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A system of vegetables, according to their classes, orders, genera, species, with their characters and differences ... / translated [by Erasmus Darwin and others] from the thirteenth ed. (as published by Dr. Murray) of the Systema vegetabilium of the late Professor Linneus; and from the Supplementum plantarum of the present Professor Linneus ... ; by a Botanical Society, at Lichfield. Linné, Carl von 3837 Printed by John Jackson, for Leigh and Sotheby 1783 Digital version available
The families of plants : with their natural characters, according to the number, figure, situation and proportion of all the parts of fructification / translated from the last edition (as published by Dr. Reichard) of the Genera plantarum, and of the Mantissæ plantarum of the elder Linneus, and from the Supplementum plantarum of the younger Linneus, with all the new families of plants from Thunberg and L'Heritier. To which is prefix'd an accented catalogue of the names of the plants, with the adjectives apply'd to them, and other botanic terms, for the purpose of teaching their right pronunciation ; by a Botanical Society at Lichfield. Linné, Carl von 3838 John Jackson 1787 Digital version available
Grifte-tal öfver välborne Herrn Herr Carl von Linné ... : hållet i Upsala Domkyrka, den 30 November 1783, då den å svärds-sidan utgångna von Linnéiska ättens sköldemärke sönderslogs / af David Schulz von Schulzenheim. Schulz von Schulzenheim, David 3846 tryckt hos directeuren Johan Edman 1784 Digital version available
Florae Lusitanicae et Brasiliensis specimen ... et epistolae / ab eruditis viris Carolo a Linné, Antonio de Haen ad Dominicum Vandelli Scriptae. Vandelli, Domenico 3849 ex typographia Academico-Regia 1788 Digital version available
Scriptores de Plantis Hispanicis, Lusitanicis, Brasiliensibus / adornavit et recudi curavit I. I. Römer. Römer, Johann Jacob Linné, Carl von 3850 in officina Raspeana 1796 Digital version available
Delineatio regni animalis. Linné, Carl von 3878 s. n. 1753 Digital version available
Uitvoerige beschryving en naauwkeurige natuurlyk gekleurde afbeelding ... Plant-Dier ... / door Joachim Frederik Bolten. Bolten, Joachim Friedrich 3881 by Jan Christiaan Sepp 1771 Digital version available
Linné om Skaparen / av Tage Almer. Almer, Tage. 3890 Gleerup (1968) Digital version available
Homo sapiens L. : studier i Carl von Linné's naturuppfattning och människolära / Gunnar Broberg. Broberg, Gunnar 3891 Almqvist & Wiksell i distr. 1975 Digital version available
Carl von Linné : Beiträge über Zeitgeist, Werk und Wirkungsgeschichte : gehalten auf dem Linnaeus-Symposion in Hamburg am 21. und 22. Oktober 1978 / von H. Goerke ... [et al.]. Goerke, Heinz. Linné, Carl von 3892 Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht 1980 Digital version available
Linnés språk och stil : studier i Linnés svenska författerskap / av Margit Abenius ... [et al.] ; samlade och utg. av Sigurd Fries. Abenius, Margit. 3896 Prisma 1971 Digital version available
Studies in Linnaean method and nomenclature / John Lewis Heller. Heller, John Lewis 3898 P. Lang cop. 1983. Digital version available
I Skåne med Linné : en resa tvåhundra år senare / av Alf Henrikson och Birger Lundquist. Henrikson, Alf. 3899 Bonnier 1949 Digital version available
A Linnaean keepsake : issued to commemorate the opening of the Strandell collection of Linnaeana at the Hunt Botanical Library, Carnegie-Mellon University. Linné, Carl von 3902 Hunt Botanical Library 1973 Digital version available
Angår oss Linné? / Hans Krook. Krook, Hans 3903 Rabén & Sjögren 1971 Digital version available
Linnaeus's Öland and Gotland journey 1741 / transl. from the Swedish ed. 1745 by Marie Åsberg and William T. Stearn ; with an introduction by William T. Stearn. Linné, Carl von 3906 Publ. for the Linnaean Society of London by Academic Press 1974 Digital version available
Lachesis and Nemesis : Four chapters on the human condition in the writings of Carl Linnæus / by K. Rob. V. Wikman. Wikman, K. Rob. V. 3916 Almqvist & Wiksell 1970 Digital version available
The "Critica Botanica" of Linnæus / translated by Arthur Hort ; revised by M.L. Green ; with an introduction by Arthur W. Hill. Linné, Carl von 3919 printed for the Ray Society 1938 Digital version available
Carl von Linné : Carl Linnaeus' house and garden in Uppsala, Sweden / by Pia Michélsen. Michélsen, Pia. 3920 The Linnaeus Museum 2003 Digital version available
Linnaeus' Philosophia botanica / translated by Stephen Freer. Freer, Stephen. Linné, Carl von 3921 Oxford University Press 2002 Digital version available