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Title Author Soulsby Publisher Year
Linnaeus, genius of Uppsala / Helena Harnesk ; translated by Skans Victoria Airey, botanical information, Bengt Jonsell. Harnesk, Helena, 1938- 4034 Hallgren & Fallgren 2007 Digital version available
Linnaeus, 1707-1778. Hillhouse, William, 1850-1910. 2873 1907 Digital version available
Linnaeus's Öland and Gotland journey 1741 : translated from the Swedish edition 1745 / by Marie Åsborg & William T. Stearn ; with an introduction by William T. Stearn. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 3906 Academic Press for the Linnean Society of London 1973 Digital version available
Linnaeus's notes on Plumier drawings with special reference to Mimosa latisiliqua / [by] R.M. Polhill & W.T. Stearn. Polhill, R. M 919r Digital version available
Linnaeus's diary Pulteney, Richard, 1730-1801. 2640 Printed for J. Mawman 1805 Digital version available
Linnaeus's abbreviated references / W. T. Stearn. Stearn, William Thomas, 1911-2001. 301a Digital version available
Linnaeus's Flora Anglica / [transcribed by W.R. Clarke ; introductory note by James Britten] Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 1809a 1909 Digital version available
Linnaeus' Philosophia botanica / translated by Stephen Freer. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 3921 Oxford University Press 2003 Digital version available
Linnaeus on the appendages of Trilobites [a further letter] / Sv. Leonk. [sic] Törnqvist Törnqvist, Sv. Leonh. 1840-1920 1022 Dulau 1896 Digital version available
Linnaeus on intoxicants : pharmacology, sobriety and latinity in 18th century Sweden Parker, Henry Herbin. 3120bwc 1977 Digital version available
Linnaeus in medal art. 3417a Society of Friends of the Royal Coin Cabinet 1978 Digital version available
Linnaeus in England. Uggla, Arvid Hjalmar, 1883-1964. 3120aga 1936 Digital version available
Linnaeus commemorated : addresses delivered at the Academic Session on the 23rd of May, 1957, in the Ridderzaal of the Town Hall, Haarlem / 1707 - May 23rd - 1957. 3120bbc National Museum for the History of Science 1957 Digital version available
Linnaeus at Uppsala : his garden and his home. Uggla, Arvid Hjalmar, 1883-1964. 4573 Svenska Linnésällskapet 1963 (1964). Digital version available
Linnaeus and the Linnaeans : the spreading of their ideas in systematic botany, 1735-1789 / Frans A. Stafleu. Stafleu, Frans A. 1921-1997 3120zaf 1971 Digital version available
Linnaeus and his several descriptions of the scale insect <Coccus uvaeursi>, now known as <Eriococcus uvaeursi> (Linnaeus) (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Eriococcidae) / D. J. Williams and Carl-Axel Gertsson Williams, Douglas John, 1924- 3884 Taylor & Francis 2005 Digital version available
Linnaeus and his collections Britten, James, 1846-1924. 2847 Burns Oates & Washbourne 1924 Digital version available
Linnaeus and botany. Blunt, Wilfrid, 1901-1987 9190 1971 Digital version available
Linnaeus and Jussieu ; or, The rise and progress of systematic botany. A popular biography, with an historical introduction and sequel 2708 J.W. Parker 1844 Digital version available
Linnaeus Auslandsreise : Caroli Linnaei ... Iter ad exteros, susceptum 1734, aggressum 1735 / aus dem Schwedischen übersetzt von Felix Bryk. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 190 Cederquist 1919 Digital version available