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Analecta epistolarum, in primis historiam et res litterarias Sveciae illustrantium. Specimen VII. Venia ampliss. facult. philos. Ups. exhibent Olavus Andreae Knös, ... et Jacobus Malmberg, Stockholmiensis. In audit. Gust. maj. d. XXII. Junii. anno MDCCXCII. Knös, Olof, 1756-1804 2468 1792 Digital version available
Caroli Linnæi Flora Lapponica, exhibens plantas per Lapponiam crescentes, secundum systema sexuale, collectas in itinere impensis Soc. reg. scient. Upsaliensis, anno 1732 instituto. Additis synonymis, et locis natalibus omnium, descriptionibus et figuris rariorum, viribus medicatis et oeconomicis plurimarum. Editio altera, aucta et emendata studio & cura Jacobi Edvardi Smith Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 281 1792 Digital version available
The animal kingdom, or zoological system of the celebrated Linnæus; class I. mammalia: containing a complete systematic description, arrangement, and nomenclature, of all the known species and varieties of the mammalia, or animals which give suck to their young; being a translation of that part of the systema naturæ, as lately published, with great improvements, by professor Gmelin of Goettingen. Together with numerous additions from more recent zoological writers, an illustrated with copperplates: by Robert Kerr ... Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 122 1792 Digital version available
Vita Caroli a Linné... med. et botan. prof. : Ups. 2628 1792 Digital version available
Collectio epistolarvm quas ad viros illustres et clarissimos scripsit Carolus a Linné. Accedunt opuscula pro et contra virum immortalem scripta, extra Sueciam rarissima. Edidit Dietericus Henricus Stoever ... Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 2462 1792 Digital version available
Vid Linnés-festen i Jönköping den 16 november 1872. Bursell, Bernhard Salomon 2745b 1792 Digital version available
Archiatern och riddaren Carl von Linnees Termini botanici eller Botaniska ord, samlade och med anmärkningar på swenska öfwersatta af Bengt And. Euphrasén. Götheborg, tryckt hos Lars Wahlström, 1792 Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 2198 (Wahlström 1792 Digital version available
Système de la nature de Charles de Linné. Classe premiere du regne animal, contenant les quadrupèdes vivipares & les cétacées. Traduction françoise, par mr. Vanderstegen de Putte ... D'après la 13:me édition latine, mise au jour, augmentée & corrigée par J. F. Gmelin. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 127 1793 Digital version available
Caroli a Linné ... systema natvræ, per regna tria natvræ, secvndvm classes, ordines, genera, species, cvm characteribvs, differentiis, synonymis, locis. Tomvs secvndvs. Editio in Lvsitania prima correcta secvndvm editionem decimam tertiam avctam, et reformatam cvra Jo: Frid. Gmelin ... Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 126 1793 Digital version available
Caroli a Linné ... clavis medicinæ dvplex, exterior & interior ... Editio prima Neapolitana Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 983 1793 Digital version available
An introduction to botany. Containing an explanation of the theory of that science; extracted from the works of Dr. Linnæus; with 12 copper-plates, two explanatory tables, an appendix and glossary. The fifth edition, corrected, by James Lee ... Lee, James, 1715-1795 458 1794 Digital version available
Zoologische Beyträge zur XIII. Ausgabe des Linneischen Natursystems von Johann August Donndorff. Zweyter Band. Die Vögel. Erster Theil Raubvögel, Spechtartige Vögel, Schwimmvögel und Sumpfvögel. Donndorf, Johann August, 1754-1837 124 1794 Digital version available
An illustration of the sexual system of Linnæus, by Iohn Miller. Miller, John Sebastian, 1715-1790 670 1794 Digital version available
A botanical nomenclator; containing a systematical arrangement of the classes, orders, genera, and species of plants, as described in the new edition of Linnæus's systema naturæ, by dr. Gmelin, of Gottingen. To which are added, alphabetical indexes of the Latin and English names of the plants, together with the names of the countries of which they are natives: also the number of British Species. By William Forsyth, Junior Forsyth, William, 1772-1835 134 1794 Digital version available
Letters on the elements of botany. Addressed to a lady. By the celebrated J. J. Rousseau. Translated into English, with notes ... by Thomas Martyn ... The fourth edition, with corrections and improvements. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778 704 1794 Digital version available
The life of Sir Charles Linnæus,... to which is added, a copious list of his works, and a biographical sketch of the life of his son : by D.H.Stoever ... Translated from the original German by Joseph Trapp, ... Stöver, Dietrich Heinrich, 1767-1822 2627 1794 Digital version available
Genuine and universal system of natural history; comprising the three kingdoms of animals, vegetables, and minerals, arranged under their respective classes, orders, genera, and species. 12 By the late Sir Charles Linnaeus. Improved, corrected, and enlarged, by J. Frid. Gmelin. Faithfully translated and rendered more complete by the addition of Vaillant's beautiful Birds of Africa [et. al.]. Methodically incorporated and arranged by the editors of the Encyclopedia Londinensis. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 129 1794? Digital version available
Système de la nature de Charles de Linné. Classe deuxième du règne animal, contenant les oiseaux. Traduction française, par Vanderstegen de Putte ... D'après la 13me. édition latine, mise au jour, augmentée et corrigée par J. F. Gmelin. Tome premier. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 128 1796 Digital version available
The language of botany: being a dictionary of the terms made use in that science, principally by Linneus: with familiar explanations, and an attempt to establish significant English terms. The whole interspersed with critical remarks. The second edition, corrected and enlarged. By Thomas Martyn ... Martyn, Thomas, 1735-1825 34b 1796 Digital version available
Animadversiones in classem mammalium Linneanam, ... sub præsidio ... Andr. J. Retzii, ... pro gradu modeste offert Jacob Sönnerberg, Oelandus, stipendiar. sandbergian. D. 12 maji 1796 Retzius, Anders Jahan, 1742-1821 152 1796 Digital version available