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Onomatologia botanica completa : oder vollstaendiges botanisches Woerterbuch worinn nicht nur alle Kunstwoerter uebersetzt und erklaert, die bekannten Pflanzen nach der Lehrart des Ritters von Linné beschreiben, ihre verschiedenen Namen nach den beruehmtesten Schriftstellern angefuehrt, und eine kleine Lebensgeschichte der nornehmsten Kraeuterkundigen bergefuegt ... / erlaeutert werden von einer Gesellschaft erfahrner Pflanzenkundiger. 657 Gesellschaft erfahrner Pflanzenkundiger 1772-1778 Digital version available
Botanik. Carl von Linné in memoriam. 3682 1907 Digital version available
Vid Kongl. Maj:ts Trotjenare, med. och botan. professoren i Upsala, Herr Carl von Linnés graf den 30 November 1783. 3877 A.J. Nordström 1783? Digital version available
Species plantarum, 1753-1953. 4833 International Bureau for Plant Taxonomy and Nomenclature 1953 Digital version available
Linnéska Samfundets handlingar : för år 1832. 3751 Tryckta hos H.G. Nordström 1833 Digital version available
Linnaeana, in Nederland aanwezig : Tentoongesteld op 10 januari 1878 in het Koninklijk zoölogisch genootschap "Natura artis magistra" te Amsterdam. 2765 Scheltema & Holkema 1878 Digital version available
Festen till Carl von Linnés minne i Upsala den 10 januari 1878. 2782 Lundequist 1878 Digital version available
A catalogue of the works of Linnaeus : issued in commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the birthday of Carolus Linnaeus, 1707-1778. 4461 1957 Digital version available
Flora Bedfordiensis : comprehending such plants as grow wild in the county of Bedford, arranged according to the system of Linnaeus, with occasional remarks / by Charles Abbot, M.A. F.L.S. ... Abbot, Charles, 1761-1817. 763a Printed and sold by W. Smith :May be had of the booksellers in Oxford & Cambridge, and of G.G. & J. Robinson, London 1798 Digital version available
The universal gardener and botanist, or, A general dictionary of gardening and botany: exhibiting in botanical arrangement, according to the Linnaean system, every tree, shrub, and herbaceous plant, that merit culture, either for use, ornament, or curiosity in every department of gardening ... Describing the proper situations, exposures, soils, manures, and every material and utensil requisite in the different garden departments; together with practical directions for performing the various mechanical operations of gardening in general / by Thomas Mawe ... and John Abercrombie ... Abercrombie, John, 1726-1806. 679c Printed for G. Robinson ... and T. Cadell ... 1778 Digital version available
Familles naturelles des plantes de Michel Adanson. Adanson, Michel, 1727-1806. 646 V. Masson 1847 [i. e. 1864] Digital version available
Om Linnés betydelse i botanikens historia : med anledning af Linné-festen i Lund den 10 Januari 1878 / af J.G. Agardh. Agardh, Jacob Georg, 1813-1901. 2763 Fr. Berlings boktr. och stilgjuteri 1878 Digital version available
Om Linnés betydelse i botanikens historia : med anledning af Linné-festen i Lund den 10 Januari 1878 / af J.G. Agardh. Agardh, Jacob Georg, 1813-1901. 868 Fr. Berlings boktr. och stilgjuteri 1878 Digital version available
The floral king : a life of Linnaeus / by Albert Alberg ... Alberg, Albert. 2814 W.H. Allen & Co. 1888 Digital version available
Flora jadrensis : complectens plantas phaenogamas hucusque in agro Jadertino detectas et secundum systema Linnaeano-Sprengelianum / redactas a And. Alschinger. Alschinger, Andreas, 1791-1864. 842be Battara 1832 Digital version available
The botanist's repository : for new, and rare plants : containing coloured figures of such plants, as have not hitherto appeared in any similar publication : with all their essential characters, botanically arranged, after the sexual system of the celebrated Linnaeus : in English and Latin : To each description is added, a short history of the plant, as to its time of flowering, culture, native place of growth, when introduced, and by whom / The whole executed by Henry Andrews. Andrews, Henry Charles, fl. 1799-1828. 760k The author 1797-[1811?] Digital version available
Prolegomena in systema sexuale botanicorum : tabulis aeneis ad facilius intelligendos terminos illustrata / Samuelis Augustin, medicinae doctoris. Augustin, Samuel, 1729-1792. 676 Apud Rudolphum Graeffer 1777 Digital version available
An attempt to ascertain the true Hypericum quadrangulum of Linnaeus / by Charles C. Babington. Babington, Charles Cardale, 1808-1895. 3452 Machlachlan, Stewart, and Co. 1844] Digital version available
Ueber Litteratur-Geschichte der theoretischen und praktischen Botanik / von E.G. Baldinger ... Baldinger, Ernst Gottfried, 1738-1804. 3637 in der neuen akademischen Buchhandlung 1794 Digital version available
An introduction to the study of English botany : illustrated by thirty-seven plates / by George Banks. Banks, George. 827 Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown :Byers 1823 Digital version available