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Notes on a catalogue of the Linnean Herbarium. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778. 3491/6 Printed for the Linnean Society by Taylor & Francis 1922 Digital version available
Catalogue of the Linnean specimens of amphibia, insecta, and testacea, noted by Carl von Linné / transcribed and codified by Benjamin Daydon Jackson. JACKSON, Benjamin Daydon, 1846-1927. 3491/4 Linnean Society of London 1913 Digital version available
Index to the Linnean Herbarium with indication of the types of species marked by Carl von Linné. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778. 3491/3 Linnean Society of London. 1912 Digital version available
On a manuscript list of the Linnean Herbarium in the handwriting of Carl von Linné presumably compiled in the year 1755 ... to which is appended a Catalogue of the Genera in the Herbarium, with the numbers of sheets of specimens. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778. 3491/2 Linnean Society 1907 Digital version available
Skaparens afsikt med naturens verk : en promotionsföreläsning af Linné 1763 / meddelad af Arvid Hj. Uggla. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778 4916 Almqvist & Wiksells Boktryckeri 1947 Digital version available
Magnol's Botanicum Monspeliense and Linnaeus's Flora Monspeliensis. MAGNOL, Pierre, 1638-1715. 4915 s.n 1973 Digital version available
L : 50 objects, stories & discoveries from the Linnean Society of London. CHARMANTIER, Isabelle. BERWICK, Leonie. 4914 The Linnean Society of London 2020 Digital version available
The lord treasurer of botany : Sir James Edward Smith and the Linnaean collections. KENNETT, Tom. 4912 Linnaean Society of London 2016 Digital version available
The naming of the shrew : a curious history of Latin names. WRIGHT, John, 1951- 1951-. 4911 Bloomsbury 2014 Digital version available
Carl Linnaeus, James Edward Smith, and the Linnean Society of London. CHARMANTIER, Isabelle. 4910 The Collector Ltd. 2019 Digital version available
Floral poetry : from Fredriksdal Manor / with text by Carl von Linné 1707-1773. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778. 4909 Helsingborgs Museum 1998 Digital version available
Domenico Cirillo a Carlo Linneo : lettere. CIRILLO, Domenico, 1739-1799. 4908 Giannini Editore 2011 Digital version available
Kiär hustru, wackra barn, bodde i ett palais : identitet och materialitet i hushållet von Linné. PONTÉN, Annika Windahl. 4906 Uppsala Universitet 2020 Digital version available
1903 journal IV Hammarby. SKOMARS, Josefine. 4905 Tiger of Sweden AB 2020? Digital version available
Il sonno delle piante : 1755. LINNÉ, Carl von, 1707-1778. 4903 Aboca 2019 Digital version available
Linnaeus at home. BURTON, Joe. 4902 The Linnean Society of London 2019 Digital version available
Exemplar auctoris : Linnés Genera plantarum i Krapperups slottsbibliotek. 4878 Digital version available
Mannen som ordnade naturen : en biografi över Carl von Linné. BROBERG, Gunnar, 1942-. 4877 Natur & Kultur 2019 Digital version available
What Linnaeus saw : a scientist's quest to name every living thing. BEIL, Karen Magnuson. 4876 Norton Young Readers, an imprint of W.W. Norton & Company 2019 Digital version available
Linnaea borealis L. in England ... / Robert J. Flintoff. FLINTOFF, Robert John, 1873-1941. 4868 T. Buncle 1936 Digital version available