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Caroli a Linné Equit. Aur. de Stella Polari, Archiatri Regii, Med. et Botan. Profess. Upsal, Acad. Parisin. Petrop. etc. Soc.Amoenitates academicae seu dissertationes variae physicae, medicae botanicae entehac seorsim editae nunc collectae et auctae cum tabulis aeneis. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 1281 Sumtu Jo. Jacobi Palm 1785-1790 Digital version available
Caroli a Linné equitisSystema vegetabilium secundum classes[,] ordines[,] genera[,] species cum characteribus, differentiis, et synonymis. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 613 Sumtibus J. G. Cottae 1817[-1830] Digital version available
Mantissa in volumen primum [secundum, tertium] Systematis vegetabilium Caroli a Linné ex editione Joan. Jac. Roemer M.D. etc. et Jos. Aug. Schultes M.D. etc. / curante I. A. Schultes, M.D. et Prof. P. O. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 615 Sumtibus J. G. Cottae 1822[-1827] Digital version available
Horti Malabarici pars prima, de varii generis arboribus et fruticibus siliquosis; Latinis, Malabaricis, Arabicis, Brachmanum characteribus nominibusque expressis, adjecta florum, fructuum, seminumque vera delineatione, colorum viriumque accurata descriptione / adornata per nobilissimum ac generosissimum D.D. Henricum van Rhede tot Draakestein, Toparcham in Mydrecht, quondam Malabarici Regni Gubernatorem supremi Confessus apud Indos Belgas Senatorem Extraordinarium, nunc vero Equestris Ordinis nomine illustribus ac poæpotentibus Provinciae Ultrajectinae Proceribus ascriptum, et Theodorum Janson ab Almeloveen, M.D. Notis auxit, & commentariis illustravit Joannes Commelinus. Nunc primum classium, generum, et specierum characterers Linnaeanas; synonyma authorum, atque observationes addidit; et indice Linnæano adauxit, Johannes Hill, M.D. Rheede tot Draakestein, Hendrik Adriaan van (1636-1691). 663* Sumptibus authoris 1774 Digital version available
Observations on the Batis maritima of Linnaeus / By John Torrey, F.L.S. [Accepted for publication, September, 1850]. Torrey, John (1796-1873). 509 Smithsonian Institution 1853 Digital version available
Species plantarum, exhibentes plantas rite cognitas, ad genera relatas... / Caroli Linnaei. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 4071 Shokobutsu-Bunken-Kankokwa 1934 Digital version available
Men around Linnaeus / Illustration, text and layout: Annika Silander Hökerberg. Silander-Hökerberg, Annika (1949- ). 4033 Ruter Media Group 2000 Digital version available
Josephi Jacobi Plenck Consiliarii Caesareo-Regii, Chirurgiae Doctoris, Chemiae atque Botanices Professoris Publici, Ordinarii in Academia Medico-Chirurgica Josephina, ejusdemque Academiae Secretarii Perpetui, nec non Directoris Pharmacopoearum Miliatrium atque Chirurgi Status Militaris SupremiIcones plantarum medicinalium secundum systema Linnaei digestarum, cum enumeratione virium et usus medici, chirurgici atque diaetetici. Plenck, Joseph Jacob (1738-1807). 724a Rudolphum Graeffer et Soc. 1788 [-1792]. Digital version available
La botanique de J.-J. Rousseau, contenant tout ce qu'il a écrit sur cette science augmentée de l'exposition de la méthode de Tournefort, de celle du système de Linné; d'un nouveau dictionnaire de botanique, et de notes historiques, etc. / par M. A. Deville, médecin. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques (1712-1778). 4895 Roret 1828 Digital version available
Lachesis Lapponica, or A tour in Lapland : now first published from the original manuscript journal of the celebrated Linnaeus / by James Edward Smith. In two volumes. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 192 Richard Taylor and Co., for White and Cochrane 1811 Digital version available
A new family herbal : or popular account of the nature and properties of the various plants used in medicine, diet, and the arts / By Robert John Thornton, M.D. Lecturer on Botany at Guy's Hospital, &c. &c. The plants drawn from nature, by Henderson, and engraved on wood, by Thomas Bewick. Thornton, Robert John (1768?-1837). 792 Richard Phillips 1810 Digital version available
Voyage au Mont-Pilat dans la province du Lyonnois : contenant des observations sur l'histoire naturelle de cette montagne, & des lieux circonvoisins; suivies du catalogue raisonné des plantes qui y croissent. Latourrette, Marc Antoine Louis Claret de (1729-1793). 655ab Regnault 1770 Digital version available
Dreyhundert auserlesene Amerikanische gewächse nach Linneischer ordnung. Jacquin, Nicolaus Joseph (1727-1817). 646c Raspische Buchhandlung 1785[-1788] Digital version available
