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Directions for bringing over seeds and plants from the East-Indies and other distant countries, in a state of vegetation: together with a catalogue of such foreign plants as are worthy of being encouraged in our American colonies, for the purposes of medicine, agriculture, and commerce. To which is added, the figure and botanical description of a new sensitive plant, called Dionaea muscipula: or, Venus's fly-trap / By John Ellis, F.R.S. Ellis, John (c.1705-1776). 651 L. Davis 1770 Digital version available
Botanique : organographie et taxonomie histoire naturelle des familles végétales et des principales espèces suivant la classification de M. Adrien de Jussieu avec l'indication de leur emploi dans les arts, les sciences et le commerce / par M. Emm. Le Maout. Le Maout, Jean Emmanuel Maurice (1799-1877). 4842 L. Curmer 1855 Digital version available
Tableau des systêmes de botanique; généraux et particuliers; contenant 1.o le plan de chaque systême; 2,o les principes sur lesquels ils sont fondés; 3.o leurs avantages et leurs désavantages; 4.o spécialement le développment du systême sexuel de Linnaeus. / par le Cn. Mouton-Fontenille, Membre de la Société de Médecine de Lyon. Suivi de deux mémoires, dont le permier a pour objet une suite d'observations et d'expériences sur la dessication des plantes, et leurs conservation dans les herbiers. Le second renferme des observations sur les différentes especes de vgetaux propres aux montagnes calcaires et granitiques des environs de Grenoble. ; Par le C.n Mouton-Fontenille, Membre de la Société de Médecine de Lyon. Mouton-Fontenille de la Clotte, Marie Jacques Philippe (1769-1837). 765 L'auteur [et al.] an VI (1798). Digital version available
Linné's natürliche Pflanzenklasse Tricoccae des Berliner Herbarium's im Allgemeinen und die natürliche Ordnung Euphorbiaceae insbesondere / Von Fr. Klotzsch. Klotzsch, Johann Friedrich (1805-1860). 475a Königliche Akademie der Wissenschaften 1860 Digital version available
The botanic garden : a poem, in two parts : containing the economy of vegetation and the loves of the plants. With philosophical notes / by Erasmus Darwin, M.D. Darwin, Erasmus (1731-1802). 4887 Jones & Company 1824 Digital version available
The botanic garden : a poem, in two parts : containing the economy of vegetation and the loves of the plants. With philosophical notes / by Erasmus Darwin, M.D. Darwin, Erasmus (1731-1802). 4886 Jones & Company 1825 Digital version available
The gardeners kalendar; directing what works are necessary to be done every month, in the kitchen, fruit and pleasure-gardens, as also in the conservatory and nursery. With accounts I. Of the particular seasons for the propagation and use of all sorts of esculent plants and fruits, with the seasons wherein each sort is proper for the table. II. The proper seasons for transplanting all sorts of trees, shrubs, and plants, with the time of their flowering / By Philip Miller, F.R.S. Late Member of the Botanic Academy at Florence, and Gardener to the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries, at their Botanic Garden in Chelsea. Miller, Philip (1691-1771). 4891 John and Francis Rivington 1775 Digital version available
Letters on the elements of botany : Addressed to a lady / By the celebrated J. J. Rousseau. Translated into English, with notes, and twenty-four additional letters, fully explaining the system of Linnæus. By Thomas Martyn, B.D... Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques (1712-1778). 707 John White 1807 Digital version available
Linnaeus and Jussieu: or, The rise and progress of systematic botany : A popular biography, with an historical introduction and sequel. Carr, Daniel C. 2708 John W. Parker 1844 Digital version available
