp. 41-53), canto III; G3v-I2v (pp. 54-68), canto IV; I3r-4v (pp. 69-72), contents of the notes to part I; K1r-Q3r (pp. 73-125), additional notes; Q3v (p. 126), visit of hope to Sidney Cove, near Botany Bay (poem); Q4r-R2r (pp. 127-131), contents of the additional notes. Part II, The loves of the plants: R3r, title; R4r-v (pp. 135-6), preface; S1r-T3v (pp. 137-140), canto I; T4r-U1r (pp. 151-3), interlude; U1v-X1r (pp. 154-161), canto II; X1v-X2r (pp. 162-3), interlude II; X2v-Y3r (pp. 164-173), canto III; Y3v-Z1r (pp. 174-7), interlude III; Z1v-Aa3r (pp. 178-189), canto IV; Aa3v-Bb2r (pp. 190-5), additional notes; Bb2v (p. 196), fairy-scene from Mr. Mundy's "Needwood Forest"; Bb3r-v (pp. 197-8), catalogue of the poetic exhibition; Bb4r-Cc1r (pp. 199-201), contents of the notes; Cc1v-2r (pp. 202-3), index of the names of the plantes; Cc2v, directions to the binder.
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Darwin, Erasmus (1731-1802) (Portrait).
Classification system: Linnaeus.
Plant physiology.
Antiaris toxicaria.
18th century.
Additional author(s):
Cowper, William
Hayley, William
Mundy, Francis Noel Clarke
Polwhele, Richard
Stephens, W. B.
Fuller, Olive Lucy ( -2004) (Former owner).
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Jones and Company (London, England)
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Bound in full green sheep with frames on boards consisting of a row of gilt floral devices between two gilt single fillets. Rounded spine with panels demarcated by rows of gilt floral devices, with further central floral devices in each panel. Black morocco lettering piece with gilt dotted lines and decorative rolls, and gilt title BOTANIC / GARDEN. Gilt floral devices on turn-ins. Varnished edges. Endpapers marbled in blue Spanish pattern.