A family herbal : or familiar account of the medical properties of British and foreign plants, also their uses in dying, and the various arts, arranged according to the Linnaean system, and illustrated by two hundred and fifty-eight engravings from plants drawn from nature by Henderson, and engraved by Bewick of Newcastle. Thornton, Robert John (1768?-1837). 793 R. and R. Crosby and Co. 1814 Digital version available
Guglielmi Hudsoni, Regiae Societatis Socii et Pharmacopaei Londinensis.Flora Anglica, exhibens plantas per regnum Britannicae sponte crescentes, distributas secundum systema sexuale: cum differentiis specierum, synonymis autorum, nominibus incolarum, solo locorum, tempore florendi, officinalibus pharmacopaeorum. Hudson, William (1734-1793). 643d R. Faulder [et al.] 1798 Digital version available
Whitlaw's new medical discoveries : with a defence of the Linnaean doctrine, and a translation of his Vegetable Materia Medica, which now first appears in an English dress / by Charles Whitlaw. Whitlaw, Charles (1776-1829). 976 Published by the author, 14, Finsbury Place South 1829 Digital version available
The botanist's repository : for new, and rare plants. Containing coloured figures of such plants, as have not hitherto appeared in any similar publication; with all their essential characters, botanically arranged, after the sexual system of the celebrated Linnaeus; in English, and Latin. To each description is added, a short history of the plant, as to its time of flowering, culture, native place of growth, when introduced, and by whom / The whole executed by Henry Andrews. Andrews, Henry Charles (fl.1794-1830s). 760k Published by the author 1797-[1814-1815] Digital version available
Directions for bringing over seeds and plants from the East-Indies and other distant countries, in a state of vegetation: together with a catalogue of such foreign plants as are worthy of being encouraged in our American colonies, for the purposes of medicine, agriculture, and commerce. To which is added, the figure and botanical description of a new sensitive plant, called Dionaea muscipula: or, Venus's fly-trap / By John Ellis, F.R.S. Ellis, John (c.1705-1776). 651 Printed; and sold by L. Davis, Printer to the Royal Society, opposite Gray's-Inn, Holborn MDCCLXX. [1770] Digital version available
The gardeners dictionary : containing the best and newest methods of cultivating and improving the kitchen, fruit, flower garden, and nursery; as also for performing the practical parts of agriculture: including the management of vineyards, with the method of making and preserving the wine, according to the present practice of the most skilful vignerons in the several wine countries in Europe. Together with directions for propagating and improving from real practice and experience, all sorts of timber trees / By Philip Miller, F.R.S. Gardener to the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries, at their Botanick Garden in Chelsea, and member of the Botanick Academy at Florence. Miller, Philip (1691-1771). 637g Printed for the author; and sold by John Rivington, in St. Paul's Church-yard; A. Millar, in the Strand; J. Whiston, B. White, G. Hawkins, in Fleet-street; J. Hinton, in Newgate-street; James Rivington, J. Fletcher, R. Baldwin, J. Richardson, in Pater-noster Row; W. Johnston, in Ludgate-street; S. Crowder, near London Bridge; P. Davey, B. Law, T. Caslon, in Stationers Court; and R. and J. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall M.DCC.LIX. [1759] Digital version available
The gardeners kalendar : directing what works are necessary to be done every month, in the kitchen, fruit and pleasure-gardens, as also in the conservatory and nursery. With accounts I. Of the particular seasons for the propagation and use of all sorts of esculent plants and fruits, with the seasons wherein each sort is proper for the table. II. The proper seasons for transplanting all sorts of trees, shrubs, and plants, with the time of their flowering / By Philip Miller, F.R.S. Member of the Botanick Academy at Florence, and Gardener to the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries, at their Botanick Garden in Chelsea. Miller, Philip (1691-1771). 4890 Printed for the author; and sold by John Rivington in St. Paul's Church-Yard, C. Hitch and L. Hawes, H. Woodfall, A. Millar, J. Whiston and B. White, G. Hawkins, J. Hinton, R. Baldwin, W. Johnston, J. Richardson, S. Crowder, T. Longman, T. Caslon, B. Law, C. Rivington, and J. Dodsley 1762 Digital version available