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Title Author Soulsby Publisher Year
Order out of chaos : Linnaean plant names and their types / Charlie Jarvis. Jarvis, Charlie. 4002 The Linnean Society of London in association with the Natural History Museum 2007 Digital version available
Linné i Uppsala / Helena Harnesk. Botaniska fakta: professor Bengt Jonsell. Harnesk, Helena. 3979 Hallgren & Fallgren 2006 Digital version available
Codex botanicus Linnaeanus / by Hermann E. Richter. ... Edited by John Edmondson. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 4126 A.R.G. Ganter Verlag 2003 Digital version available
Linnés Hammarby - ett blommande kulturarv / Mariette Manktelow. Manktelow, Mariette. 4542 BTJ tryck 2001 Digital version available
Men around Linnaeus / Illustration, text and layout: Annika Silander Hökerberg. Silander-Hökerberg, Annika (1949- ). 4033 Ruter Media Group 2000 Digital version available
Georg Dionysius Ehret and his plate of the sexual system of plants in Linnaeus' own copy of Systema Naturae / compiled by Ove Hagelin. Hagelin, Ove (1940- ). 39a Hageströmer Biblioteket 2000 Digital version available
In the footsteps of Linnaeus, Lapland 1988 : an account of the journey organised in the bicentenary year of the Linnean Society of London / Edited by John R. Packham and Roland Moberg with illustrations by Rosemary Wise. Packham, John R. Moberg, Roland. 4314 Linnean Society of London 1989 Digital version available
L'étoile polaire : Linné / Luciano Bernardi. Bernardi, Luciano (1920- ). 4252 s.n 1979 Digital version available
Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) : a bicentenary guide to the career and achievements of Linnaeus and the collections of the Linnean Society / by William T. Stearn and Gavin Bridson. Stearn, William Thomas (1911-2001). 4685 Linnean Society of London 1978 Digital version available
Linnaeus's Öland and Gotland journey 1741 / Translated from the Swedish edition 1745 by Marie Åsberg and William T. Stearn. With an introduction by William T. Stearn. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 3906 Academic Press for the Linnean Society of London 1973? Digital version available
A Linnaean keepsake : issued to commemorate the opening of the Strandell Collection of Linnaeana at the Hunt Botanical Library, Carnegie-Mellon University. Daniels, Gilbert S. Gray, J.M 3902 Hunt Botanical Library of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie-Mellon University 1973 Digital version available
Linnaeus and the Linnaeans : the spreading of their ideas in systematic botany, 1735-1789 / Frans A. Stafleu. Stafleu, Frans Antonie (1921- ). 4031 A. Oosthoek's Uitgeversmaatschappij N.V. for the International Association of Plant Taxonomy 1971 Digital version available
Reason and experience : the representation of natural order in the work of Carl von Linné / by James L. Larson. Larson, James L. 3910 University of California Press 1971 Digital version available
The compleat naturalist : a life of Linnaeus / Wilfrid Blunt with the assistance of William T. Stearn. Blunt, Wilfrid Jasper Walter (1901-1987). 4028 Collins 1971 Digital version available
Linnaeus at Uppsala : his garden and his home / Arvid Hj. Uggla. Uggla, Arvid Hjalmar (1883-1964). 4573 Svenska Linnésällskapet 1963 Digital version available
Three prefaces on Linnaeus and Robert Brown / by William T. Stearn. Stearn, William Thomas (1911-2001). 4204 J. Cramer 1962 Digital version available
Flora Virginica exhibens plantas, quas v.c. Johannes Clayton in Virginia observavit atque collegit. Easdem methodo sexuali disposuit, ad genera propria retulit, nominibus specificis insignivit, & minus cognitas / descripsit Joh. Fred. Gronovius. Gronovius, Johan Frederik (1686-1762). 4892 Photolithographed by the Murray Printing Company, for the Arnold Arboretum 1946 Digital version available
Linné, Duchesne och smultronen / av Nils Hylander. Hylander, Nils (1904-1970). 4263 Almqvist & Wiksells Boktryckeri 1945 Digital version available
The "Critica Botanica" of Linnaeus / translated by the late Sir Arthur Hort. Revised by ... M. L. Green. With an introduction by Sir Arthur W. Hill. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 3919 The Ray Society 1938 Digital version available
Catalogue of the exhibition of books to be held in a locality of the Royal Zoological Institution "Natura Artis Magistra". 4469 s.n 1935 Digital version available