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Systema naturae : editio 12 : a microfiche reproduction of the author's personal annotated copy from the Linnean Society of London / Caroli Linne ; with an historical introduction by Alwyne Wheeler. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 3895 The Natural History Museum in association with the Linnean Society of London 1991 Digital version available
A list of linnaean generic names and their types / compiled by C.E. Jarvis ... [et al.] ; on behalf of the Special Committee on Lectotypification, Subcommittee on the Lectotypification of Linnaean generic names. Jarvis, C.E. 4239 Koeltz 1993 Digital version available
Linnaeus : nature and nation / Lisbet Koerner. Koerner, Lisbet 4018 Harvard University Press 1999 Digital version available
Index to scientific names of organisms cited in the Linnaean dissertations : together with a synoptic bibliography of the dissertations and a concordance for selected editions / Robert W. Kiger, Charlotte A. Tancin, Gavin D. R. Bridson. Kiger, Robert W. 4233 Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University 1999 Digital version available
Mutis, apôtre de Linné en Nouvelle Grenade : histoire de la botanique dans la vice-royauté de la Nouvelle-Grenade (1760-1783) / José Antonio Amaya. Amaya, José Antonio 4235 Institut Botànic de Barcelona 1999 Digital version available
Georg Dionysius Ehret and his plate of the sexual system of plants in Linnaeus' own copy of Systema Naturae / compiled by Ove Hagelin. Hagelin, Ove 39a Hagströmer Biblioteket 2000 Digital version available
Herbarium Linnaeanum : the Linnaean collection of the Herbarium of Moscow State University : digital images, comments, historical review / Sergey A. Balandin ... [et al.]. Balandin, Sergey A. 4227 Dehlia Co. 2001 Digital version available
Linneo : el príncipe de los botánicos / Antonio González Bueno. González Bueno, Antonio 4228 Nivola 2001 Digital version available
The compleat naturalist : a life of Linnaeus / Wilfrid Blunt ; introduction by Professor William T. Stearn. Blunt, Wilfrid 4229 Frances Lincoln 2001 Digital version available
Codex botanicus linnaeanus / by Hermann E. Richter ; with a biographical sketch by H. Walter Lack ; and a translation of the introductory text by Sten Hedberg ; edited by John Edmondson. Richter, Hermann Eberhard Friedrich 4126 A. R. G. Gantner Verlag K. G. 2003 Digital version available
Sex, botany & empire : the story of Carl Linnaeus and Joseph Banks / Patricia Fara. Fara, Patricia 4225 Icon Books 2003 Digital version available
Linnaeus' Philosophia Botanica / translated by Stephen Freer. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 3921 Oxford University Press 2003 Digital version available
Les fondements de la botanique : Linné et la classification des plantes / sous la direction de Thierry Hoquet. Hoquet, Thierry 4035 Vuibert 2005 Digital version available
Carl von Linné / por Gunnar Broberg ; redacción, Eva Sigsjö ; traducción, Felipe Mena González. Broberg, Gunnar 4222 Svenska Institutet 2005 Digital version available
Linneo / a cura di Paolo Cottini ; introduzione di Mimma Pallavicini. Cottini, Paolo Pallavicini, Mimma 4218 Grandi Giardini Italiani 2006 Digital version available
Linnaeus in Italy : the spread of a revolution in science / Marco Beretta and Alessandro Tosi, editors. Beretta, Marco. Tosi, Alessandro 3999 Science History Publications 2007 Digital version available
Carl von Linné : den fulländade forskaren / Torbjörn Lindell. Lindell, Torbjörn 4045 Historiska Media 2007 Digital version available
Jag tänker på Linné : han som såg allt / Karin Berglund. Berglund, Karin 3986 Bonnier 2007 Digital version available
A passion for systems : Linnaeus and the dream of order in nature / Text, Nils Uddenberg ; conception and photography, Helene Schmitz ; botanical information and picture captions, Pia Östensson ; english translation, Rachelle Puryear and Hakan Lövgren. Uddenberg, Nils Schmitz, Helene Östensson, Pia Puryear, Rachelle... 4032 Natur & Kultur 2007 Digital version available
Linnés brudkammare = The Bridal Chambers of Linnaeus / Pauline Snoeijs. Snoeijs, Pauline 3972 Artéa Förlag 2007 Digital version available