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Petri Harduini Veronensis Horti Publici Patavini custodis Animadversionum botanicarum specimen alterum. Arduino, Pietro, 1728-1805. 3887 Ex Typographia Sansoniana 1764 Digital version available
The botanist's repository, for new, and rare plants. Containing coloured figures of such plants, as have not hitherto appeared in any similar publication; with all their essential characters, botanically arranged, after the sexual system of the celebrated Linnaeus; in English and Latin. To each description is added, a short history of the plant ... The whole executed by Henry Andrews. Andrews, Henry Charles, active 1799-1828. 760k The Author 1797-[1814?] Digital version available
Index plantarum, præcipue officinalium : quae in Horto Medico Edinburgensi / a Carolo Alston demonstrantur. Alston, Charles, 1683-1760. 255 W. Sands [etc.] 1740 Digital version available
Tirocinium botanicum Edinburgense / conscriptum a Carolo Alston. Alston, Charles, 1683-1760. 263 Typis W. Sands, A. Murray, & J. Cochran 1753 Digital version available
Flora Jadrensis, complectens plantas phaenogamas hucusque in agro Jadertino detectas et secundum systema Linnaeano-Sprengelianum redactas, a And. Alschinger. Alschinger, Andreas, 1791-1864. 842be Typographia Battara 1832 Digital version available
Linné om Skaparen. Almer, Tage. 3890 Gleerup 1968 Digital version available
Caroli Allionii ... Rariorum Pedemontii stirpium. Specimen primum. Allioni, Carlo, 1725-1804. 635e Excudebant Zappata, et Avondus 1755 Digital version available
Stirpium praecipuarum littoris et agri Nicaeensis enumeratio methodica : cum elencho aliquot animalium ejusdem maris / a Carolo Allionio ... Allioni, Carlo, 1725-1804. 637c Apud Claudium-Joannem Baptistam Bauche 1757 Digital version available
An epitome of the second edition of Hortus Kewensis, for the use of practical gardeners; to which is added, A selection of esculent vegetables and fruits cultivated in the Royal Gardens at Kew, By W. T. Aiton, gardener to his Majesty. Aiton, William Townsend, 1766-1849. 802h Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1814 Digital version available
Om Linnés betydelse i botanikens historia. Med anledning af Linné-festen i Lund den 10 Januari 1878. Agardh, Jacob Georg, 1813-1901. 2763 Fr. Berlings boktr. och stilgjuteri 1878 Digital version available
Über die Bedeutung Linné's in der Geschichte der Botanik. Ein Blatt zur Linné-Feier in Lund am 10 Januar 1878, von J.G. Agardh. Agardh, Jacob Georg, 1813-1901. 2764 1878] Digital version available
Om Linnés betydelse i botanikens historia. Med anledning af Linné-festen i Lund den 10 Januari 1878. Agardh, Jacob Georg, 1813-1901. 868 Fr. Berlings boktr. och stilgjuteri 1878 Digital version available
Familles naturelles des plantes. Adanson, Michel, 1727-1806. 646 Victor Masson 1847 Digital version available
Familles des plantes. Par M. Adanson ... Adanson, Michel, 1727-1806. 645 Vincent 1763 Digital version available
Flora Bedfordiensis, comprehending such plants as grow wild in the country of Bedford, arranged according to the system of Linnaeus, with occasional remarks. Abbot, Charles, 1761-1817. 763a W. Smith 1798 Digital version available
Medical botany; or, History of plants in the Materia medica of the London, Edinburgh, & Dublin Pharmacopœias, arranged according to the Linnæan system. 813 Printed for E. Cox and Son 1821-1822 Digital version available
Linnaean Symposium and opening of the Strandell Room : 1-3 June 1973 / Hunt Botanical Library of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 3908 the University? 1973?] Digital version available
Bibliographia botanica. 3692 W. Junk 1909 Digital version available
Buletinul de informații al Gřadinii Botanice și al Muzeului Botanic dela Universitatea din Cluj. Bulletin d'informations du Jardin et du Musée botaniques de l'Université de Cluj, Roumanie. 295 Gřadina Botaniča. Digital version available
A new medicinal, economical, and domestic herbal: containing a familiar and accurate description of upwards of six hundred British herbs, shrubs, trees, &c. ... The whole compiled and selected from the works of Linnaeus, Bechstein, Withering, Dambourney, Barthollet, &.&. 787c R. Parker 1808 Digital version available