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The universal gardener and botanist, or, A general dictionary of gardening and botany: exhibiting in botanical arrangement, according to the Linnaean system, every tree, shrub, and herbaceous plant, that merit culture, either for use, ornament, or curiosity in every department of gardening ... Describing the proper situations, exposures, soils, manures, and every material and utensil requisite in the different garden departments; together with practical directions for performing the various mechanical operations of gardening in general / by Thomas Mawe ... and John Abercrombie ... Abercrombie, John, 1726-1806. 679c Printed for G. Robinson ... and T. Cadell ... 1778 Digital version available
The species concept from the point of view of a morphologist / R.A. Harper. Harper, R. A. 1862-1946. 907c Botanical Society of America 1923?] Digital version available
The principles of botany, and of vegetable physiology / translated from the German of D.C. Willdenow, professor of natural history and botany at Berlin. Willdenow, Karl Ludwig, 1765-1812 749c Printed at the University Press, for William Blackwood, South Bridge-Street, and T. Cadell and W. Davies, Strand, London 1805 Digital version available
The place of Linnaeus in the history of science / by Arthur O. Lovejoy. Lovejoy, Arthur O. 1873-1962. 2869 s.n 1907] Digital version available
The place of Linnaeus in the history of botany / by Pehr Olsson-Seffer. Olsson-Seffer, Pehr Hjalmar, 1873-1911. 2851 s.n 1904] Digital version available
The philosophy of botany : being botanical and philosophical extracts, including : a new illustration of the sexual system of Linnaeus... Vol.1 [and] the genera of exotic and indigenous plants that are to be met with in Great Britain ; arranged according to the reformed system. Thornton, Robert John, 1768?-1837. 767c 1799-[1810] Digital version available
The gardener's and botanist's dictionary : containing the best and newest methods of cultivating and improving the kitchen, fruit, and flower garden, and nursery : of performing the practical parts of agriculture; of managing vineyards, and of propagating all sorts of timber trees / by the late Philip Miller ... ; to which are now first added, a complete enumeration and description of all plants hitherto known, with their generic and specific characters, places of growth, times of flowering, and uses both medicinal and economical; the whole corrected and newly arranged, with the addition of all the modern improvements in landscape gardening, and in the culture of trees, plants, and fruits, particularly in the various kinds of hot houses and forcing frames, with plates explanatory both of them, and the principles of botany, by Thomas Martyn ... Miller, Philip, 1691-1771. 637i Printed for F. and C. Rivington [and 19 others] 1797-1807 Digital version available
The floral king : a life of Linnaeus / by Albert Alberg ... Alberg, Albert. 2814 W.H. Allen & Co. 1888 Digital version available
The flora of Switzerland / by A. Gremli ;translated into English by Leonard W. Paitson from the fifth edition of the Excursionsflora für die Schweiz. Gremli, August, 1833-1899. 863f O. Füssli 1888 Digital version available
The flora of Oxfordshire and its contiguous counties (comprising the flowering plants only) : arranged in easy and familiar language according to the Linnaean and natural systems / by Richard Walker. Walker, Richard, 1791-1870. 842f H. Slatter 1833 Digital version available
The flora of Jamaica : a description of the plants of that island, arranged according to the natural orders, with and appendix, containing an enumeration of the genera according to the Linnaean system, and an essay on the geographical distribution of the species / by James Macfadyen. Macfadyen, James, 1800-1850. 845i Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longmans 1837 Digital version available
The families of plants : with their natural characters, according to the number, figure, situation, and proportion of all the parts of fructification / translated from the last ed. (as published by Dr. Reichard) of the Genera plantarum, and of the Mantissae plantarum of the elder Linneus, and from the Supplementum plantarum of the younger Linneus, with all the new families of plants, from Thunberg and L'Heritier. To which is prefix'd an accented catalogue of the names of plants, with the adjectives apply'd to them, and other botanic terms, for the purpose of teaching their right pronunciation. By a Botanical Society at Lichfield. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 24 Printed by John Jackson :Sold by J. Johnson, ... T. Byrne, ... and J. Balfour 1787 Digital version available
The elements of botany ... : being a translation of the Philosophia botanica, and other treatises of the celebrated Linnaeus ; to which is added an appendix, wherein are described some plants lately found in Norfolk and Suffolk, illustrated with three additional copper-plates, all taken from the life / by Hugh Rose ... Rose, Hugh. 470 Printed for T. Cadell ... ;and M. Hingeston ... ; 1775 Digital version available
The compleat naturalist : a life of Linnaeus / Wilfrid Blunt with the assistance of William T. Stearn. Blunt, Wilfrid, 1901-1987. 4028 Viking Press 1971 Digital version available
The classes and orders of the Linnaean system of botany. Illustrated by select specimens of foreign and indigenous plants. Duppa, Richard, 1770-1831. 804 Printed by T. Bensley for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1816 Digital version available
The civil and natural history of Jamaica : containing I. An accurate description of that island its situation and soil, with a brief account of its former and present state, government, revenues, produce, and trade. II. an history of the natural productions including the various sorts of native fossils perfect and imperfect vegetables, quadrupeds, birds, fishes, reptiles and insects, with their properties and uses in mechanics, diet, and physic / by Patrick Browne ... ; illustrated with forty-nine copper-plates in which the most curious productions are represented of their natural sizes, and delineated immediately from the objects by George Dionysius Ehret. Browne, Patrick, 1720?-1790. 637 B. White and Son 1789 Digital version available
The botanist's repository : for new, and rare plants : containing coloured figures of such plants, as have not hitherto appeared in any similar publication : with all their essential characters, botanically arranged, after the sexual system of the celebrated Linnaeus : in English and Latin : To each description is added, a short history of the plant, as to its time of flowering, culture, native place of growth, when introduced, and by whom / The whole executed by Henry Andrews. Andrews, Henry Charles, fl. 1799-1828. 760k The author 1797-[1811?] Digital version available
The botanist's companion, or, An introduction to the knowledge of practical botany : and the uses of plants. Either growing wild in Great Britain, or cultivated for the purposes of agriculture, medicine, rural aeconomy, or the arts / by William Salisbury. Salisbury, William, d. 1823. 806 Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1816 Digital version available
The Young botanist, or, A sketch of the life of Linnaeus : designed for young persons. Vernon, C. 2674 Munroe and Francis ;Charles S. Francis 1829 Digital version available
The London flora containing a concise description of the phaenogamous British plants, which grow spontaneously in the vicinity of the metropolis, with their localities, arranged in conformity to the natural system, also, a Linnaean arrangement of all the indigenous British species, to which is prefixed a comprehensive introduction to the natural method, an account of classification, and a sketch of botanical geography / by Alexander Irvine. Irvine, Alexander, 1793-1873. 846a Smith, Elder 1838 Digital version available