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Proceedings of the Centenary and Bicentenary Congress of Biology, Singapore, December 2-9, 1958 : papers delivered in the University of Malaya in commemoration of the works of Darwin, Wallace and Linnaeus / ed. by R. D. Purchon Purchon, Richard Denison Darwin, Charles Robert, 1809-1882 Wallace, Alfred Russel,... 4254 University of Malaya Press 1960 Digital version available
Genera plantarum : fifth edition 1754 / Carl Linnæus ; with an introduction by William T. Stearn Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 3946 Engelmann (J. Cramer) ; Codicote :Wheldon & Wesley 1960 Digital version available
Three prefaces on Linnaeus and Robert Brown / by William T. Stearn Stearn, William Thomas 4204 J. Cramer 1962 Digital version available
Carl von Linné : Arzt, Naturforscher, Systematiker, 1707-1778 / von Heinz Goerke Goerke, Heinz 4020 Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft 1966 Digital version available
Carl von Linnés Brefvexling / Ewald Aehrling Aehrling, Ewald 2485a IDC 1967 Digital version available
Linneana in the collection of the National Agricultural Library / [comp. by Mortimer L. Naftalin] Naftalin, Mortimer L 4459 National Agricultural Library 1968 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei ... Bibliotheca botanica recensens libros plus mille de plantis huc usque editos, secundum systema auctorum naturale in classes, ordines, genera & species dispositos, additis editionis loco, tempore, forma, lingua &c, cum explicatione Fundamentorum botanicorum pars 1ma. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 250a W. Fritsch 1968 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei med. doct. Musa Cliffortiana florens Hartecampi 1736 prope Harlemum Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 275 éditeur non identifié 1968 Digital version available
Mantissa plantarum 1767 & 1771 / Carl Linnaeus ; with an introduction by William T. Stearn Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 4060 J. Carmer 1971 Digital version available
Linnaeus and the linnaeans : the spreading of their ideas in systematic botany, 1735-1789 / Frans A. Stafleu Stafleu, Frans Antonie 4031 A.Oosthoek's Uitgeversmaatschappij N.V. 1971 Digital version available
Reason and experience : the representation of natural order in the work of Carl von Linné / by James L. Larson Larson, James L 3910 University of California Press 1971 Digital version available
The compleat naturalist : a life of Linnaeus / Wilfrid Blunt Blunt, Wilfrid 4028 éditeur non identifié 1971 Digital version available
Synopsis methodica stirpium Britannicarum / John Ray. Flora Anglica, 1754 and 1759 / Carl Linnaeus ; facsimiles with an introd. by William T. Stearn Ray, John, 1627-1705 4061 Ray Society 1973 Digital version available
A Linnaean keepsake : issued to commemorate the opening of the Strandell collection of Linnaeana at the Hunt Botanical Library, Carnegie-Mellon University / introd. by Birger Strandell Strandell, Birger 3902 Hunt Botanical Library of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation 1973 Digital version available
Linnés Sverige / K.W. Gullers, Birger Strandell ; foto, K.W. Gullers, Peter Gullers, Björn Enström Gullers, Karl Werner, 1916-1998 4294 Gullers produktion] ;Gullers international 1977 Digital version available
Charles de Linné / K.W. Gullers, Birger Strandell ; photo K.W. Gullers ... [et al.] Gullers, K.W 4295 Gullers International 1977 Digital version available
Linnés korrespondance med Pehr Osbeck 1750-1753 : Med indledning og anmærkninger / Fox Maule, Anne & Carlo Hansen Fox Maule, Anne Hansen, Carlo 4411 1978 Digital version available
Brown-eyed, nimble, hasty, did everything promptly : Carl Linnaeus 1707-1778 / Gunnar Broberg ; ill. by Ylva Källström-Eklund Broberg, Gunnar 4050 University 1978 Digital version available
L'étoile polaire: Linné / Luciano Bernardi Bernardi, Luciano 4252 éditeur non identifié 1979 Digital version available
Parasites as plant taxonomists : proceedings of a symposium held in Uppsala, August 25-27, 1978, in commemoration of Carolus Linnaeus, Carl Peter Thunberg, Elias Fries / ed. by Inga Hedberg Hedberg, Inga Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 Thunberg, Carl Peter,... 4251 Almquist and Wiksell 1979 Digital version available