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An Epitome of the Natural History of the Insects of New Holland, New Zealand, New Guinea, Otaheite, and other Islands in the Indian, Southern, and Pacific Oceans: Including the Figures and Descriptions of one hundred and fifty-three Species of the more splendid, beautiful and interesting Insects, hitherto discovered in those countries ... / [vol. 3]. by E. Donovan. Donovan, Edward. 1232a printed for the author, and F. C. and J. Rivington 1805 Digital version available
Linnæus in his Lapland dress : from an original picture in the possession of Dr. Thornton. Linné, Carl von 3144 Thornton 1805 Digital version available
Index generum ad Caroli a Linné Species plantarum a Carolo Ludovico Willdenow editarum, in Tom. 1, 2. 3 et 4. Part 1(-2) / curante Jo. Chr. Hendel. Hendel, Jo. Chr. Henckel von Donnersmarck, Leo Victor Felix 516 typis Henddlianis 1806 Digital version available
A general system of nature, through the three grand kingdoms of animals, vegetables, and minerals, systematically divided into their several classes, orders, genera, species, and varieties, with their habitations, manners, economy, structure and peculiarities / by Sir Charles Linné ; translated from Gmelin, Fabricius, Willdenow, etc., together with various modern arrangements and corrections, derived from the Transactions of the Linnean and other Societies, as well as from the classical works of Shaw, Thornton, Abbot, Donovan, Sowerby, Latham, Dillwyn, Lewin, Martyn, Andrews, Lambert, etc., etc.. With a life of Linné, appropriate copper-plates, and a dictionary explanatory of the terms which occur in the several departments of natural history, by William Turton ... in seven volumes. Linné, Carl von 138 printed for Lackington, Allen & Co. 1806 Digital version available
An introduction to botany : in a series of familiar letters : with illustrative engravings / by Priscilla Wakefield. Wakefield, Priscilla 760c printed by and for Darton and Harvey 1807 Digital version available
Tal vid invignings-acten af den nya akademiska trägården dess orangerie och samlings-salar, med Kongl. Maj:ts allernådigste tillstånd hållit i Upsala uti den nya botaniska lärosalen d. 25. Maji 1807, då tillika firades framledne Archiaterns och Riddarens Carl von Linnés hundra-åriga födelse-dag / af Carl Peter Thunberg. Thunberg, Carl Peter 2646 tryckt hos Joh. Fr. Edman 1807 Digital version available
Letters on the elements of botany, addressed to a lady / by the celebrated J. J. Rousseau ; translated into English, with notes, and twenty-four additional letters, fully explaining the system of Linnæus, by Thomas Martyn. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. 707 printed for John White 1807 Digital version available
Vergleichende Uebersicht des Linneischen und einiger neuern zoologischen Systeme : nebst dem eingeschalteten Verzeichnisse der zoologischen Sammlung des Verfassers und den Beschreibungen neuer Thierarten die in derselben vorhanden sind / von J.L.C. Gravenhorst. Gravenhorst, J. L. C. 156a Bey Heinrich Dieterich 1807 Digital version available
Minne af von Linné Fader och Son / af Sv. Hedin. Hedin, Sven Anders 2647 Henrik And. Nordström 1808 Digital version available
Dr. Carl Ludwig Willdenow's ... Anleitung zum Selbststudium der Botanik : ein Handbuch zu öffentlichen Vorlesungen. Willdenow, Carl Ludwig 785aa Oehmigke 1809 Digital version available
I. A. Schultes ... Observationes botanicae in Linnei species plantarum / ex editione C. L. Wildenow. Schultes, Joseph August. 527 Sumptibus officinae librariae Wagnerianae 1809 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei Philosophia botanica in qua explicantur fundamenta botanica cum definitionibus partium, exemplis terminorum, observationibus rariorum, adiectis figuris aeneis. Linné, Carl von 451 Sumtibus Car. Aug. Kümmel 1809 Digital version available
An introduction to physiological and systematical botany / by Sir James Edward Smith. Smith, James Edward 786d printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green 1809 Digital version available
Vier und zwanzigste Klasse des linnéischen Pflanzensystems oder Kryptogamische Gewächse / von Christian Schkuhr. Schkur, Christian Linné, Carl von 791* bey dem Verfasser 1809-1810 Digital version available
Grundriss der Kräuterkunde : mit zehn Kupfertafeln und einer Farbentabelle / zu Vorlesungen entworfen von D. Carl Ludwig Willdenow. Willdenow, Carl Ludwig 749b bei Haude und Spener 1810 Digital version available
Essai de Physiologie végétale, ouvrage dans lequel sont expliquées toutes les parties des végétaux : accompagné de [54] planches et de tableaux méthodiques ... / Tome I-II. par Sébastien Gérardin. Gérardin, Sebastien. 791b F. Schoell 1810 Digital version available
An introduction to the science of botany, chiefly extracted from the works of Linnæus : to which are added several new tables and notes, and a life of the author / by the late James Lee. Lee, James 462 Printed for Wilkie and Robinson ... 1810 Digital version available
Système sexuel de végétaux suivant les classes, les ordres, les genres et les espèces, avec les caractères et les différences : première interprétation française, calquée sur les éditions de Murray, de Person [sic], de Wildenow; augmentée et enrichie de notions élémentaires, de notes diverses, d'une concordance avec la méthode de Tournefort, et les familles naturelles de Jussieu, etc., etc. par N. Jolyclerc ... / tom. 1-2. par Charles Linné. Linné, Carl von 607 Arthur Bertrand 1810 Digital version available
Sketches towards a Hortus botanicus Americanus; or coloured plates (with a catalogue and concise and familiar descriptions of many species) of new and valuable plants of the West Indies and North and South America : also of several others, natives of Africa and the east Indies: arranged after the Linnæan system with a concise and comprehensive glossary of terms, prefixed, and a gereral index / by W. J. Titford. Titford, William Jowett. 798b C. Stower 1811 Digital version available
Diagnose der bekanntesten, besonders europäischen Pflanzengattungen nach dem verbesserten Linneischen Systeme : zum analytischen Gebrauche für seine Vorlesungen so wie auch zum Selbstunterricht entworfen / von J. Chr. Fr. Graumüller ... ; Nebst einer Vorrede vom Herrn Geheimen Hofrath Gruner. Graumüller, Johann Christian Friedrich. 796a im Verlage bey Johann Wilhelm Schöne 1811 Digital version available