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Observationes in methodum plantarum sexualem cel. Linnaei, ... LUDWIG, Christian Gottlieb, 1709-1773. 627 ex Officina Langenhemiana 1739 Digital version available
Dissertatio inauguralis botanico-medica sistens Systemata plantarum recentiora ... submittit Paulus Dietericus Giseke ... GISEKE, Paul Dietrich, 1741-1796. 650 ex Officina Schulziana 1767 Digital version available
Dominici Vandelli ... Fasciculus plantarum cum novis generibus et speciebus. VANDELLI, Domenico. 3888 ex Typographia Regia 1771 Digital version available
Petri Arduini ... animadversionum botanicarum specimen. ARDUINO, Pietro, 1728-1805. 3886 ex typographia Conzatti 1759 Digital version available
Collectio epistolarum quas ad viros illustres et clarissimos scripsit Carolus a Linne. Accedunt opuscula pro et contra virum immortalem scripta, extra Sueciam rarissima. Edidit Dietericus Henricus Stoever ... LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778 2470 impensis B.G. Hoffmann 1792 Digital version available
The generic characters in the English Botany, collated with those of Linne. SALISBURY, Richard Anthony. 786 printer Bulmer & Co. 1806 Digital version available
Clavis Anglica linguae botanicae, or, a botanical lexicon, in which the terms of botany, particularly those occurring in the works of Linnaeus, and other modern writers, are applied, derived, explained, contrasted, and exemplified. BERKENHOUT, John, 1730?-1791. 30 privately 1764 Digital version available
Catalogue of the exhibition of books to be held in a locality of the Royal Zoological Institution "Natura Artis Magistra," ... comprising: I. Botanical Incunabula ... II. Linnaeana exhibited on occasion of the bicentenary of Linnés ''Systema Naturae'', Ed. 1 ... III. Books quoted in Dr. Sirks Historical introduction to his "Botany in the Netherlands". HUNGER, F. W. T. (Friedrich Wilhelm Tobias), 1874-. 4469 s.n 1935 Digital version available
Linné om öl och ölbrygd. UGGLA, Arvid Hj. (Arvid Hjalmar), 1883-1964. 4621 s.n 1960 Digital version available
Om ett värdefullt Linné-fynd. STRANDELL, Birger, 1901-1993. 4651 s.n 1977 Digital version available
Dissertatio, corallia baltica adumbrans, quam, consensu Ampliss. Facultat. Medicae in Regia Academia Upsaliensi, praeside, celeberrimo et experientissimo viro, domino Doct. Carolo Linnaeo ... publicae bonorum censurae submittit Henricus Fougt ... in Audit. Carol. <akpro ad doe, VIII. Junii Anni MDCCXLV. Horis, ante meridiem, consuetis. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778. 1401 s.n 1745 Digital version available
Index supellectilis lapideae, quam collegit Johannes Fredericus Gronovius. LINNAEUS, Carl 3609 s.n 1740 Digital version available
Disputationem botanico-medicam inauguralem, qua Ficus, ejusque historia naturalis & medica exhibetur, cum consensu Ampliss. Facult. Medica, in Reg. Acad. Upsaliensi, Praeside, celeberrimo & experientissimo viro, Dn. Doct. Carolo Linnaeo ... Pro consuetis in medicina honoribus, publice ventilandam sistit Cornelius Hegardt, scanus. In auditorio Carol. Majori, ad diem XV. Sept. Horis ante & post meridiem solitis. Anni MDCCXLIV. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778. 1389 s.n 1744 Digital version available
Die Grazer Ausgaben von Linnés Amoenitates Academicae. WIDDER, Felix J. 1328a s.n 1967 Digital version available
Disputatio medica, de Morsura serpentum, quam, indultu nob. atque exper. ord. med. in supremo Ad Salam Lycaeo, sub praesidio viri nobilissimi nec non experientissimi D:ni Doct. Caroli Linnaei ... publice ventilandam exhibet ... Joh. Gustavus Acrell ... In Aud. Car. Maj. Ad D. XVI. Junii, MDCCLXII. Horis Ante Meridiem Consuetis. LINNAEUS, Carl 2169 s.n 1762 Digital version available
L'étoile polaire : Linné / Luciano Bernardi. BERNARDI, Luciano. 4252 s.n 1979 Digital version available
The chronicle of a ''Book''. GRIGG, E. R. N. (Emanuel R. N.), 1916-. 4643 s.n 1957 Digital version available
Upsala Academiae Rector Carl Linnaeus halsar denna academiens och stadsens samtelige Fader och Inbyggare, sa af hogre som nedrigare stand. 1750, Februarii 24, Upsala. LINNAEUS, Carl. 1587 s.n 1750 Digital version available
[Trial proof of a page of the ''Species Plantarum'', 1st edition, in folio format]. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778 4846 s.n 1753? Digital version available
Linnean Cabinet of Minerals : a catalogue of the genuine and entire collection of the late celebrated Swedish naturalist, Sir Charles Linne, together with many valuable posthumous additions, (the whole having correct reference to last improved edition of the Systema Naturae, by Professor Gmelin;) which will be sold by auction by Mr. King, at his Great Room, King-Street, Covent-Garden, on Tuesday, March 1, 1796, and following day ... KING, Thomas, fl. 1781-1822. 3442 s.n 1796 Digital version available