Page's prodromus : as a general nomenclature of all the plants, indigenous and exotic, cultivated in the Southampton Botanic Gardens; arranged, alphabetically, as they are considered hardy or tender to the climate of Britain, under their different characters of trees, shrubs, herbaceous, &c. The generic and specific names, after the Linnaean System; with the English names, propagation, soil, height, time of flowering, native country, &c. &c. Also, occasional hints for their cultivation. An appendix containing selected lists of annuals; all the choicest kinds of fruit, now in general cultivation, with their characters, &c. and a short tract on the sexual system from the Philosophia Botanica of Linnaeus / by William Bridgewater Page. Page, William Bridgewater (1790-1871). 809b John Murray 1818 Digital version available
The Life of Philibert Commerson, D.M., Naturaliste du Roi : an old-world story of French travel and science in the days of Linnaeus / by the late Captain S. Pasfield Oliver ... and edited by G. F. Scott Elliot. With illustrations. Oliver, Samuel Pasfield (1838-1907). 2966a John Murray 1909 Digital version available
Nicolai Josephi Jacquin.Enumeratio stirpium plerarumque, quae sponte crescunt in agro Vindobonensi, montibusque confinibus. Accedunt observationum centuria et appendix de paucis exoticis. Cum tabulis aeneis. Jacquin, Nicolaus Joseph (1727-1817). 643f Johann Paul Kraus 1762 Digital version available
D. Io. Hieron. Kniphofii..Botanica in originali sev herbarivm vivvm in qvo plantarvm tam indigenarvm qvam exoticarvm pecvliari qvadam operosaqve enchiresi atramento impressorio obdvctarvm nomiisqve svis ad methodvm illvstrivm nostri aevi botanicorvm Linnaei et Lvdwigii insignitarvm elegantissima ectypa exhibentvr opera et stvdio Ioannis Godofredi Trampe typographi Halensis. Kniphof, Johannes Hieronymus (1704-1763). 637dd Johann Gottfried Trampe (1757-)1764 Digital version available
Caroli LinnaeiPhilosophia botanica in qua explicantur fundamenta botanica cum definitionibus partium, exemplis terminorum, observationibus rariorum. Adiectis figuris aeneis. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 443 Joannis Thomae nobil. de Trattnern 1763 Digital version available
Joannis Antonii Scopoli[,] Philosoph. et Med. Doct. S. I. et R. M. Montanæ Civitatis Idriae Physici.Flora Carniolica exhibens plantas Carniolae indigenas et distributas in classes naturales cum differentiis specificis, synonymis recentiorum, locis natalibus, nominibus incolarum, observationibus selectis, viribus medicis. Scopoli, Joannes Antonius (1723-1788). 640a Joannis Thomae Trattner 1760 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei ..Species plantarum, exhibentes plantas rite cognitas ad genera relatas, cum differentiis specifis, nominibus trivialibus, synonymis selectis, locis natalibus, secundum systema sexuale digestas tomus I [/ II]. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 510 Joannes Thomas de Trattner 1764 Digital version available
Observationes botanicae quibus plantae Indiae occidentalis aliaeque systematis vegetabilium ed. xiv illustrantur earumque characteres passim emendantur. Cum tabulis aeneis / Auctore Olavo Swartz M. D. Swartz, Olof (Peter) (1760-1818). 597 Jo. Jacobi Palmii 1791 Digital version available
Caroli a Linné eqvitisSystema vegetabilivm secvndvm classes[,] ordines[,] genera[,] species cvm characteribvs et differentiis. Linné, Carl von (1707-1778). 583 Jo. Christ. Dieterich 1784 Digital version available
Sweet's Hortus Britannicus : or, a catalogue of all the plants indigenous or cultivated in the gardens of Great Britain, arranged according to the natural system, with the generic and specific names, English names, accentuation, derivation of generic names, native country, year of introduction, time of flowering, colour of flowers, mode of growth, duration, references to the best figures, the most useful synonymes, the Linnean class and order to which each genus belongs, &c. / By Robert Sweet, F.L.S. Author of Hortus Suburbanus Londinensis, Botanical Cultivator, Geraniaceae, Cistineae, British Flower Garden, Flora Australasica, Florist's Guide, the British Warblers, &c. Sweet, Robert (1782-1835). 832d James Ridgway 1839 Digital version available
An introduction to botany : Containing an explanation of the theory of that science; extracted from the works of Dr. Linnaeus; with twelve copper-plates, two explanatory tables, an appendix, and glossary / By James Lee, nurseryman, at the Vineyard, Hammersmith. Lee, James (1715-1795). 456 J.F. & C. Rivington [et al.] 1776 Digital version available