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Illustratio systematis sexualis Linnaei / per Johannem Miller. An Illustraion of the sexual system of Linnaeus, by John Miller. Miller, John, 1715-1790? 668 Printed for R. Faulder 1794 Digital version available
Illustratio systematis sexualis Linnaeani, quam e textu Anglico editionis minoris translatam, nunc emendatam, additamentis variis propriis praecipue terminorum botanicorum notioni inservientibus atque indicibus necessariis locupletatam accuravit D. Fridericus Guilielmus Weiss. Miller, John, 1715-1790? 671 Varrentrapp et Wenner 1789 Digital version available
Icones plantarum medicinalium = Abbildungen von Arzneygewächsen / [Johannes Zorn]. Zorn, Johannes, 1739-1799. 985 Auf Kosten der Raspischen Buchhandlung 1779-1790 Digital version available
Ichtyologia; sive, Opera omnia de piscibus scilicet: Bibliotheca ichtyologica, Philosophia ichtyologica, Genera piscium, Synonymia specierum, Descriptiones specierum ... Posthuma ... edidit Carolus Linnaeus. Artedi, Peter, 1705-1735. 3563 C. Wishoff 1738 Digital version available
Iacobi Christiani Schaeffer ... Botanica expeditior; genera plantarum in tabulis sexualibus et universalibus aeri incisis exhibens. Schäffer, Jacob Christian, 1718-1790. 639 Typis E.A. Weissii 1760 Digital version available
Iacobi Christiani Schaeffer ... Botanica expeditior. Genera plantarum in tabulis sexualibus et universalibus aeri incisis exhibens. Schäffer, Jacob Christian, 1718-1790. 640 Typis E.A. Weissii 1762 Digital version available
Iacobi Christiana Schaeffer ... Isagoge in botanicam expeditiorem; iconibus aeri incisis et pictis illustrata. Schäffer, Jacob Christian, 1718-1790. 638 Litteris Fratr. Zunkel 1759 Digital version available
Hypericum ... Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 2459 Typis Edmannianis 1776 Digital version available
Hospita insectorum flora ... Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 1707 Exc. L.M. H̊ojer 1752 Digital version available
Hortus suburbanus Londinensis : or a catalogue of plants cultivated in the neighborhood of London, arranged according to the Linnean system ... / by Robert Sweet. Sweet, Robert, 1783-1835. 812a J. Ridgway 1818 Digital version available
Hortus culinaris ... Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 2260 Litteris Salvii 1764 Digital version available
Hortus Upsaliensis / quam ... praesidio ... Caroli Linnaei ... ; publicae disquisitioni subjicit Samuel Nauclér ... d. xvi decemb. anni mdccxlv. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 1424 [s.n 1745] Digital version available
Hortus Jamaicensis, or A botanical description (according to the Linnean system) and an account of the virtues, &c., of its indigenous plants hitherto known, as also of the most useful exotics. Compiled from the best authorities, and alphabetically arranged. Lunan, John. 802j St. Jago de la Vega Gazette 1814 Digital version available
Hortus Cliffortianus: plantas exhibens quas in hortis tam vivis quam siccis, Hartecampi in Hollandia, coluit ... Georgius Clifford ... reductis varietatibus ad species, speciebus ad genera, generibus ad classes, adjectis locis plantarum natalibus differentiisque specierum. Cum tabulis aeneis. Auctore Carolo Linnaeo. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 328 1737 Digital version available
Hortus Breiterianus; oder, Verzeichniss aller derjenigen Gewächse, welche im Breiterschen Botanischen Garten zu Leipzig gezogen und unterhalten werden. Breiter, Christian August, 1776-1840. 807 Granz 1817 Digital version available
Hortus Anglicus: or, The modern English garden: containing a familiar description of all the plants which are cultivated in the climate of Great Britain, either for use or ornament, and of a selection from the established favourites of the stove and green-house; arranged according to the system of Linnaeus; with remarks on the properties of the more valuable species. By the author of "The British botanist" ... Clarke, Stephen. 823a F.C. & J. Rivington 1822 Digital version available
Hortus Americanus : containing an account of the trees, shrubs, and other vegetable productions of South-America and the West India Islands, and particularly of the island of Jamaica : interspersed with many curious and useful observations, respecting their uses in medicine, diet, and mechanics / by the late Henry Barham ; to which are added, a Linnaean index, &c. &c. &c. Barham, Henry, 1670?-1726. 754* Printed and published by Alexander Aikman 1794 Digital version available
Horti Ultraiectini index, auctore Ever. Iac. van Wachendorff. Wachendorff, Evert Jacob von, 1703-1758. 632e Apud N. van Vucht 1747 Digital version available
History of botany (1530-1860) by Julius von Sachs; authorised translation by Henry E. F. Garnsey, rev. by Isaac Bayley Balfour. Sachs, Julius, 1832-1897. 867 Clarendon Press 1890 Digital version available
History of European botanical discoveries in China / by E. Bretschneider. Bretschneider, E., 1833-1901. 881 Sampson Low, Marston and Co. 1898 Digital version available